Southeast Pennsylvania Merged Branch
Item to the January 2017 Postal Record

Eric K. Jackson, Branch 725 Scribe

New year, same post office?  Yes.  As much as we would all like to expound on all our great accomplishments like,
delivering more parcels than we ever have, and working endless hours to get it done, we still find ourselves having
great success in spite of, rather than because of management in the Philadelphia District.  The results are
indisputable.  The company’s revenue is back up over $70 billion.  That should be applauded, right?
Unfortunately, CCA Workers are being run into the ground and lied to (as usual).  But this has caused an accelerated
increase in accidents.  Oh, safety.  That’s the thing preached about by management but often contradicted when it is
time to show it.  Even a five minute safety talk is skipped over on busy days.  Either do it right or tell us you don’t
care.  But you do care when loss of man-hours and OWCP claims increase.  You see, that’s the thing.  They just can’t
seem to get out of their own way.
But thank you all the great leaders that this great union has nurtured.  Our leadership has seemed to trump their
bullyship.  And we will continue to fight the same fight that has gone on for more then 100 years.  Thank you to all the
members that are not scared of these fools who bury their souls when they become supervisors/204-bs.  Just know,
postal management, we will not feel sorry for you when you complain about your bosses.  Our complaints always fall
on deaf ears to you.
We have this document that we both have agreed to.  It’s called the contract.  That’s all we require.
And work on your lying skills while you’re at it.  You’re bad at it.  Buy a backbone and work with us.  Talk to us, not at

Eric Jackson, Branch 725   
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Safety is always our goal.  Keep yourself safe and stay aware of what is going
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August 23, 2016

2016 NALC 70th Biannual Convention
Director Of Education
Joe Pease

Solidarity in Action was the theme for our 2016 NALC National Convention in Los Angeles Ca. last week.  It
was a great honor for me to be among the nearly 5,500 delegates gathered at the Los Angeles Convention
Center.  The convention week started with a major outdoor meet and greet outside of the convention center
on Sunday night.  There was plenty of food, drink and games as the delegates and their families had an
opportunity to say hello.  On Monday morning NALC President Fred Rolando asked the delegates to look
around the hall during his keynote address. ““Every union is like a family,” he said.”  “Families often have
disagreements.  We may disagree with each other from time to time, but we are one.  We are family.  We are
a Union.  We are the NALC.  “While the NALC has real adversaries in postal management, in Congress and
in the media” he said, “you have no enemies in here.”  “The President said that one of his goals is to take
this convention’s theme- “Solidarity in Action”- and use it to develop ways to improve the lives of America’s
Letter Carriers.”  President Rolando’s keynote address was the beginning of a fantastic week for all of the
delegates to come together as one united family.  The week was filled with a diverse group of speakers
such as members of Congress State Rep Maxine Waters (D-CA), Loretta Sanchez (D-CA), Judy Chen (D-
CA) and David Joyce (R-OH).  There were more speeches by key Union leaders such as Richard Trumka,
President of the AFL-CIO, Cecil Roberts, President of the United Mine Workers Association, Mark
Dimondstein, President of the APWU, and others including Chrystine Neff of the United Food and
Commercial Workers Int’l and UNI Global Union Secretary Phillip Jennings which represents employees in
150 countries and other international organizations including the NALC.  There were many other speakers
all united with the NALC in our quest to represent and stand with all of our Sisters and Brothers of the

I feel an enormous sense of pride while standing shoulder to shoulder with my Brothers and Sisters of the
NALC.  The NALC does an excellent job in providing education as well as historical information of our great
Union.  The classes and workshops are the backbone as to why we are able to stay united and continue
the fight for the strongest Postal Service possible.  The diversity of workshops and classes range from City
Delivery, Contract Administration Unit, OWCP, negotiating techniques, retirement, Thrift Savings Plan,
Dignity and Respect and many more.  NALC Officers and staff along with outside experts, present more
than 40 workshops over the convention week.  There is always so much to learn and the NALC provides
the resources for all of the delegates to be educated which allows us to pass the information on to all the
members.  There is also a new app available for IPhone and Android phones so that we can have all
necessary information at our fingertips.

