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April 11, 2016
Another Nail in Post Office Coffin
Drugs, weapons, cash found in U.S. mail during Central New York drug trafficking sting
As USPS Lowers Postage, Variations Arise for Online Sellers
Eighty year old woman threatens to blow up Chagrin Falls OH Post Office
Editorial: Another blow to USPS
Can USPS Price Increase Rollback Get EDDM Moving Again?
USPS Previews 6th of 16 Stamps Celebrating National Park Service Centennial - Stamp Highlights
Everglades National Park

April 10, 2016
USPS OIG Soliciting Training On Internet and Social Media Monitoring For Investigations (see pages 21
and 22) (PDF)
Hands, heads and robots work in sync at Amazon warehouses
Video: Cost of mailing a letter drops to 47 cents, reduction could cost Postal Service billions
Ralph Nader: Big union leaders betray Sanders and workers
Former mailman Roemon Fields delivers for Fisher Cats

April 9, 2016
Army veteran goes to court to get job status back with USPS
Broom Guy welcomed back to post offices
Customers on Losing End of the Bet on Forever Stamps This Weekend
Video: Suspect accused of ‘fishing’ more than $20,000 worth of checks from collection boxes
Same-day service: How does Amazon do that?
South Carolina Man Sentenced to Prison for Assaulting and Robbing Letter Carrier

April 8, 2016
Victims of mail theft say broken boxes aren't getting fixed
Marysville postal worker logs one million miles accident-free
Kristin Seaver named USPS CIO, Kevin L. McAdams Acting Cap Metro AVP
Post Office Performance Is 'Out Of Service'
Car in Solon OH crash filled with USPS mailbags, packages, IDs
Inspectors Look Into Possible Mail Theft At South Tulsa Post Office
Man Sentenced for Assaulting and Robbing South Carolina Carrier
Carlsbad Caverns is 5th stamp celebrated in National Parks series
Suspects sought in robbery of MS postal worker

April 7, 2016
USPS: Forced USPS Price Reduction Begins This Weekend
USPS Previews 4th of 16 Stamps Celebrating National Park Service’s Centennial
Robots set to aid postal workers with deliveries in Germany
Canadian Postal Unions Team Up To Pitch Postal Banking
Affidavit: Man who hit mail carrier with rock likely retaliating for kicked dog
Edgartown selectmen tackle 'horrific' post office closure
Osage Postmaster living her dream
Cops: 3 charged in USPS money order thefts
Former postal workers blame Congress for collapse of service
Postal inspectors seize large amount of stolen mail

April 6, 2016
Vehicle crashes into post office in Pine Bluff
Mail carrier ends two decades of delivery
Richmond: Federal agency investigating NALC election
Through wind, rain and 46 years, nothing stops the mail in Montville
Mail Handlers contract update
FedEx May Not Lose To Amazon, The Competitor; But Has Surely Lost Amazon, The Customer
APWU: 96% of Costco Survey Respondents Oppose USPS Privatization
Did the U.S. Postal Service actually suffer damages

April 5, 2016
Former postal worker accused of dumping mail, too "overwhelmed" to deliver
Postal Worker Assaulted in Colorado Springs
Postage Rates to Decrease April 10
Zipline, a drone startup that delivers medicine in Rwanda
Buying stamps can be an ordeal at San Antonio post office
USPS previews 2nd of 16 stamps celebrating National Park Service’s Centennial
Protesters reassert intention to continue occupying Berkeley Main Post Office
Mail carriers are paying for your mail
Union says Canada Post is trying to provoke a labour dispute
Postal Inspectors help dismantle tax fraud ring
Unhappy Edgartown postal customers trek to Vineyard Haven
Postal coworkers remember woman found dead in murder-suicide as ‘ray of sunshine’
Promotional Pay Calculator To Assist Postmaster Considering Promotion
OIG: Modernizing the Postal Money Order
OIG: Delayed Mail Data in the Enterprise Data Warehouse

April 4, 2016
Principled Leadership Needed at the USPS
The Disappearing Post Offices of the Rural South
Video: Denver letter carrier receives heroism award
Jury awards former Nebraska letter carrier $25,000 in dog bite lawsuit
USPS previews Acadia National Park stamp

April 3, 2016
Drunk Driver Crashes into Caravan of Seven USPS Trucks
Thieves go 'fishing' for checks in mailboxes

April 2, 2016
Dog shot after attacking letter carrier, policeman
German postal service to build its own electric delivery vans
Off duty NYC letter carrier busted in uniform with weed, brass knuckles
Indianapolis: Post office boots blind 'Broom Guy'

April 1, 2016
Death Halts Knights Ferry Mail Service
Stamping Out Mail Fishing in S. Queens
Penn State's Mike the Mailman calls it quits after 48 years
Officers Involved in Postal Worker's Arrest Disciplined
New City woman's small barking dog prompts mail suspension
Postage Rates Decreasing? April Fools!
USPS Failed to Meet Service Targets in 2015, PRC Report Says
National Park Service’s 100th Anniversary to be Celebrated on Forever Stamps
Photo of Postal Worker Standing in the Rain Goes Viral for a Touching Reason!
Privatize the USPS

March 31, 2016
USPS’ YTD 2016 results: $1.8 billion operating profit
Olympia neighborhood says goodbye to beloved mailman
Amazon's automated warehouses push limits of quick shipping
Final delivery: Pittsfield letter carrier to retire after 30 years walking downtown route
PRC Report: USPS Faces Significant Financial Challenges
NALC: Honoring Heroic Letter Carriers (PDF)
Video: New report finds your mail is not being delivered on time
USPS OIG raids home of Indiana compounding pharmacist, dentist
Northbrook IL mail carrier is a commercial success
Video: Is the US Postal Service the Next Target for Corporate Plundering?
Postal Policy-Makers Engage at PostalVision 2020/6.0
Video: Mailbox bomb spree lands three in jail
WSJ explains what those cops were supposed to be doing when they arrested a letter carrier
Postal IG Slams Firewall Administration
PRC Assesses Pricing and Service Performance in FY 2015
Delivery Delays Mount at US Postal Service - Post & Parcel
Livermore, CA police issue mail theft alert
Suspect in Ohio check thefts from mailboxes turns himself in

March 30, 2016
USPS Responds to PRC Report
PRC Tells the Postal Service to Account for Decline in Flats Service
Police Commissioner 'Very Concerned' About Postal Worker's Arrest in Brooklyn
Five Arrested for Allegedly Stealing from Mailbox in South Pasadena
Ohio: Police searching for thieves who steal checks from mailboxes
Livermore CA: Mail theft alert issued
Sweden’s stamps are turning rainbow to celebrate Pride
India Post Cashes in on E-retail Boom
Is the US Postal Service the Next Target for Corporate Plundering?
New report finds your mail is not being delivered on time
Suspect in Ohio check thefts from mailboxes turns himself in

March 29, 2016
Public unions score victory with Supreme Court decision
Postal worker helps Jackson police catch robbery suspect
Frustrations mount over lack of mail service in New River
PRC reports "failures in overall service performance" from the USPS  |  ACD Report (PDF)
PRC: Public Representative Claims Excessive Secrecy by USPS on Experimental Market Test (PDF)
NYC Police Commissioner not happy with cops who arrested letter carrier
Teen charged with burning down Pennsylvania PO
OIG: Advertising Mail - Past and Present
USPS's Digital Mail Program Will Go Nationwide in 2017
OIG: Compounding the Problem

March 28, 2016
Court Brief Filed in GameFly Round Trip DVD Case (PDF)
Two dead, venomous snakes found in package at post office
VIDEO: Postal workers do 22 push-ups a day challenge in Phoenix
VIDEO: USPS Trucks Deliver for E-Commerce
Video: Postal worker speaks out on controversial NYPD arrest
EEOC finds USPS discriminated against disabled vet letter carrier
District Court Orders Clarification On Maintenance Craft Staffing at BMCs
Kalama WA Post Office to reopen Monday after flood
eBay to Lower Postage for Some Low-Weight Packages
APWU: Contract Update
APWU: ‘Grand Alliance’ Holds Field Hearing in Baltimore

March 27, 2016
Easter Sunday
'I Don't Hate Cops. I'm Marrying One,' Black Postal Worker Says After Video Shows NYPD Arresting Him
APWU Contract Update
Fair Oaks CA neighbors uneasy after confrontation with postman
APWU: Plant Consolidations in ‘Deferred Status’
USPS web site ranks as government’s most visited

March 26, 2016
NYPD to Review Incident Involving Mailman
The First Urban Drone Delivery Just Happened in Nevada
Update: Husband not a suspect in postal worker's Nevada death
N.J. pair ripped off USPS for $75K in gasoline scam
Video: Colonial Heights VA residents fed up with mail delivery problems
Video: Neighbors speak out about postal worker shot on-duty in Mason Valley, NV
Video: Postal Employee Struck and Killed In Southwest Philadelphia
Falling clusterbox injures Canada Post carrier

March 25, 2016
USPS Financial Information February 2016 (PDF)
Postal worker helps stop woman from being scammed
22-year-old made $16K/month shipping pot through USPS
Postman logs 1 million miles without an accident
USPS enjoys quarter billion dollar cash surplus in February
Pitney Bowes Gauges New Path Away From Mass Mailings
McCann CEO: Direct Mail's Moment Has Come Again
Police back at N.J. postal facility to probe crash that killed worker; OSHA notified
USPS truck fire cause still unknown

March 24, 2016
Postal worker shot on duty was delivering mail to her own home
Postal Service offering co-workers counseling after clerk is killed in parking lot accident
Report: Postal worker shot and killed on the job in rural Nevada
Canada Post union worried about coming changes to mail sorting
USPS takes new approaches to delivery
Groups to raise concerns about mailed ballots

March 23, 2016
Chicago's massive, vacant post office being fought over
Four Cops Forcefully Arrest Black Brooklyn Mailman
Investigation Demanded by Borough President
Police Leave Mail Truck Unattended
Imagining a green, sustainable USPS
USPS IG Sees Trouble Ahead for 2016 Political Mailings
USPS Fails in Bid to Raise Prices on Netflix
Postal worker struck and killed in parking lot of Kearny NJ distribution center
Gas leak temporarily evacuates Omaha's main post office
Groups to raise concerns about mailed ballots
Unusual letter arrives at Athol MA post office
Dog attacks stop postal delivery to east Charlotte homes
USPS Commits To Take A Fresh Look At Postal Plans

