Southeast Pennsylvania Merged Branch
Item to the April 2017 Postal Record

Eric K. Jackson, Branch 725 Scribe

All members are cordially invited to attended our retirees luncheon on April 20, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. It will be held
for the first time at our union hall on 617 W. MacDade Blvd., Milmont Park, Pa. 19033-3204. Please call the union
office for details.
It’s time we all realize that this company has (for the longest time) been trying to squeeze things out of us that
we (frankly) don’t have. First, the company went through trying times years ago, when they tried to go to five-
day delivery. THAT Postmaster General stated “3-day delivery would be even better”.
But the company persevered and slimmed down by cutting a lot of waste (including sending many managers
back from some of the cushy district jobs back to the field). At the same time, they placed a lot of attention on
carriers. They put money into rolling out MSP points, GPS, etc. And with all that, they still think we are simply
bums when everyone knows that the carriers who don’t want to work, kiss the right boots, and eventually find
their way into supervision.
The new management falls in line with the old. You notice them because they can’t stand for long because of
their lack of a spine! Through the years, management has given their people “tools” (like DOIS, POST and all
others) to manage with. The thing is, the “tool” that they use is a hammer. Unfortunately, their small brains are
only superseded by their laziness and condescending attitudes toward us.    
They have recently given their team training on “PRIME” which follows “PET” which follows…. These are good
tools to use to “get us”. But they are just not intelligent people. We will always win this fight. We DO our job
daily. They can’t say that!    
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January 28, 2017

Branch 725 Steward workshop Tuesday February 7, 2016 @ 7:00 PM

All stewards are encouraged to attend this workshop that will focus on the Dispute Resolution
Process. (DRP)  We will have a sign-up sheet at our next meeting on February 1st for those that have
not signed up.  Stewards can also contact President Rhonda Massari @ 610-461-8333.  

The focus on this workshop will begin with the ins and outs of the Pre-Disciplinary Interview (PDI) and
will carry through each step of the DRP process.  This training will be designed to answer any
questions or concerns that our Shop Stewards have regarding the grievance process.  We will have a
wealth of
knowledge on our panel to include President Massari, Vice-President Les Dillman, Recording
Secretary Rick Murphy, Marcus Hook Shop Steward Belinda Tridente and myself to answer all
questions and address any area of concern that stewards may have.  I look forward to seeing you on
February 7th.

Joe Pease,
Branch 725

March 18, 2017

Legislative Update From National

House committee advances two postal reform bills

On March 16, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform approved the Postal Reform
Act of 2017 (H.R. 756) and the Postal Service Financial Improvement Act of 2017 (H.R. 760).

Click here to read more.

White House releases FY2018 budget request outline

The White House has released its Fiscal Year 2018 “Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again.”

Click here to read more.

House to consider repeal, replacement of ACA

The House of Representatives has introduced the American Health Care Reform Act of 2017.

Click here to read more.

Social Security Fairness Act reintroduced in House

The Social Security Fairness Act of 2015 would repeal the Government Pension Offset (GPO) and the
Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) titles of the Social Security Act.

Click here to read more.

‘Official time’ bills introduced in House, cleared in committee

Two pieces of legislation regarding the use of official time were introduced and passed by the House
Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Click here to read more.
Center City Philly letter bomb
victim speaks out
2 postal workers indicted in
marijuana distribution ring in
West Philadelphia

The President's Report
Rhonda Massari

April 24, 2017

Retiree Luncheon

Thursday April 20, 2017 was the first Retiree Luncheon held at the new Union Hall.  It was a great
success!  The retired members of NALC Branch 725 gathered to reconnect, laugh and reminisce the
good old days as they enjoyed a nice meal.   ​National Business Agent David Napadano addressed the
crowd on current contract negotiations and Director of Retirees Gene Dolan presented Gerry Kelly a
watch as we celebrated his recent retirement.
 Congratulations Gerry! 
President Emeritus Don Coughlin gave a thumbs up on the new building and wished the membership
good luck.   Based on a short survey that was given to those in attendance, all future luncheons will
continue to be held at the hall two times per year.  I would like to thank Gene Dolan, Gerry Gallagher,
Les Dillman, Eric Jackson, Joe Pease, Beth Lloyd, Barbara Kearney, Andy Kearney, Rick Murphy and
Shirley Hagner for making the day a huge success.  Thank You!
Rhonda Massari

March 31, 2017

John Murray Retirement - Marcus Hook Office

Congratulations to John Murray on his last day after 37 years as a letter carrier!  His fellow letter carriers
put together a nice celebration complete with a beautiful cake and a table full of delicious food. John
you will be missed!!