There is so much emotion swirling around the convention hall as the speeches are made and the business
of the convention is conducted.  There are videos of heroic carriers and also the history of our great
Union.  We had an opportunity to salute Executive Vice President Timothy O’Malley a fond farewell as he
announced his retirement from the Executive Board.  We also saw a glimpse of the future when Allentown,
PA Branch 274 Letter Carrier Jason Nelson, a former CCA and Marine Corps Veteran gave a powerful
speech about the sense of brotherhood and comradery he felt as being part of this convention.
Brothers and Sisters we are all a key ingredient as to why the NALC is one of the strongest Unions in
America.  We can feel a great sense of pride in knowing that if one of us falls, there will be one of us to pick
you up.  Thank you to Branch 725 for affording me the opportunity to serve as a delegate to the 2016 NALC
National Convention.

Joe Pease,
Branch 725

January 9, 2017

115th Congress convenes

On Jan. 3, the House of Representatives and the Senate both convened for the first session of the 115th
Congress, and the 535 lawmakers from both chambers were sworn-in.

Click here to read more.

Your guide to activism in the 115th Congress

We’re bracing for a lot of activity on Capitol Hill in the 115th Congress, which means it’s important for us to
begin the new year with strong relationships on both sides of the aisle.

Click here to read more.

Five immediate threats to federal employees in 2017

With Congress and the White House in Republican control, the GOP is preparing to pursue an aggressive
agenda against federal employees during the 115th Congress.

Click here to read more.

State legislatures prepare to begin sessions

With the new year underway, state legislatures and general assemblies across the country are preparing to
kick off their legislative sessions, or already have done so.

Click here to read more.

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Center City Philly letter bomb
victim speaks out
2 postal workers indicted in
marijuana distribution ring in
West Philadelphia

The President's Report
Rhonda Massari

January 5, 2017

In our continuing effort to provide information to our members and their families , the attached link provides
information on the Pa House of Representatives' scholarship program for graduating high school seniors.  
We hope that this information is helpful.   Rhonda Massari

     Pennsylvania House of Representatives Scholarship Program now open
The Pennsylvania House of Representatives Scholarship Program enhances educational opportunities for
graduating high school seniors who reside in Pennsylvania.
The program is administered through the Foundation for Enhancing Communities and provides four-year
scholarships to two high school seniors per year. Each award
consists of the value of one semester of tuition at the State System of Higher Education for each of the four
years. Students must maintain eligibility criteria in all four
years in order to receive the ongoing award.

Due to issues in the recent past with students obtaining outdated information, interested applicants are
asked to destroy any old applications or correspondence
relating to the Scholarship from previous years and use the website below for Scholarship information,
including the application and deadline dates. If applications are
not received by the deadline or if students turn in the wrong materials, their applications will be dismissed.

Eligibility Criteria:
• Graduating High School Senior
• Legal Residency in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
• Attendance at a PA College, university, or career school as a full-time student
• Academic achievement (Minimum 3.0 cumulative high school GPA)
• Commitment to community and leadership qualities
• Extracurricular activities
• Financial need

The application process is now online on the Foundation's website:

The Deadline for all materials is March 1, 2017

     Greg Vitali
State Representative
166th Legislative District

December 21, 2016




This is the time of year that one often reflects on the past year while also looking forward to the next.  2016
proved to be a year of many changes and the members of
Branch 725 had a very successful year.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for all the hard work and dedication
that you have shown throughout the year.  Letter Carriers
have the most difficult, demanding and under-
appreciated job in the Postal Service.  Yet even with these challenges, Letter Carriers continue to Shine!  
YOU are the
shining stars of the Post Office and you are appreciated!  Your hard work has made yet another
year and this Holiday Season a successful one. No one can take that
away from you.