March 22, 2016
Waterbury man charged with assaulting letter carrier who was urinating in public
Closure of Tucson's Cherrybell mail facility delayed again
USPS to Test Global Shipping Program
USPS OIG: Are Mail Processing Facilities Becoming More Efficient?
PRC Tells USPS To Take a Hike (PDF)
Viewpoint: Meet the post office of the future
US Post Offices in San Francisco improve dismal recycling rates
OIG: Unsupported Operating Systems
USPS: State Farm Receives the U.S. Postal Service Partnership for Growth Award

March 21, 2016
Postmaster General to Address Postal Forum at Opryland Hotel
Cuba and Ecommerce: Close, but No Cigar Just Yet
Postal Service can't deliver long-term stable jobs
Mike the Mailman Receives Congratulatory Letter From President Obama
Priority Mail Cubic Pricing, by Richard Weiss
Residents fight Westbrookville post office closing
IG: Poor firewall maintenance leaves USPS exposed
Supreme Court Rejects Appeal Over Ban on Guns at Post Offices
PMG unveils digital strategy to support mailing industry at National Postal Forum
Live tweets from the 2016 National Postal Forum
Packages Make Postal Service Sing a New Tune
Amazon lobbying to “prop up” the USPS
FedEx Says Retailers Should be Paying More For Delivery
How Amazon is leaning on US government in its quest to be a delivery powerhouse
OIG: Funding Universal Service

March 20, 2016
Another Postal Board of Governors nomination announced
Mail complaints are getting Congressional attention

March 19, 2016
Vermont Rural Carrier Saves Life While Delivering Mail
Man Pleads Guilty to Attempting to Rob New Orleans PO
Video: Granger, IN rural carrier associate honored for saving a woman's life
Slow Delivery Could Cost the Postal Service Millions This Election Season
Police blow up ‘suspicious’ package left at Maricopa Post Office
Powder-filled envelope, postmarked from Boston, sent to Trump son investigated by FBI, Secret
Service, Post Office, NYPD
Postal Inspectors looking into alleged assault of Oak Harbor mail carrier

March 18, 2016
Domino's Australia Launches Pizza Delivery Robot
Westchester postmasters say come on down
USPS Ranks High on List of Severe Workplace Injuries
Postal banking didn't work in 1910 - and it won't now
Postal employee to be honored for heroism
Mail theft becoming more common in the Sacramento area
Postal worker injured after falling into manhole
FedEx is not afraid of Amazon's delivery ambitions
USPS replacing cluster boxes to combat thefts in Las Vegas area
APWU, USPS Resolve Dispute Over PSE Transfers in MVS Craft
APWU: Big Win for MVS - Subcontractor’s Application for Safety Exemption Denied
NAPUS: ‘Give the Postal Service the Flexibility It Needs to Compete’
NALC: Remembering the day the mail stopped
The 24th annual Letter Carriers’ Stamp Out Hunger® Food Drive — Saturday, May 14, 2016
PS Form 8190 Revision: USPS-NALC Joint Step A Grievance Form

March 17, 2016
St. Patrick's Day
Western Queens: Residents slam postal disservice
Obama sends letter to Cuban pen-pal as USPS restores direct mail service to island
Faces of Georgetown: Karyn Davis Williams, Postal Clerk
First Flight for Direct Postal Service With USA Arrives in Cuba
Postal Service Argues in Court to Continue Exigency Rate Increase (PDF)
Shippo launches USPS ePostage to the public
FedEx: It Would Take Amazon Way Too Much Money And Time To Compete With Us
FedEx Rides Online Shopping to Beat Wall Street
Senator Heitkamp Receives National Award for Protecting Rural Mail Service

March 16, 2016
USPS OIG: North Houston P&DC Has Double the Delayed Mail as Other Similar-Sized Facilities (PDF)
APWU: Staples Rings NASDAQ Bell, Protesters Ruin Their Day
San Angelo Mail Carrier Stars in National USPS Commercial
FMCSA denies postal contractors’ request for exemption to 14-hour on-duty limit
Despite Legal Threats, Membership In Federal Unions Shows Growth
Video: Neighbors protest jersey barriers at Langley, WA post office
Video: Scan and deliver - Customers deserve timely data, PMG says
First Flight for Direct Postal Service with USA Arrives in Cuba
NALC: New ‘Questions and Answers—2011 USPS/NALC National Agreement’ released
I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For: USPS Vehicle Procurement
US and Cuba to re-establish direct postal links today
OIG: Management of Post Office Box Service (PDF)
OIG: Capital Projects Return on Investment (PDF)
OIG Says Drug Costs Out Of Control - PEN

March 15, 2016
Modesto-area mail thieves may be using counterfeit keys
San Tan Valley mailboxes found left wide open (residents say third-party delivers the mail)
The Time the Postal Service Sued the Developers of Postal
OIG: Department of Labor’s lax handling of compounded prescription drugs costs USPS millions
Stone Mountain, Georgia: its history, monument, controversy, and commemorative stamp
Video: USPS workers stop elderly man from throwing away part of his life savings
Neighbors celebrate mailbox’s return with wine and festivities
OIG Management Alert – Timeliness of Mail Processing at the North Houston, TX, Processing and
Distribution Center  (PDF)
Making the Postal Service - and Its Employees - Better
USPS: Long-term care, retirement webinars planned
OIG: Digital Head Count
What Amazon Logistics Means for FedEx, UPS
USPS contract carrier Matheson adds new natural gas tractors to postal fleet

March 14, 2016
Postal big rig crashes into burger restaurant in South L.A.
Hyattsville MD residents complain of spotty mail delivery
Mail thieves strike across San Diego's East County
Amazon Confirms Plans For Air Cargo Network
Where are you on the TSP totem pole?
Aspen postal worker Emilio Pennini deported from U.S.
After Postal Service Loses Money on Consolidations, McCaskill Demands Answers

March 13, 2016
The UPS epic fail
USPS’ Profitable Quarter Unlikely to Herald a Trend - Free Republic
Bring back the Pony Express

March 12, 2016
UPDATE: Details on Causes of Death for Five Employees at Pontiac Mail Complex
Wise Retailers Avoiding USPS Rate Hike With Flat Rate Select
APWU Contract Arbitration Update
85-year-old driver could have license revoked for striking post office
Amazon has built at least 58 secretive Prime Now hubs throughout the nation (there could be more)
Flooding closes Texas post office

March 11, 2016
Self-driving 'delivery ground drones' to be tested in London before they head to New York
Man Arrested In 2012 Postal Worker Robbery Case
Man tried to cash thousands in stolen money orders at upstate NY post office, police say
Video: Idaho congressman says slow mail service is big problem in Pocatello
Methane Detection System - APWU Local 480-481MI Metroplex Update
eBay Helps Sellers Prove New Rules to USPS Onondaga County post office
Lakeside, OR Board chair files complaint with Postal Service
Fed retirees: Nervous outside the civil service

March 10, 2016
USPS Truck Stolen in Dallas
Postal employee deaths at Pontiac facility raise questions
Rural carrier distributes fliers to residents asking them to inflate their mail volume during count week
Long Lines At The Post Office All Over Kansas City Metro Area
‘Officer-in-Charge’ sent to solve mail mess at Shelter Island NY Post Office
85-year-old arrested for hitting, spitting on postal worker
Post Office Savior
Florida letter carrier films national commercial in L.A.
Massive FedEx facility proposed  near Dayton, OH

March 9, 2016
Postal truck overturns in collision with bus in downtown LA
Possible closure of Cherrybell mail center has Tucson voters concerned
Amazon confirms cargo flights, announces deal
Large rock falls from Portland overpass onto mail truck driver
International team to speak about 17th-century postal discovery
After five years, USPS may finally deliver a solution for mounted mailbox problem
Thieves increasingly target residential mailboxes
Ohio postal employees save co-worker’s life
APWU: Expect More Attacks on Injured Workers
Postal Service responds to calls for postal banking
Postal Service Seeks Industry Sources of Advanced Analytics Platform

March 8, 2016
Passing the delivery milestone
Donald Trump bumper sticker lands postal worker in hot water
Judge gives Lance Armstrong partial win in $100 million lawsuit
ANOTHER! Fire destroys postal truck, ignites field (Isn't it about time to recall these trucks?)
Amazon deliveries and at-risk workers lead to more accidents and injuries at the Postal Service
California rural carrier retires from USPS at 85
Alabama rural carrier responds to doghouse fire - saves pet
Indiana post office closes temporarily over safety concerns
USPS uses new technology to target voters
Canada Post's Underclass of Women Workers

March 7, 2016
APWU: Don't Let Congress Run Out the Clock on Overtime
Could abuse spell the end of free USPS boxes?
Was failure of methane detection system at Pontiac plant related to 5 employee deaths?
Ray Tomlinson: He Invented Email. Now Try to Imagine Life Without Him. You Can't.
Small supply of Sarah Vaughan press sheets offered to collectors
Felt App Brings Handwritten Cards to the 21st Century
Postal inspectors offer $50K reward in Spring Creek, TN Post Office robbery
Rolling Back Prices
NAPUS: Promotional Pay Calculator To Assist Postmasters and Managers Considering Promotion
NIPOST set to launch banking services for rural communities

March 6, 2016
17 disappearing middle class jobs
Gyrocopter pilot refutes U.S. claim that Capitol flight risked midair collision
OPM Falling Further Behind on Retirement Applications Backlog
Post office barricades irk Langley residents
Postal clerk begins each work day with flag salute, Pledge of Allegiance

March 5, 2016
Postal truck theft leaves Bronx residents without mail
Postal Officials Assure Bethesda and Chevy Chase MD Residents that Service Problems Will Be Fixed
Only misdemeanor charges filed in mail theft case
Texas: Husband and Wife Sentenced in Postal Insurance Theft Scheme
Wilkes-Barre Township Man Charged With Theft Of Mail