John Murray and Rhonda Massari

President Massari presenting John with a watch on behalf of his Brothers and Sisters of Branch 725

Last Day!!

March 28, 2017

Million Mile Awards Clifton Heights Office

They say you can never go home again, but I disagree!  I was very proud to return to my home station
Clifton Heights to celebrate Million Mile Awards for Bill Grazel, Mike Klick and Dave Press. I would like to
congratulate each one of them for reaching this milestone. Thank you for being an example to all letter
carriers by driving safe for over 30 years!  Congratulations!!

Left to right : Postmaster Mark Glenn, Million Mile award winners Bill Grazel, Dave Press and Mike Klick,
with Shop Steward Colleen Haynes and supervisor Dan Grady

Million Mile Award Recipients

Bill Grazel, Mike Klick and Dave Press     Dave Press and Mark Glenn

Bill Grazel and Mark Glenn                 Mark Glenn with Mike Klick

April 19, 2016

Director of Route Inspection: Les Dillman
Vice President Branch 725


I thought we were done with the fss adjustments but here we go again. I want to remind everyone that
fss is a management program and not endorsed by the NALC.  The review process however is.  How
fss has worked in the past is management would select a period and add up all of your case able flats
and come up with a percentage that was going to be placed on the machine. They would then make
adjustments in the offices off of these numbers. After 60 days you would review the office and if
changes were need they would be made at this time. This time around management will implement fss
with no changes being made and in 30 days review the office. If changes are required they will be
made at this time. Once the changes are made and implemented than your 60 day
review will begin.


We are finishing up our reviews in our last couple of offices. Once again CDRAPP was very good for
our letter carriers in our district. Newtown Square originally was receiving one full time route and a
aux. Through the review it was determined that the aux will now become a full time position and this
would also create another Q2 position. Hats off to the letter carriers in Wayne they did a nice job
during their review period maintaining their street time. We will be doing some minor changes to
territory in Wayne.

April 12, 2017

Andy Kearney, Webmaster
MDA Beef and Beer Event

We had our annual Beef and Beer for MDA at Tip O'Learys Saturday night.  A lot of baskets and prizes
to be won and good food, beer and wine.  Everyone had a great time.  It is good to get together and just
relax and be ourselves with coworkers, friends and family.  And the best part is we are able to do all of
this and raise money for a great charity.  We are one of the founding supporters of MDA and we
continue to do whatever we can to find a cure for this disease.  Thanks to all of those who could not
come but gave items to chance off and those that donated money towards it as well.  Hopefully more of
you will be able to come to this event and see what you are missing.  With all the bull we have to deal
with at work it is good to get together at events like these and be the family we used to be.  Management
has done it's best to tear us apart.  We have to work harder to stay together.  Events like this do just
that.  Hopefully I will see some of you at our Phillies outing July 9th.  Bring the whole family.  You won't
be disappointed.  Thanks to Colleen Haynes, Joe Pease, Belinda Tridente, and the rest of the Events
Committee for the work the do to keep moral up for all of us.
Neighbor Steals Mail, Then
Steals $10k
Havertown, Pa.  A million miles,
accident free
Video Captures Mail Carrier
Running Over Trash Bins
Postal Worker Shot At After
Startling Would-Be Burglars
PA Online Voter Registration

January 9, 2016

Gerry Gallagher

Health Plan / MBA Director

NALC Mutual Benefit Association Rates for 2017

MBA Retirement Savings Policy

Current rate for 2017 is 3.25%

If you had the policy before 2015 your rate for 2017 is 3.50%

If you had the policy before 2000 your rate for 2017 is 4.50%

All things considered these rates continue to exceed the
interest rates offered by most if not all financial institutions.
Law Enforcement Can Track
Your Mail