At this time, I would like to thank you for allowing me and the Executive Board the opportunity to serve you.  
We are looking forward to the next year, may it be even
better and more prosperous than the last.  I would
like to extend our warmest thoughts and best wishes for a Wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy New
Year. I
wish you and your loved ones the gifts of the season-Peace, Joy, and Hope.

As we look forward to the New Year, Whatever is beautiful…whatever brings you happiness…may it be
yours this holiday season and throughout the New Year.

Sincerely and fraternally yours,

Rhonda Massari  
President Branch 725
 & NALC Executive Board Members   
Les Dillman, Eric Jackson, Joe Pease, Rick Murphy, Mark Picarelli, Gerry Gallagher, Gene Dolan, Tom Mullin,
Bill Mellon, Barb Kearney and Mike Homola

November 28, 2016


DECEMBER 13, 2016 7:00PM
JANUARY 24, 2017 7:00PM

Due to the increasing demand for retirement information, and in an effort to provide more training to our
members, NALC Branch 725 will be hosting two retirement seminars.  

These seminars will be on a first come, first serve basis.

Anyone who is interested should call the Union Hall to reserve their place for either seminar.  It is requested
that only those carriers who are within 3 years of retirement apply at this time.  We will have more seminars
in the future for those of you interested in learning more about retirement.

Space is limited, so please call ASAP to reserve your spot.

If you have any questions or comments, please call the Union office at 610-461-8333 for more information.

Sincerely and fraternally,

Rhonda Massari
President, NALC Branch 725

April 19, 2016

Director of Route Inspection: Les Dillman
Vice President Branch 725


I thought we were done with the fss adjustments but here we go again. I want to remind everyone that fss is
a management program and not endorsed by the NALC.  The review process however is.  How fss has
worked in the past is management would select a period and add up all of your case able flats and come up
with a percentage that was going to be placed on the machine. They would then make adjustments in the
offices off of these numbers. After 60 days you would review the office and if changes were need they
would be made at this time. This time around management will implement fss with no changes being made
and in 30 days review the office. If changes are required they will be made at this time. Once the changes
are made and implemented than your 60 day
review will begin.


We are finishing up our reviews in our last couple of offices. Once again CDRAPP was very good for our
letter carriers in our district. Newtown Square originally was receiving one full time route and a aux.
Through the review it was determined that the aux will now become a full time position and this would also
create another Q2 position. Hats off to the letter carriers in Wayne they did a nice job during their review
period maintaining their street time. We will be doing some minor changes to territory in Wayne.

Branch 725 Newsletter
Beth Lloyd - West Chester Office

January 12, 2017

Million mile awards. Carriers: Chris Marlow, Shirley Hagner, Mike Macknis, Paul Voorhees, and Jim Lyle

Employees from West Chester received 25/30/35 year service pins. Carriers included were Luis Santos,
Dennis Carroll, Tammy Brogan, Harold Asparagus, Mark Picarelli, Jack Daniel, Jim Lyle, Paul Voorhees,
Shirley Hagner, Peggy Phillips. Not present: Harry Dowdall, Wade Homsher, Mike DiSanti, Joe Malone, Tim
Klales, Rob Iscaro and Les Dillman.
Delivering Packages In The
Bitter Cold
Man tracks package thieves
down to get his stuff back
One of Santa's elves
moonlighting as Carneys Point
A Day In The Life Of A Letter
Postal Workers Dealing With
Arctic Blast starring our own
Nancy Benson
PA Online Voter Registration

January 9, 2016

Gerry Gallagher

Health Plan / MBA Director

NALC Mutual Benefit Association Rates for 2017

MBA Retirement Savings Policy

Current rate for 2017 is 3.25%

If you had the policy before 2015 your rate for 2017 is 3.50%

If you had the policy before 2000 your rate for 2017 is 4.50%

All things considered these rates continue to exceed the
interest rates offered by most if not all financial institutions.
New Jersey & Pennsylvania
Region 12 Rap Session

Bally's, Atlantic City, NJ

Sunday through Tuesday

February 26-28, 2017