March 4, 2016
Indiana: Small town post office suddenly shut down
Austin: Mailbox theft victims want lasting solutions
Special Offer From Sprint for USPS Employees ($100 AMEX Card, Save 50%)
Woman's cremated remains arrive with large hole in the box - Comments (5 Comments)
Mail goes up in flames in Auburndale
UPS using alternate package drop locations as e-commerce soars

March 3, 2016
Des Moines: Late packages and mail never showing up
A piece of America dies, nobody notices
Measuring employee engagement: The Postal Service shares its scores on Postal Pulse
When a little knowledge (and a lot of data) is a dangerous thing
Letter carrier assaulted by teenagers in Boston
USPS web site promotes direct mail for political campaigns
Postal worker rescues toddler in street
USPS Celebrates Alabama’s National Championship Win
Postal Service Marks Broncos Super Win  With Collectible Envelope
Postal Service Policy on Workplace Harassment
Florida letter carrier honored for helping injured man
Is It Time To Write Off Checks?
30 years later, Baby M lawyer at center of contested surrogacy case - deaf postal employee involved in

March 2, 2016
Congressman to USPS: 'Stop this Reckless Consolidation'
Montville postmaster retires after 43 years
Jersey City postal worker threatened to shoot coworkers, cops say
Grossman named Vice President, Finance and Planning
The Great Postal Recession
NYC dog owner attacks mailman with aluminum bat

March 1, 2016
Car Hits Elk Grove Post Office
Toledo woman looks for father's missing remains lost in the mail
FedEx Heads Top 150 USPS Suppliers List - Again
FedEx is Top Supplier to USPS in 2015
Illinois letter carrier sues couple over dog attack
Mail truck rolls, catches fire on Kennewick WA highway
Meng: Postal Service Plans to Renew Lease for Fresh Meadows Post Office in NYC
Further reduction of services at the Postal Service’s Stewart center on hold

February 29, 2016
Rolando appointed AFL-CIO finance committee vice-chairman
Historians investigate mystery of post office
Town supervisor to talk to USPS COO about constituent complaints
Bob Fuglem retires from USPS after 42 years of service
Highest Postal Salaries by Location and Occupation
USPS paid FedEx $1.37 billion last year
Global Parcel Delivery Market Insight Report 2015
Newtown supervisors offer support to homeowners in dispute with post office over mailboxes
Boxes, Boxes Everywhere
Management Advisory - Fiscal Year 2015 Statistical Test Review
Contracting Officers' Workload  

February 28, 2016
Boy With Leukemia Gets A Parade Of Postal Trucks
NLRB Starts Cranberry Post Office Probe
Recent USPS Hiring Practices Make No Sense
Two words for Hillary if she wants to connect with the financially struggling: “Postal banking”
Dead letter day for Aussie Post
Virgimia woman wonders where her mail is going
Communication Gap: Letter between friends arrives 71 years later

February 27, 2016
Newspaper Group Greets Good News-Bad News with Postage Rollback and Storm Clouds Ahead for
South Carolina mail theft ring busted - one suspect at large
Video: Zip code change causes unintended headaches in metro Atlanta
First time in nearly 97 years, price of stamps going down
'We're a real city': Parker, FL now recognized by U.S. Postal Service
Post office stops delivering mail to residents of Arvada, CO apartment complex because of theft and
Newtown Township, PA: No Cluster Boxes Please

February 26, 2016
‘Patriotic postman’ – Florida Carrier’s Quiet Salute Goes Viral
Delivering Mail With the Tesla Model S
Hell Will Freeze Over on April 10th
Cost of First Class Letter to Drop to 47 Cents
Postal carrier escapes crashed mail truck
Update: Mailman attacked by three dogs saved by 75-year-old and 84-year-old neighbors
Same-Day Delivery Startup Deliv to Get Funding Boost From UPS
APWU: NLRB Hearing on Staples Deal Finally Gets to the Heart of the Matter
PMG: Loss of exigent surcharge will cost USPS $2 billion a year
Politicians enter fray over post office repairs
NPMHU and USPS Present Opening Statements as National Negotiations Begin in Washington D.C.

February 25, 2016
Amazon Unexpectedly Hikes USPS Shipping Rates for Sellers
USPS Will Close Zanoni Post Office
PRC Requesting Information From USPS About Workplace Injuries (PDF)
Video: Attorney for suspect in mail carrier shooting believes case will be thrown out
Video: Northern Michigan Mail Carriers Brave Winter Weather
OIG: Union Steward Activity in the Capital Metro Area
Male dressed as carrier steals Chico, CA mail
Longmont, CO residents come to aid of mail carrier attacked by 3 dogs

February 24, 2016
Elderly Driver Hits Pleasanton Post Office
Firefighters Save New USPS Vehicles From Truck Blaze
USPS apologizes after delivering chemical-soaked mail to Brooklyn Park home
Postal Service sales of imperforate uncut press sheets come under fire
Acting Area Manager Fail
North Dakota Senator Launches New “Fix My Mail” Survey
Man Who Stole Thousands of Pounds of Copper Wire from San Diego Post Office Sentenced to Prison
NLRB Considers Boosting Its General Counsel’s Settlement Power - Covers a USPS NALC case
Postal service offers Alabama Championship memorabillia

February 23, 2016
Dog complaints lead to cluster mailboxes in Wichita neighborhood
Mike the Mailman set to retire after exactly 48 years of service
Retired Postal Worker Builds 'Museum of Love' to Honor His Wife's Memory
Man accused of threatening to blow up Nevada post office
Does the Postal Service Have an Accurate Inventory of Its Information Technology Assets?
Rural Carrier? Check Out PEN's New Sponsor
Utah carrier prevents ‘great tragedy’
The Postal Solutions Companies Named Among Fastest Growing Businesses Owned or Led by
University of Florida Alumni

February 22, 2016
Pittsburgh: Postal Workers Protest Operations Being Diverted to Staples
NALC, USPS Formally Open Bargaining Talks
Chicago Seeks Control of Long-Vacant Massive Old Post Office Site
Why Is the Post Office Still a Thing?
Police in Las Vegas ask for public's help in stopping mail theft
APWU: Workers Testify at Contract Arbitration
Wasilla, AK mail theft case draws federal attention

February 21, 2016
Slower Service, Higher Costs: USPS's Phase 2 Debacle
DOJ probes United's mail hauling

February 20, 2016
Two-vehicle crash involving USPS vehicle hospitalizes two
Whatever Reform Brings, USPS Still Has to Fund Benefits
USPS non-career turnover rate doubles- most CCAs don’t last a year
San Antonio Man and Woman Charged in Alleged Mail and Identity Theft
Bakersfield homeowner's association takes a stand against mail theft

February 19, 2016
Woman, 70, Crashes SUV Into Derry Post Office
Rampant mail thefts in Corona lead to delivery shutdown
Problems with mail service continue to plague northeast Columbus neighborhoods
Who can supply a Postal Service analytics platform?
Former Alabama USPS employee’s band wins Grammy Awards
AFGE Data Breach Attorney Named Lead Counsel for Consolidated Complaint Against OPM

February 18, 2016
Chicago postal worker has embarrassing mishap on Survivor, booted first
Armstrong Says USPS 'Looked the Other Way' on Doping
Google Launches Fresh-Grocery Deliveries
Postal workers trudge through snowy conditions
KY: Arrest Made In Connection To Mail Carrier Drive-By Shooting
Dimondstein: ‘Postal Workers Earn the Right to Be Justly Compensated for Our Service and Hard Work’
Mailman Delivers $20,000 DerbyWars Win
$5G reward offered in attack on Morton mail carrier
Postal cop gets spooked by rat and fires weapon in Harlem post office, rat survives
Postal Service representative apologizes for bloody mail
Postal Service seeks to improve in the Bronx
Couple charged with stealing mail, checks from San Antonio mailboxes
United Airlines receives U.S. Justice Dept inquiry about mail contract
Snopes debunks the Bernie Sanders  “Forever” stamp story

February 17, 2016
Chicago postal worker lost 15 pounds in preparation for Survivor
Cobert Says More Funding Needed to Fix Retirement Applications Backlog
Amazon Eyes $400 Billion Opportunity to Disrupt the Global Supply Chain
Round two of Postal Pulse begins, but what happened in round one?
No one hurt when mail truck rolls over in Skokie crash
Arrest made in Louisville letter carrier shooting
Graves named acting Western Area VP
How Shyp Is Shaking Up Shipping
KC man accused of assaulting mail carrier for not delivering his check
FCC: alleged fake Post Office calls to cost Alpharetta firm millions

February 16, 2016
Man found after sliding off couch thanks to alert mail carrier
Braintree fire chief says postal worker saved man's life
Video: Alleged mail theft exposed after arrest of Chico CA man
APWU: Clerk Craft, Postal Service Settle Four Disputes
Zika virus: Mandatory stand-up talk, CDC information
APWU: Last-Minute Preparations Underway for Contract Arbitration
USPS looking for IT auditors outside and within
Surrounded by turkeys, mail carrier trapped in truck calls for help in NJ
Elderly Woman Drives SUV into Clyde Post Office
Fernkopf Retires After 30 Years as a Carrier
Congress Unlikely to Give Stamp of Approval to Obama Postal Plans
Finances Stabilize, or Maybe Not
Flags should be flown at half-staff
Uber may deliver latest blow to European parcel firms

February 15, 2016
President's Day
Significant victory for NALC in national arbitration award
Emergency Suspensions of Post Offices in FY 2015
USPS Responds to Questions about the 2016 Rate Change
Is This the Real Reason Why Wants Its Own Delivery Service?
US Postal Service Miracle? $1.1B Turnaround Reported, But Officials Hold Back Celebration

February 14, 2016
Valentine's Day
Postal Service Revs Up Its Hiring
Why the International Postal Network Holds the Key to Global Well-Being
Romance Post Office Bustling This Time of Year
Why USPS doesn't celebrate rare net profit; and a big service-cut plan dies

