Southeast Pennsylvania Merged Branch
Item to the May 2016 Postal Record
Eric K. Jackson, Branch 725 Scribe

Haven’t we all at some point looked at postal management and just wondered WTF motivated them to
do what they do? But we do have an idea. So many are lazy people who either got the job from
nepotism or licking boots. It’s so easy to want to be a part of the “bullies”. The only thing is that path
has many of them so stressed out that they are racing to retirement. The problem is, they will never get
any sympathy from us because they are the first ones to pass that stress right down to us.
But what really does separate us unionists from postal management? Well… they are usually wrong. We
are usually right. They are usually spineless. We take them on, the weather, the mail, and the safety
challenges. We do. They take credit. They present obstacles, and we hurdle them like the Olympians
that we are at what we do!
One challenge we have is taking each other for granted. This branch is full of talented people. President
Massari has a long range plan to maximize and nurture this talent. But in the interim, she has pledged to
fight where needed and teach where wanted. If we can reach out to the next member, we will ensure that
all the bad and incompetent managers know that we are here, and we are not going anywhere!
More offices will be placed on the FSS machine soon. Rest assured that all your rights will be upheld
during the implementation by Les Dillman. He just happens to be one of the best route adjustment
officials in the country. Oh, there you go, another great Branch 725 member.
A special kudo goes out to every retiree and CCA. We welcome you to our next meeting.

Eric Jackson, Branch 725               
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Safety is always our goal.  Keep yourself safe and stay aware of what is going
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Call the Union Office if you need anything. Don't think we are only your
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problems.  That is what a Union is there for.
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January 18, 2016


Let me start off by thanking the members of Branch 725 and President Rhonda Massari for allowing
myself and Rick Murphy to attend the NALC Advanced Formal A and Beyond Training last week at the
Maritime Institute in Linthicum MD.    The training was very intense with some very interesting and
useful information.  The training was led by National Vice President Lew Drass along with 4 Regional
Administrative Assistants from across the country.   The training started by teaching us how effective
writing can help with the statements that we use to back up our facts and contentions is very critical in
filing a strong grievance.  We were taught how to look at each grievance from both the Union and
management point of view.  This will help us protect our brothers and sisters from management when
we are under attack.  The knowledge that we received will be used in our drop in steward workshops
on Thursday nights.  I look forward to Thursday night training and thank you Rhonda for putting the
program in place.

Joe Pease,
Branch 725

May 13, 2016

Legislative Update From National

Rolando testifies before House committee hearing on postal reform

On May 11, NALC President Fredric Rolando testified before a House Committee on Oversight and
Government Reform hearing titled, “Reforming the Postal Service: Finding a Viable Solution.”

Click here to read more.

Wyden launches vote-by-mail campaign nationwide

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) has launched a new campaign to expand the Oregon-style vote-by-mail
program nationwide, as a way of tearing down barriers to voting.

Click here to read more.

IL senators introduce bill to name post office after former Illinois state chair

Illinois’s senators have introduced a bill to name a post office after the late Ken Christy, the Illinois State
Association president who died unexpectedly in March.

Click here to read more.

House passes anti-fed administrative leave bills

Two bills that, if passed, would be harmful to federal employees recently were approved by the U.S.
House of Representatives on a voice vote.

Click here to read more.
Family and friends remember
slain postal employees as best
Scammers Using Stolen
Information To Purchase
Postage Stamps
Package theft suspect
linked to crash in Mobile, AL
The President's Report
by Rhonda Massari

ay 25, 2016

Million Mile Celebration

The Lansdowne/Springfield Post Office was in full celebration mode on Tuesday May 24, 2016 as they
honored 5 carriers who reached 30 year, million mile status.  Ed
Reardon and Dan Bissell (missing from photo) from our Branch as well as Ken Vetter, Al Campanile and
Bruce Fagibli (missing from photo) from Lansdowne Branch  
were honored.  On hand to join the celebration and give out the coveted million mile jacket, plaque and
safety pin were district manager Chu Fallingstar, NALC National
Business Agent Bill Lucini, Safety Specialist Mark Yacker, Lansdowne Vice President Bill Odougherty
and Postmaster Jim Hamilton.  
As we all know, to obtain a no vehicle accident status over the course of thirty years is a very difficult
thing to do and these carriers are to be commended. Please join me
in congratulating (please fill in carriers names)on this momentous occasion.
Another amazing accomplishment for the whole office is working safely for 196 days without any
accident.  The Employees of the Lansdowne/Springfield should also be
commended for such an amazing job. They are an inspiration to all of us. Keep up the great work!  My
hope is that each and every one of us works safely and returns
home to our families  healthy every day. On behalf of all the Brothers and Sisters of Branch 725, I would
like to extend congratulations for a job well done.

Fraternally, Rhonda Massari

April 19, 2016

Director of Route Inspection: Les Dillman
Vice President Branch 725


I thought we were done with the fss adjustments but here we go again. I want to remind everyone that
fss is a management program and not endorsed by the NALC.  The review process however is.
How fss has worked in the past is management would select a period and add up all of your case able
flats and come up with a percentage that was going to be placed on the machine. They would
then make adjustments in the offices off of these numbers. After 60 days you would review the office
and if changes were need they would be made at this time. This time around management will
implement fss with no changes being made and in 30 days review the office. If changes are required
they will be made at this time. Once the changes are made and implemented than your 60 day
review will begin.


We are finishing up our reviews in our last couple of offices. Once again CDRAPP was very good for our
letter carriers in our district. Newtown Square originally was receiving one full time route and
a aux. Through the review it was determined that the aux will now become a full time position and this
would also create another Q2 position. Hats off to the letter carriers in Wayne they did a nice
job during their review period maintaining their street time. We will be doing some minor changes to
territory in Wayne.
Branch 725 Newsletter
Andy Kearney

May 14, 2016

PA State Association  Visit to Capital Hill

A group from our branch went to Washington this week to speak with our Congressional leaders about
the issues we need them to address with the Postal Service.  Rhonda
Massari, Eric Jackson, Joe Pease, Barbara Kearney and myself personally were in with the visits to both
Senators Casey and Toomey's office and they along with Bill Lucini,  Dan
Massari and Jimmy McCullough were with me for my visit to Meehan's office.  A very long day followed
by a RAP Session at our National office.  But, it was a very productive one.  
The climate in Washington about the Postal Service has changed.  It seems that we now have a
Postmaster that is willing to work along with us to improve and protect the service
instead of trying to dismantle it and cause it's ultimate demise.  The timing of our visit was great
because it came a day after a House Oversight Government Reform Committee
postal reform hearing titled "Reforming the Postal Service: Finding a Viable Solution."  This hearing
showed us that we have a lot more people willing to work with us to protect
our jobs.  There are still some people that want us to just go away but they are lessor in number and
bring up very weak reasons for that to happen.  Those people have some sort
of personal agenda or just blind hatred towards the Postal Service and will never listen to reason.  
Thankfully for us we have an increasing number of people that are willing to
listen.  That only has come into play because of our members and customers voicing their concerns
and educating Congressional members about their wants and needs.   
Thank our customers for doing that and we can continue to see positive results from these visits
because of it.  Our visits are fruitless without your support.  I would also like to
thank Tommy Mullen, Colleen Haynes and Belinda Tridente for making the long trip for one day to make
the Congressional Breakfast.  Numbers show support
and solidarity in what we try to accomplish.  I am sure that when Rhonda updates you with the news we
got at the RAP Session you will be equally as pleased.