February 13, 2016
Obama 2017 budget plan for USPS likely dead on arrival
Postal Carriers Prep for Brutally Cold Weather
Humble carrier calls cops to help stranded 67-year-old man
Thieves Target Fresno Mail Trucks
Man charged with assaulting postal carrier in Kansas City
Albuquerque, NM: Many miffed by mangled mailboxes
USPS Says It Has Replaced 75 Mail Locks in West Hollywood

February 12, 2016
PHOTO: Delivery Van
Contractor bribed USPS officer with college tuition, fitness equipment
Amazon wants to transform the delivery path to everyone's door
Teens busted in beating of postal worker at Brooklyn deli
Amazon looks to ditch FedEx and UPS as middle men
Investigation into mail carrier shooting continues
Neighbors fret about wounded mail deliverer
PHOTOS: Postal Work Units Receiving Massive Chrysler Vans for Large Package Deliveries
Video: Connecticut Letter Carriers Prep for Brutally Cold Weather
Colorado city offers special Valentine postmark
Video: Carriers trudge through snow, navigate icy roads in central Ohio

February 11, 2016
Woman tries to rob post office with water gun filled with pepper spray
Disabled veteran forced to move mailbox a half mile away
NRLCA and USPS Reach Tentative Three-Year Agreement
Update: Postal Service mail carrier shot in the face in west Louisville
Video: Lifesaving North Carolina letter carrier now in need of prayers himself after collision
USPS Apologizes ... Sorry We Blocked Disabled Parking Spot
Postal worker alerted sleeping homeowner to East Anchorage blaze
Postal employees could become Utah emergency workers

February 10, 2016
UK: A Brief History of Post Office Cats
Mail truck struck from behind, driver airlifted to hospital
Google just won a patent on a self-driving truck that delivers packages
The Internet taketh, and giveth, a lot: The Postal Service's 2016 Q1 Financial Report
Gannett Explores Parcel-Delivery Business
USPS has to pay $91K for trucking contract it didn’t use (but forgot to cancel)
Video: Searching for San Francisco home mail theft suspect
Postal paratroopers look to make big impact for US troops in Afghanistan
USPS Facility in Anaheim Resumes Operation After Worker Fell Ill
Louisiana postal worker attacked during attempted robbery
Post office clerk pepper-sprayed during hold up Tuesday in Sorrento, LA
Postal Service starts 2016 strong, demands action from Congress

February 9, 2016
The first and last of its kind, Salt Lake City REC postal facility looks to grow
R Street Policy Study: The U.S. Postal Service's Ghost Ship Board (PDF)
Mount Pleasant Postal Workers Concerned Over Asbestos
Postal Leaders Examine How Consumer Empowerment Impacts Shipping
Bronx residents complain about 'slow, dirty' post office in Williamsbridge
eBay Offers Assistance With Misinformed Postal Clerks
Video: U.S. Postal Service consolidation slows down mailing
Video: North Dakota Letter Carrier Speeds Along His Mail Route
Mail carrier extinguishes morning fire

February 8, 2016
School Bus Carrying 18 Kids Almost Rams Post Office in St. Paul
UAA Challenge a Decade Later
How the Postal Service Sold Richmond's Saunders Station Post Office for a Song
Truck Fire in Post Office Parking Lot Caught on Camera
'God Bless America' signs fly after atheist group targets post office banner
New Postal Bill Could Have an Impact on Ecommerce
Key Members of Postal Ecosystem to Participate at PostalVision Event
Maine letter carrier helps customer after collapse
Forever stamp celebrates Lunar New Year
The Rollback Rates Are Here!
What Politicians are Promising Federal Employees If Elected
Books From Birth uses USPS to deliver kids’ books
Woodstock Police not charging man who left loaded gun at post office
Man Arrested for Mail Theft in Delano, CA
Are Postmaster Costs Correctly Allocated to Products and Services?

February 7, 2016
APWU: Contract Arbitration Begins Feb. 17th - On Opening Day, Wear a Solidarity Sticker
USPS seeks expertise in the parcel industry
Postal employees stop money order scam
Pro-Exigency Mailers Fire Back
Mail truck strikes house during accident in North Carolina
Six-day mail delivery seems safe - for now

February 6, 2016
Two weeks post-Blizzard, mail delays continue for some
The Hill: USPS at a Crossroads
Mail Theft Rampant in SF's Mission District
Linn's: End to emergency rate increase could drop first-class stamp to 47 cents
Mask-Wearing PO Robber Sentenced To 32 Years In Prison
USPS to Implement Flat Redirection System at Some CFS Sites
Senator Tom Carper Is Bullish on Passing Postal Reform This Year
Arrest made in 2014 break-in at Gold Bar, WA Post Office
Attempted robbery of postal worker alleged in KC

February 5, 2016
Sacramento resident catches fake postal worker on video
Postal Service leasing millions of dollars of space from dead people
Mamaroneck NY detective discusses 2007 letter carrier slaying
How to spend $50 for a 10¢ stamp, courtesy of the USPS
Deceptively named Federal Employee Rights Act is ‘venomous attack’ on federal workers, AFGE says
Amazon's net shipping costs top $5B for first time, fueling push to build out its own delivery network
The Marijuana Advertising in Legal States Act Would Nix USPS Ban On Pot Ads
APWU Reaches Out To EU Allies as Staples, Office Depot Attempt to Save Stalled Effort to Create
Monopoly Lawmakers still searching for Postal Service life
Postal Employee Catches Man Trying to Steal Package from Home
U.S. Postal Service Government Relations Responsiveness to Congressional Requests
City Delivery Office Efficiency – Colorado/ Wyoming District
PMG and CFO Host Web Call on USPS Fiscal Year 2016 First Quarter Financial Results

February 4, 2016
Postal Worker Attacked After Confronting Rowdy Men at Deli
Oregon Democrats file bill to allow USPS to carry pot ads
Lockport postal carrier recognized for alerting family to gas leak
Santa Monica: Postal service disrupted due to staffing crunch
Garland Carrier Lost Nearly 200 Stops From Dec. 26th Tornado (With Extra Photos)
National Thank a Mail Carrier Day
Pain and fear still troubles retired postal employee and subway victim attacked with power saw in 2007
Postal carrier found dead catfish in home's mailbox

February 3, 2016
USPS Admits Existence of Phantom Post Offices (PDF)
NYC: Surveillance shows dog, woman attacking mail carrier
Mail carrier buddies reach career milestone
Vacaville Postal Worker Hailed a Hero After Coming to Rescue of Elderly Woman
Got mail? The answer is 'sorta' for some Virginia residents
'Really frustrated' Henrico residents say they can't depend on mail service
Colorado: Postal carriers on frontlines of snowstorm hazards
25 postal trucks parade past home of Clay boy with cancer
Santa Monica: New mailboxes deployed to combat stolen keys
New Mexico man charged in assault on letter carrier
Legislative Agenda: Where Does the USPS Go From Here?
Queens gang members fished mailboxes for checks in fraud scheme
USPS: New IRS Form 1095-C being mailed to employees
Postal Service is victim of union busting

February 2, 2016
Amazon calls itself "transportation service provider" in a government filing
Snow delaying some mail delivery in Pennsylvania
Chanute has a new postmaster
APWU: Update on $56 Million Settlement
Car crashes through front of Plymouth post office
Postal truck gets stuck in Philadelphia sinkhole
Costco Wants to Know: Should USPS Be Privatized?
USPS: Regular operations resume after storm
Postal reform is not ‘moribund’

February 1, 2016
USPS Fixes Error Introduced with January Rate Changes
Level the postal playing field
Drug traffickers find anonymity via USPS, private mail services, authorities say
Truck carrying mail crashes into house in Pennsylvania

January 31, 2016
Man dressed as mailman robs woman at gunpoint
Ohio: K-9 bites suspect after he assaults officer, threatens mail carrier

January 30, 2016
Video: Postal inspector investigating rash of mail theft in South San Jose neighborhood
Mail carrier discovers fire in Rochester MN apartment
Howard Koslow, prolific stamp artist, dead at 91
Truck dumps UBBM mail on Texas freeway
PRC: Acting Chairman Taub Outlines Postal Service Challenges in PRC Testimony to Senate Committee
PRC Issues Order Resolving Issues on Remand in IMb Case
Will 2016 Be United Parcel Service's Worst Year Yet?
What Would Make International Money Orders More Convenient?

January 29, 2016
Special Enrollment Period for Self Plus One in February
Hillsborough Postal Worker Cancels His Last Letter After 31 Years at the Manville Post Office
APWU: Secret Document Exposes USPS Privatization Planning
New Orleans: Complaints after no mail deliveries for a week
Almost 50% of Union Members Worked for Government in 2015
Amazon earnings fail to deliver because of delivery costs
Your impulse buys are costing Amazon a fortune
Louisiana post office reopens after curious white powder in envelope causes closure
Beautiful flowers decorate Botanical Art Forever stamps
Postal thieves target cluster mailboxes in California town
Video: Postal worker who lost wedding ring in Midland Park NJ reunited with it thanks to Facebook post
Bernalillo County, NM hit with rash of mail thefts

January 28, 2016
CAGW Reacts to Resignation of USPS Inspector General David Williams
Lawmakers consider using postal workers to help in disasters
Native American church sues postal service over seizure of 'sacramental' marijuana
Identity thieves steal W-2 forms from mailboxes, hold mailmen at gunpoint
After a four-year wait, Clarksville residents see signs of post office
San Jose: Former postal inspector to serve three years for possessing stolen mail, marijuana trafficking
Congressman to deliver mail on Friday
Video: Vegas Postal Inspectors release new video and images of local mail theft
Alabama Woman Sentenced to Prison for Involvement in Stolen Identity Tax Refund Fraud Ring

January 27, 2016
Google might have drones deliver packages to robots on wheels
Alabama: Postal worker robbed at gunpoint in midday Ensley holdup: $50k reward offered
Rolando: Unions, postal customers agree on key USPS reform provisions
Flood-damaged Five Points post office fully open for first time since historic storm
Thieves causing headaches for Albuquerque postal customers
Brighton man pleads guilty to assaulting mailman who kicked at dog
Wharton postal carrier completes 52 years of public service
Memphis: USPS worker indicted; coworkers defend suspect
Postmaster used office cash to support daily casino trips
USPS releases sketch of suspect in mail carrier acid attack in Raleigh area
California post office burglarized
Man accused of robbing the Allendale SC Post Office at gunpoint
Pittsburgh residents unhappy with removal of 'God Bless America' banner from Pittsburgh Post Office
Congress has harmed USPS enough
USPS has ended manual requests for Premium Forwarding Service Commercial
More 'postal support employees' getting permanent status at USPS
Proposed USPS ‘reform’ is actually a failure of democratic governance
On Price Changes, Certainty Rules
How Can the Postal Service Best Manage Standard Mail Billing Determinants?

January 26, 2016
Smart Mailbox Startup Gets $1 Million Investment
Proposed Changes to Semi-Postal Stamp Rules
USPS Court Brief in 7-Year-Old GameFly Round Trip DVD Case (PDF)
USPS Still Delivers Despite Weather Conditions
Postal workers try to deliver mail after snowstorm
USPS OIG David C. Williams announces retirement
Logistics Startup Exec: Amazon Gunning for FedEx
Video Update: Officials: Tree involved in fatal postal worker accident regularly checked
Video: Tattered flag replaced after veterans call postal service

January 25, 2016
Seven injured after car drives into Chesapeake post office
Small California town mourns loss of postal worker
Postal worker takes care of rooster during blizzard delay
Homeless find refuge from cold at Levittown Post Office
Congressman backs home mail delivery for Arizona border city
Family remembers postal worker killed by falling tree
Postal Service vehicles buried deep in snow
Major cities grind to a halt and face days of digging out snow
Postal service suspended in parts of Virginia
59 Billion Reasons Amazon Is Not a Threat to UPS
Sharon D. Owens named Pricing and Costing vice president
USPS: Post-blizzard recovery begins
Postal Service Faces Massive Unfunded Liabilities for Retiree Benefits
NALC: Rolando emphasizes consensus reforms during Senate committee hearing on USPS
Exigency and the Political Lose-Lose Situation

January 24, 2016
Single wave turns Hawaii vacation into tragedy for Utah family
Georgia postal worker killed after tree hits vehicle
Tree falls, killing mailman

January 23, 2016
Video: Mesa, AZ man stole mail, cashed victim's check
Elk Grove woman sentenced to prison for role in stolen mail scheme
TN carrier shaken up, but not injured, when tree falls on delivery truck
McCaskill seeks answers on rural mail delivery
South Fargo Residents Excited to See Real Mail Truck
USPS Weather Updates for New York, Washington, DC Region
NRLCA: National Mail Count 2016 is March 12-25
Drunk driver plows into Sitka post office
Postal Carrier Saves Dog
USPS shutting down in DC area due to blizzard warnings
APWU: Contract Arbitration Begins Feb. 17
NALC: Latest cost-of-living adjustment (COLA)
Winter Storm Jonas - USPS Service Updates
USPS: Winter Safety
USPS needs legislation now, PMG tells Senate
NALC, USPS settle two national-level cases
Congressman Ross Introduces Legislation to Control Union Work Completed On Official Time

January 22, 2016
Raton postal worker beaten with brick, left for dead
Postal Service Looking to Grow Experimental Delivery Business
North Dakota Senator Presses PMG Brennan on Service Issues
Mail delivery problems ignite outrage in Iowa
Exigent Rate Is Likely to Be Included in New Postal Reform Bill
Postal reform consensus develops; 5-day delivery dead
Postmaster General’s testimony on USPS finances at today’s Senate hearing
Summary of testimony from yesterday's Senate hearing on the USPS

January 21, 2016
Rolando emphasizes consensus reforms during Senate committee hearing on USPS
Laying Out the Reality of the United States Postal Service
China's E-Commerce Express Shipping Rates
Packages, mail go missing from ABQ mailboxes after master key stolen
Stamps, stationary account for almost 30 percent of 2015 USPS web sales
Online Sellers Fume Over Low ePacket Postal Rates From China
Some Sellers See Catastrophic Rise in International Shipping
Sellers With Sticker Shock Get Surprise From
Postal Workers Shine at Deciphering Code
Live coverage of Senate Committee hearing on USPS
Video: Mail Theft Caught on Camera Twice in LA Building
GAO: U.S. Postal Service: Financial Challenges Continue
Mail delivery in Woodhaven to get attention from US Postmaster General

January 20, 2016
NPMHU: Pilot Testing of Subcontracting NMO Parcels Ending (PDF)
USPS drops plan to have UPS handle non-machinable parcels
VIDEO: Postal workers battle snowy, icy conditions
Roxborough's first female letter carrier retires after 36 years
USPS Backing Down on Ending Saturday Mail Delivery
Social Security Windfall Elimination Provision Reappears on the Legislative Radar
NALC Advisory: Rolando to testify before Senate hearing Thursday
New USPS award to honor managerial, team efforts
Video: Chicago-area postal worker competing on 'Survivor: Kaoh Rong'
Postal Service to Stick With 6-Day Delivery
Mail stolen from Hanover Air Park: Are you a victim?
USPS cyber response plan focuses on only internal threats, says IG

January 19, 2016
Amazon Veers Into Labor Law Fight Zone for Hurried Deliveries
Amazon Reveals More Details About Its Drone Delivery Service
Postal Service Investigating Fraudulent Mail Activity in Whitehall
Parcel Shipping From China Grows 70% in 2015 as E-Commerce Soars
Amazon Deal With USPS Gives Sellers Unprecedented Discounts
Apparent pipe bomb destroys Texas mailbox
One Case Where It's Cheaper to Ship at the Post Office Than Online
USPS Rate Increases Not Expected to Materially Impact Volume, Share
National Level Grievance Settlement Resolves NMO Outsourcing Issue
eMIR, We Have a Problem
Amazon Drones, Postal Mules, and More

January 18, 2016
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
How postal worker is improving condition of streets named after Martin Luther King
Video: Chico CA cluster box broken into, mail stolen
Package thefts continue even after the holidays
Talking Grievances with Bill Lewis - TMAL APWU President - PEN
Postal Service hears pitch to offer basic banking
Update on US Senate hearing on USPS

January 17, 2016
VIDEO: Mail Sorting in 1903
District Court refuses to reconsider opinion in USPS v. SCE
Video: Mail carrier recovering after being attacked with acid, $25,000 reward offered
Residents of North Dakota development still dealing with mail problems
Off-duty postal worker robbed, shot, Detroit police say

January 16, 2016
Suspect Wanted After Throwing Acid on Postal Carrier
USPS will hike some postal rates as much as 14% starting January 17
Postal Customer Surveillance Lawsuit (PDF)
Carlson Took Photos of Post Office
Carlson v. USPS 2007
APWU: $56 Million Settlement: Initial Payment Disbursed
NALC: Changing FEGLI premiums may affect retired letter carriers
Wal-Mart Trims Stores, Cites Rival
Witness lineup announced for Thursday’s Senate hearing on USPS
Your Walmart closing? There's always your local post office
OIG: Panama City, FL, Processing and Distribution Facility Consolidation
OIG: U.S. Postal Service Mass Data Compromise Response Plan
OIG: How was the Postal Service’s package processing performance this peak season?

January 15, 2016
Postal Service aids in arrest of major drug dealers
"I'm not retired, I'm just rescheduled"
Hawaii's banking community warns against postal banking
Catalog merchants shop for discount shipping from the Postal Service
IG: Postal cyber response plan fails to address external threats
Mail Issues Plague Complex in Clifton
The Postal Memes of Instagram
Minnesota CCA saves choking customer
Police Clear Man Who Left Suspicious Envelopes At Miami Post Office
eBay Negotiated Postal Rates Disappoint Sellers
Tennessee contract carrier stole Christmas gift cards from the mail
NALC Veterans Group: 7,000 members
New FEGLI premium rates as of January 1, 2016
eBay Negotiated Postal Rates Disappoint Sellers
UPS gets handle on holidays by tweaking network, standing fast against e-tailer demands, onslaught
Clerk Craft Resolves Dispute on Scheme Requirements
New York Times praises USPS

January 14, 2016
Former postal employee booked on 45 counts of mail theft
Man leaves behind suspicious envelopes at Miami Beach post office
PRC Issues Annual Report to the President and Congress (PDF)
Workshops on Postal Regulation and Postal Economics (PDF)
Senate Committee Hearing Scheduled for Jan. 21: Laying Out the Reality of the United States Postal
Letter: Postal delays caused by management
Video: Thieves targeting mailboxes across Albuquerque
Standard Mail Flats and Four Other Products are Under Water, says USPS 2015 Annual Compliance
Portland OKs $88 million purchase of Pearl District post office

January 13, 2016
APWU: Contract Arbitration to Begin Feb. 17
SUV Crashes Into Post Office
Mail Delivery Takes to the Finnish Skies
Lafayette man sentenced to ten years for shooting at postal worker
Ex-mail sorter arrested in Utah mail thefts
APWU: Clerk Craft Resolves Dispute on Scheme Requirements
Frozen cluster boxes vex Ottawa residents
Amazon quietly builds its own shipping company
Mailers organizations urge Senate to vote on USPS board nominees
Postal banking would dent payday loan business
NALC: Preparing for working in cold
USPS: Open season survey requests employee feedback

January 12, 2016
The Problems and Promise of Postal Banking
eBay Issues Guidance on USPS Rate Hike
Video: USPS provides answers for service slump in Lake Charles, Louisiana
Video: Tulsa residents fall victim to mail theft
2016 Love Stamp showcases stunning three-dimensional artwork Acquisitions Fuel Surge In Profits, Stock Price
PRC Issues Annual Report to the President and Congress
Suspect in series of Tulsa mail thefts arrested
Postal Service Truck Overturns in Great Neck
PRC Releases Public Meetings Schedule

January 11, 2016
Woman Found Dead Next to Her House by Postal Worker
Does the USPS even need a board of governors?
Parents receive letter from son serving in Iraq ... almost eleven years later
Amazon's delivery ambitions take on delivery giants
Former letter carrier back on probation for stealing from U.S. mail
Police: Angry woman throws trash at postal employees
Trucks on fire: USPS Long Life Vehicles outlive their lifespan
Historic post office mural lies hidden under paint
India's postal service seeks to serve as banker to the masses
Postal Service in better shape than editorial suggests
2016 Postal Employee Holidays

January 10, 2016
This Case Could Strike a "Mortal Blow" to Unions
Sorry folks, post office is closed; sign up front shoulda told ya
The CCAs of Instagram
Macy's cuts harbinger of noticeable shift to online shopping
Thieves break into mail trucks in Portland
More Postal Support Employees Attaining Permanent Status

January 9, 2016
Sharpsburg Post Office Closed After Car Wreck
Video: Family Pet Killed By Letter Carrier In South Carolina
Second postal worker sentenced in $1.6 million mail theft conspiracy
Springfield postal workers to be honored for saving colleague's life
Clemson-Alabama National Championship Envelopes for Sale at Select SC Post Offices
Detroit letter carrier accused of throwing out hundreds of pieces of mail
Canada Post Union: ‘Wore out from long mail routes’

January 8, 2016
USPS moves Houston's Heights station in ongoing downsizing
Michigan postal worker accused of throwing out hundreds of pieces of mail
Long Island Bicyclist Seriously Hurt After Being Hit by Postal Truck
Self-proclaimed “Militia” terrorists in Oregon caused USPS to halt mail delivery
USPS contractor accused in theft of mail on Maui
Video: Residents of Texas town say they have to fight USPS to get their mail
Farmington Hills postal worker accused of throwing out, stealing mail
OIG: Has the Postal Service Ever Pilot Tested Your Idea?
Kewaunee postmaster says goodbye
UPS: Strained Amazon Relationship Will Provide a Buying Opportunity
USPS Appoints Cochrane Chief Marketing Sales Officer
Date of USPS Rate Hike Looms for Online Merchants
Blencoe, Iowa regains post office after nearly two years
Mail stolen, Canada Post community mailboxes vandalized in Montreal suburbs
2 Carriers Robbed On Chicago's South Side - $10k Reward Offered
The government closed its offices in Oregon days before the armed takeover due to fears of violence
Mail Theft: A Crime With Serious Consequences
Sick ISIS fighter executes his own MOTHER, a postal worker, in front of hundreds of bloodthirsty
Could Postal Service Engineering Improve its Change Management Process?
How Should Postal Service Mineral Rights Be Managed?

January 7, 2016
200 pieces of mail recovered after truck fire, driver unharmed
Mail thefts epidemic, acting postmaster warns
'Emergency suspension' closes the doors to Nemo Post Office
Biggest obstacle for delivery drones isn't the technology: It's you and me
India Goes Postal in Bid to Give Bank Accounts to the Masses
Postal worker who didn't want triplets being sued by surrogate mother
Why China is going postal for monkey stamps
Ten reasons to be optimistic about USPS in 2016
Dumped mail leads to dumped employee
Holiday Shipping Boosted USPS Overtime
Video: USPS Letter Carriers Brave the Cold
Postal inspectors investigate daytime vandalism at Orangevale CA post office
Video: Resident addresses missing mail in Andrews, TX
USPS: Sprint to cut USPS service Feb. 28
APWU: National Grievance Numbering System Activated
Video: East Tulsa neighbors face mail thefts
NPMHU: USPS Ranked Most Favorable Federal Agency
County charges effectively done for former postal worker
USPS: ‘Mystery shopper’ program transformed
USPS's Latest Billion Dollar Boondoggle

January 6, 2016
Former Aspen Postal Worker Faces Deportation
CPWU Winter 2016 Newsletter
Car Smashes Into Citrus Heights Post Office
VIDEO: Seniors Occupy Harlem Post Office to Demand a 'Senior Window'
USPS Letter Carriers Brave the Cold
Texas employee pulls man from overturned SUV
Post Office offers apology after mailman repeatedly tears up homeowner’s yard
Sanders Promises to Break Up Big Banks, Tax Speculation, and Establish Postal Banking
$300,000 settlement for Staten Island letter carrier in slip and fall
Will 2016 be a good year for federal employees?
Video: Texas postal vehicle catches fire, mail destroyed
Video: Oklahoma carrier under investigation after Deer Creek mail thefts
OIG: Fall 2015 Semiannual Report to Congress Fact Sheet
OIG: Assessing Controls Over the Utility Payment Process

January 5, 2016
Langley Named PRC Vice Chairman
Webinar Helps Sellers Get Ready for Postal Rate Hike
USPS Seeks Ideas to Improve Workplaces
Grand Rapids postal carrier chases down package thieves
"The U.S. Postal Service doesn't play games"
USPS Seeks PRC Review in Exigency Court Case
Former Aspen postal employee sentenced for taking gun to work
Authorities searching for woman who went "postal" on mailbox
Loveland CO Valentine remailing celebrates 70 years
The Postal Service opens Round 3 in the fight over the exigent rate increase
Royal Mail marks 500th birthday
Get Excited for This Year's Space-Themed Stamps
Truck driver sues postal service over negligence allegations
Man accused of setting fires in Alabama post office lobby
Should the U.S. Postal Service Contemplate Unconventional Markets and New Investments?
Post office intercepts $500 check on its way to scam artists

January 4, 2016
FedEx says an unprecedented surge in online shopping caused Christmas delays
Traveling Hacker Box Making Its Way Around U.S. Via Priority Mail
Weston Ranch Residents Fed Up With Mail Theft
Conference Panel to Discuss the Post Office's Regulation of Sex
4 charged in connection with Alabama post office burglary
Attorneys George P. Surmaitis and Cory Birnberg - NBC Interview About Death of Postal Employee Spurs
Benefits Denial Reversal
Former Texas NALC Branch President Charged In An Indictment For Credit Card Abuse In The Amount
Of $7,776
Fight to save Postal Service
Despite a 42% price hike for letters, Australia Post says it still won't be profitable
Government data breach exposes millions to scams

January 3, 2016
Here's Your New Muslim Postage Stamp, America
Report Predicts Major USPS Downsizing - But Is It on Target?

January 2, 2016
Two men seen on camera going through mailboxes in Edmond
Baton Rouge: Video surfaces of teens attacking mailman
Postal carrier rescued after vehicle swept away in flooding
Proposed bill would allow Utah to enlist letter carriers to assist responders in natural disasters
Come rain, sleet or snow, Long Beach postmaster is retiring
The USPS May Live Long and Prosper With These Space Stamps
Video: Police nab suspect in robberies of freight delivery driver and U.S. Postal Service worker
Video: Mail Stolen From Two Post Offices In Katy, Texas

January 1, 2016
New Years Day
Video: Police nab suspect in robbery of Shreveport letter carrier
Why the Post Office Makes America Great

December 31, 2015
Hundreds in Modesto affected by cluster mailbox break-ins
Postal worker retiring after decades pushing the envelopes
Treasure trove of U.S. stamp dies lies behind vault at Bureau of Engraving and Printing
BEP should consider loaning items to the National Postal Museum
Iraqi postal worker says he wanted to return the favor on Christmas
USPS offering reward for information on mailbox vandals
Why One member is Not Enough For Postal Board of Governors
Postal Service Previews 2016 Stamps (including Star Trek 50th Anniversary Stamps)
USPS: A look at what’s coming in 2016
Happy New Year: The Postal Service submits its Annual Compliance Report for FY 2015
Mail carriers struggled to deliver Christmas mail even in 1924
Mail Carrier Honored As 52-Year Career Comens To An End
A Tale of Two Mailmen
Writer says "A Grand Alliance Looking Out for Itself"

December 30, 2015
Two years after slaying, Postal Service adds carriers to reduce after-dark deliveries
Titusville postal worker charged with DUI after crash
Tale of 2 US postmen: While one plays the Grinch, another subs for Santa
USPS employee receives award for marrow donation
Stressed-out mailman tossed hundreds of holiday packages
NYC postal workers busted for stealing gift cards in the mail, throwing out letters
Video: Going postal- The surprising stock that’s doubled this year
Catalogers Unite on Cheaper Parcel Rates
Vehicle collides with postal truck in Arizona, 2 suffer minor injuries
Treasure trove of U.S. stamp dies lies behind vault at Bureau of Engraving and Printing
FedEx grappled with late surge in holiday shipments
St Louis postal workers claim million dollar Powerball prize
Police: Florida postal worker crashed mail truck while drunk
Video: Little girl writes letter to Jesus, postal worker delivers presents on Christmas Eve
Coalition Pushes Postal Banking

December 29, 2015
Shreveport: Suspect robs mail carrier at gunpoint
No Mail Delivery in Lubbock Due to Severe Weather
USPS and FedEx Say Winter Storms are Impacting Delivery
Neighbors fed up over not getting mail delivered for days
Neighbors call police after suspect reportedly tries to attack Dayton mailman
USPS officials are no-shows for hearing on ballots-postmark problem in Ohio
Video: Mount Carmel Mail Carrier Helps Save Woman’s Life
White House budget proposal calls for restructuring of USPS healthcare prefunding requirement
Seasons’ Greetings
Mail mess at Center Post Office - NY
Your Employer Can't Stop You From Recording Conversations At Work

December 28, 2015
The Logistics of Returns
Postal Service Prioritizing Amazon Parcels Over Regular Mail?
USPS has more to worry about than marijuana ads
Postal worker rewarded after career with few accidents
USPS Watchdog Issues Warning Regarding Global Shipping
Elderly woman crashes into Campbell post office
Video: NH post office puts its stamp on Christmas
Customers rate USPS better than private competitors for sending packages
Video: Badly Burned Little Girl Who Wished For Christmas Cards Gets More Than 1 Million

December 27, 2015
Custodian polishing off career with a flourish at Boulder post office
Colleges nationwide adapt to students' changing mail habits

December 26, 2015
Tampa letter carriers hit the streets on Christmas
For Letter Carrier, Working Christmas More Than Just a Special Delivery
Postal Service Learns How to Adapt to New-Age Christmas Shopping
Santa mailman delivers holiday cheer in Binghamton
Weirton mail carrier retires after 42 years
Post Office investigating mail found in Hammond, IN trash can

December 25, 2015
Video: DC postal workers come together to buy gifts for kids along their routes
Video: Storm destroys Tennessee post office
Late, delayed mail delivery a problem across the Bay Area
Christmas cards a fading tradition?

December 24, 2015
Gift packages stolen minutes after delivery
Christmas Eve death spurs lawsuit against post office
Deliveries arriving late, check your porch before bed
Chicago mailman 'Mister Bob' retiring after more than 50 years
Postal Service rushing to make last-minute holiday deliveries
USPS FY 2016 operating profit reaches $800 million after two months
Video: Muncie postal worker in trouble over stolen gift card
Video: Mail Carriers Stay Positive Through Busy Holiday Season
Investigation continues in case of dumped mail in Indiana
FedEx blamed for some retailers’ holiday delivery delays
Have Bad Handwriting? The U.S. Postal Service Has Your Back
Video: Albuquerque man tricks thief into stealing box of dog poop
Video: U.S Postal Inspectors Tackle Mail Crimes
Video: Muncie postal clerk in trouble over stolen gift card
Postal inspectors investigate mail thefts Arrest made in Garrard County, KY
Postal Inspectors Catch Indiana Mail Thieves Red Handed
UPS Seen Losing, As Amazon, Postal Service Ship More

December 23, 2015
Gateway's post office elf brightens customers' day
Postal Carriers Working to Make Mail Delivery Deadlines
Government Reverses Decision for Widow After News Report
Postal Service Is on Track to Gain Larger Share of Holiday Deliveries
Online shopping keeps Colorado mail carriers busy
California supervisor charged with stealing drugs from veterans
Mail truck rolls into pond in New Jersey
Editorial: Thank postal workers by joining the fight to save the Postal Service
Video: FTC Rejects Staples-Office Depot Merger, Again
Video: OWCP Reverses Postal Widows Death Benefit Decision After NBC Bay Area Report
USPS enters final week of peak season
Misinformation abounds about postal service; culprit is pre-funding
Snow not stopping the mail from getting through
What is the End of Life Journey for Postal Service Electronic Equipment?

December 22, 2015
Postal clerk sets gold standard for customer service
Ohio: Four postal carriers caught with their hands in delivery bags
USPS Website Buckles Under 'Unprecedented' Demand
Someone Redesigned the USPS Package Delivery Slip, Thank God
Post Office Working Around the Clock on Busiest Delivery Day
CPU owner devastated that Postal Service is terminating contract
Amazon Dominated Nearly Everything This Year (Next up, their own private postal service?)
Mail Carriers Watching Out for Suspicious Activity
APWU: For the first time in more than a decade, the clerk craft shows an increase
Santa goes postal in Christmas, Fla.
How Big Variations in Postal Rates Hamper Online Shopping in Europe
High-volume online shopping is putting a strain on shipping firms and causing delays
Florida rural carrier rescues couple from wreck
Video: ‘It happens every year, and we are seasoned.’
This Is How Letters to Santa Were First Delivered by the U.S. Mail
Rural Alaska postal worker charged with stealing prescription drugs from mail

December 21, 2015
The pot business may be legal, but newspapers can’t run ads for it, the U.S. Postal Service says
How Can the Postal Service Best Meet Your Needs?
Postal workers deliver cheer to 3 Reading PA families
USPS’s Operation Santa to Ring The Nasdaq Stock Market Closing Bell Tomorrow
First Class Mail Volumes Actually INCREASED Slightly in 2015
Rushing to deliver millions of gifts
Postal Service shows holiday spirit with Sunday package deliveries
Video: Postal workers ready for busiest delivery day of the year
Video: On the road with a letter carrier
First U.S. Post Office Christmas Stamp
USPS prepared for busiest delivery day

December 20, 2015
Convicted murderer files lawsuit seeking $90K over lost mail
Amazon Prime eases rural Alaska's pricey shipping woes
USPS delivers 195,000 cards and letters in a day to burned girl who lost family in a fire
PHOTOS: Dallas Main Post Office Christmas 2015
Crash involving postal truck closes bridge
Overturned truck spews mail in San Francisco

December 19, 2015
Monday Busiest Delivery Day for Postal Carriers
Amazon in talks to lease Boeing jets to launch its own air-cargo business
APWU Files Suit to Enforce eWHEP Staffing Award
Citizens Deliver 150K Petitions Demanding Postal Banking
NY letter carrier accused of possessing stolen mail
American Postal Workers Union Condemns DNC Attack on the Bernie Sanders Campaign
Congress Approves Spending Bill; Fails to Address Epidemic of Delayed Mail

December 18, 2015
Former USPS employee gets three years for $1.6 million scheme
East Orange Woman Grateful for Postal Worker's Life Saving Heroics
Feds investigate hoverboards after several fires (but not postal LLVs after dozens of fires)
Coalition Calls for Banking Services at USPS
PRC Office of Inspector General Semiannual Report to Congress (three employees, one ongoing
inspection) (PDF)
Postal Service Draws Line on Pot Ads
Postal Service must take mail including pot advertisements
Instagram Photos: Holiday Packages Filling Up Postal Vehicles
Car crash causes Minot Post Office closure
Police: 4 men charged in Esopus NY post office robbery
Indictment Charges Alleged Philadelphia Post Office Robber
West Virginia PMR convicted of embezzling funds
Mayor Horvath Presses Federal and Postal Officials for Action on WeHo Mailbox Thefts
Jobs Outlook: Government Employees and Postal Workers in the Crosshairs

December 17, 2015
Some post offices closing early on Christmas Eve
Video shows package theft in broad daylight
Tampa postal inspector admits to stealing money orders from mail
Former Providence Postal Worker Sentenced to Prison in Mail Theft Conspiracy
Vermont PMR accused of mail theft
Tampa postal inspector admits to stealing money orders from mail
Three Missouri Postal Workers Plead Guilty to Conspiracy Charges
Indiana CCA charged in theft of drugs
A hearty helping of holiday shipping and stamps

December 16, 2015
USPS to hoverboards: You're grounded
South Florida P&DC goes for $5.8 million more than the USPS sold it for, just two months ago
Postal carrier offers glimpse of busy holidays
Balsam postmaster told to remove nativity scene
USPS Lehigh Valley center shows off its high volume operations
USPS Set to Deliver an Absurd Amount of Mail This Holiday Season
Flexible Spending Account enrollment extended for additional week
Former Postal Employees Plead Guilty to Conspiracy Charges
Montana carrier rescues injured woman on road
Some benefits changes permitted after open season
Editorial: Postal standards are unacceptable
Postal worker leads police to yet another package thief

December 15, 2015
Dallas Postal Worker Found Dead in Car at Bulk Mail Center
USPS is Gaining on FedEx and UPS in E-Commerce Shipping
Utah residents are tricking would-be thieves with decoy packages
Settlers Bay Post Office reopens after sudden shutdown, federal investigation
USPS Investigating Mailbox Thefts in Austin
Oakland: Widow of Postal Worker Denied Death Benefits
Homeowner spots package tumbling down steps
UPS, FedEx forced to rent moving trucks as demand skyrockets
APWU: $56 Million Payment Delayed
Video: Take a look inside N.J. postal center on busiest day of year
Video: Florence, SC postal worker saves customer from losing $45k to scammers
Video: Hawaii postal service warns you to watch out for 'porch pirates'
Terminal Dues in the Age of Ecommerce

December 14, 2015
Postal Workers in Oakland Prepare for Mad Holiday Rush
Mailer: USPS Failed to Provide Notice of Significant Price Increase (PDF)
Nevada's Bilbray Stands Alone on Postal Service Board
Update: Six Postal Service Trucks Damaged in Fire
UPS Charges USPS Illegally Subsidizes Shipping Services
USPS prepares for the busiest mailing day of the year
Spokane USPS working overtime to deliver packages
Video: Jeremy Corbyn vows to bring Royal Mail back into public ownership
Video: The US Postal Service’s Busiest Day of the Year
Christmas stamps 2015: Norway
U.S., Cuba consider resuming postal services
Sen. Moran (R-Kan.) Sponsors Bipartisan U.S. Postal Service Reform Bill
Ashley Madison blackmailers now sending threats via US postal system
Video: Search for suspects in credit card mail theft
Video: Mailman being attacked by violent turkeys 'every day'
OPM Concludes Postal Notifications to Federal Data Theft Victims

December 13, 2015
Is About to Take on FedEx and UPS?
Florence SC postal worker saves customer from scammer
SIX USPS trucks ablaze in Manhattan
Holiday disaster looms as UPS, FedEx overloaded after online shopping soars
Christmas stamps 2015: Greenland

December 12, 2015
'Porch pirates' stealing holiday deliveries
Letter carrier carries stick to fend off attacking Turkeys
US and Cuba Move to Restore Direct Mail Service
USPS Looking for Ways to Sell Its $3.6 Billion Brand to Boost Revenue
Oshkosh postal worker sentenced to prison for stealing mail
APWU: PSE Conversions Top 25,000
Monday is the deadline for health insurance changes
Man, 26, arrested after fake bomb sent to Tennessee post office
APWU Contract Update
Forest Grove post office back at auction after botched bankruptcy filing
Postal Service Says It Will Open Second Bethesda Post Office in Yet-to-be-Built Westbard Project

December 11, 2015
Honest assessments needed to determine next steps for Postal Service
Man shoots gun to warn postal worker not to drive fast
Conroe, TX: Thieves break into nearly 100 mailboxes
OIG looking for experts who can identify revenue opportunities for the USPS brand
Santa's Helpers: USPS Works Around the Clock
Frisco neighborhood battles mail delivery woes
UPS Struggles to Keep Up With Surge in Web Orders
Small Companies to Get Hit by USPS Changes
MO mail carrier notices untouched mail, finds farmer stranded for three days
PRC Seeks Comments on Jurisdiction Authority on Post Office Closings (PDF)
APWU Contract Update
Video: Stolen Milwaukee mail van recovered; carjacking suspect and mail still missing
PRC seeks public comment on its role in post office closings
Michigan NALC Treasurer, Branch 249, Pleads Guilty To Embezzling $9,650.00
Video: Security video captures Alabama USPS carrier throwing baby's first Christmas present
Video: Police warn residents of postal scam in Greenbrier County West Virginia
USPS declares website 'largest post office'
Video: Three arrests connected to ongoing mail theft in Bakersfield, USPS tries to battle problem
OIG looking for experts who can identify revenue opportunities in the USPS brand
Video: Avoid 'porch poachers' during busy season for Postal Service

December 10, 2015
Postal worker gets federal prison for marijuana-by-mail scheme
More damage to Spokane postal facility causing delays
Milwaukee: USPS Van Carjacked Caught on Camera
Postal Worker Honored for 50 Years of Service
USPS Tests Machines, Mailboxes for Future Mail Delivery
Amazon's Jeff Bezos One of the Biggest Billionaire Winners of 2015
A look inside the nation's busiest USPS canceling facility during the holiday season
A letter wonderland: For postal workers, holiday season is like a regular day, times 3
New USPS Vans Come Into Service
MO mail carrier notices untouched mail, finds farmer stranded for 3 days
Oregon rural carrier accused of stealing mail, ID theft
Nebraska rural carrier rescues customer thrown from horse
Video: Albuquerque mailman: That bullet missed me probably by two inches
New York City: A Portrait Through Stamp Art - Exhibit Opens Today
Video: Postal worker foils burglary in progress outside Florida home
Police: Holiday package thieves followed delivery trucks
Former U.S. Postal Service Employee Sentenced For Misappropriation of Postal Funds
PMG appoints Shapiro as judicial officer
World’s Largest Post Office Does More Business Than Post Offices in Top Five Media Markets
Video: Rise in package deliveries keeping postal workers busier than ever
Postal Calendar - For Those Employees With Rotating Days Off
APWU: More Than 150,000 Have Signed Postal Banking Petition
Man Allegedly Points Rifle at Mailman
USPS is “twisting in the wind”, claims Senator Carper

December 9, 2015
Operation Santa program helping families in need
Rise in package deliveries keeping postal workers busier than ever
USPS Keeping Up With High Holiday Demand in Des Moines
The USPS Governing Board Now Has Just One Confirmed Member
US Postal Service Online Sales Top $1 Billion
USPS Not Disclosing Report on Metro Post Market Test (PDF)
Thieves Hit Montana Town's Mailboxes
Quick-thinking letter carier saves mail from burning truck
Video: California: EBay Seller Admits Cheating Postal Service Out of Thousands

December 8, 2015
Postal Service distribution center gears up for holiday rush
Procession marks life of Las Vegas mail carrier
More than 80 collection boxes to be removed in Palo Alto
Postal Service's 'Informed Delivery' Looks A Lot Like the 'Outbox' Service it Squashed
Forbes: USPS Launches the Exact Same Service it Killed
Video: South Carolina letter carrier credited for saving little girl from dog attack
Jury Finds Oklahoma City PSE Guilty of 17 Counts of Theft of Mail
Video: Caught on Camera: Thief steals packages from Tempe home
Video: Vegas parcel thieves enter primetime during holidays
Video: New Mailbox Design Could Deter Holiday Thieves
Procession marks life of Las Vegas mail carrier
North Hollywood Homeless Man Pleads to Racist Attack on Postal Carrier
U.S. Postal Service mail box thefts up in Tulsa, Oklahoma City areas

December 7, 2015
USPS says it will try to salvage some mail after truck fire
USPS OIG Soliciting Internet Reconnaissance Training Contract
Sunday Packages Deliver Smiles
Amazon Takes Ads on the Road With New Trailers
A Bill of Rights for the Post Office
Post office job surefire way to learn nitty-gritty of rural communities
The USPS will now email you your mail
Two Ohio letter carriers charged with stealing mail
USPS: New extended capacity vehicles being deployed
Video: U.S. tries to kill Staples-Office Depot marriage. Again.
USPS Holiday News Site
Sheriff’s detectives arrest part-time Georgia mail carrier for mail theft
OWCP Tidbits
Is there a leak in your paycheck?
Drug traffickers using mail carriers to deliver drugs during the holidays
FTC to Challenge Merger of Staples, Office Depot - ‘Important Victory for Consumers and Businesses,’
Dimondstein Says

December 6, 2015
Among the complaints: Packages being incorrectly scanned as "delivered"
Cyber Monday effects go beyond cyberspace; local mail carriers feel brunt a few days later

December 5, 2015
Post office closure causes frustrations in Fishs Eddy
I-Team: Postal Board Losing Members
Linn's 2015 stamp popularity poll opens for voting
Houston: Residents claim slow mail delivery
You're about to see Amazon-branded big rigs on the highway
US sued following collision involving postal truck
APWU: Important Arbitration Win in Fight Against Plant Closures and Consolidations
Video: Oklahoma thieves break into collection boxes
Vermont congressman pledges fight to retain full service at USPS
NPMHU Prevails in First Phase of National Arbitration Challenging Proposed Closings and
Video: CBS News highlights South Dakota carrier’s dedication
Springfield police hope DNA from bogus postal worker's cap will lead to his arrest

December 4, 2015
Retired Teacher Searches for Art in Post Offices
Fake Mailman Caught Trying to Steal Packages
US, Cuba Likely to Establish Direct Postal Service in 2016
East York Postal Carrier Saves Child With Autism
USPS Needs Exigency Rate Extension, Contends Senator Tom Carper
Oregon Dems Send Letter to USPS About Pot Ads
Vintage photos of Staten Island post offices
Oregon Congressional Delegation Asks USPS: Who Gave You the Right to Ban Weed Ads?
Mail box thefts aggravate Stockton residents
Houston residents claim slow mail delivery
Why the U.S. Postal Service Has the Best Customer Service in Government
More cluster box burglaries reported in New Mexico
NALC, USPS agree to mutual understanding of FMLA regulations
2015 Christmas Holiday Facts
Video Update: Feds say postal worker dumped mail for Ann Arbor residents in Romulus
Shipping companies offering tools against package thieves
OPM Launches Cybersecurity Resource Center
Former President of APWU Local 286 Sentenced To 6 Months Home Confinement and One Year
Hatch Act updates affect postal employees
NALC: Update on cyber attacks
OIG delivers latest six-month report to Congress
Flags should be flown at half-staff through sunset Dec. 7

December 3, 2015
The Changing Face of the Post Office: Text Alerts, Letter Carrier Tracking and More
Lake Highlands Post Office, Dallas: Fire-Rescue Checks Foul Odor That Was Making People Pass Out
Vehicle hits Elizabethton Post Office
Video: Feds say letter carrier in Ann Arbor stole, dumped mail
Video: USPS investigating Utah PO after mail tampered with, contents stolen
Prison for California woman convicted of burglarizing POs, stealing identities
Maine: Postal employee saves mail after delivery truck catches fire
USPS Launches Campaign to Coach Mail Carriers

December 2, 2015
240 Electric Vehicles for Norwegian Postal Service
USPS says no to pot ads in newspapers
Yet Another USPS Mail Truck Catches Fire
Amazon's Drones Only Deliver a Message
APWU Petition to Review PRC Order on USPS Service Standards Denied (PDF)
Ohio postal worker pleads guilty to delaying, destroying mail
Video: Postal inspectors investigating a rash of mail thefts in Bakersfield
Post office installs cluster unit without providing keys
Postal Service Offers Holiday-Themed Stamps
Three Senators Sign on to Carper's Postal Bill
Video: Asked And Answered: Campaign flyers in mailboxes illegal?
Video: Porch Poaching Is Popular This Year

December 1, 2015
USPS gears up for the most plentiful time of the year
USPS OIG Submits Semiannual Report to Congress
USPS asks volunteers to answer children's letter to Santa
How a struggling Postal Service capitalizes on the holiday season
Finnish postal strike ends after deal
Carrying on: Herman Kramer Ends 28-Year Postal Career
Video: String of Stockton Mail Thefts Leaves One Neighborhood without Mail Delivery
The US Postal Service is spying on us (and they’re not doing a very good job at it)
Amazon's Drones Only Deliver a Message
Reward for info on Tennessee post office robbery
Customer service at Post Offices rank highly in poll
Post Offices open Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve
PostalProud - New initiative to emphasize USPS principles
Staples-Office Depot Merger In Jeopardy As FTC, APWU Suggest Blocking Deal
NALC and USPS release joint summary overview of FMLA
Video: How to keep unwanted Grinches from stealing your gifts
The US Postal Service Is Spying On Us
Postal Service to Squander $2 Billion on Vehicles
Management Alert – ZIP Code Review Process (PDF)
Video: Mailman by day, heavy metal vocalist by night
APWU: ‘Stand Up for Safe Jobs’ Campaign Gains Momentum
NALC: December 2015 transfer opportunities under M-01856
Video: How To File Claims With The U.S. Postal Service
Former postmaster Marvin Green claimed he was forced to resign after he was subjected to
harassment in retaliation for filing race discrimination complaints
Fresh delivery, and a new take on postal strategy

November 30, 2015
Amazon May Have a Secret Air Cargo Operation Called Aerosmith
Two Seriously Injured After USPS Truck Lands on SUV
Online Sellers Protest Changes to USPS Mobile App
Fort Worth: 1 Dead After USPS Semi Slams Into Bridge, Catches Fire
Ohio CCA saves customer’s home from smoke damage
Video: Amazon shows off new prototype delivery drone
IG Taps Valbridge To Bring Transparency to USPS' Real Estate Portfolio

November 29, 2015
Royal Mail postmen to get mini cameras to prove they HAVE delivered in case of a dispute with the
Mailbox thefts leave Stockton residents steaming
Postal Service bumps up collection times at hundreds of points across Kansas
Historical Huston Post Office still open
Complaint about accessibility to Seymour CT post office investigated

November 28, 2015
Postal workers put down razors to support former colleague
South Florida: Postal carriers getting extra security during the holiday season
USPS to deliver mail 7 days a week during holiday rush
Postal worker charged with stealing $3,500
Man accused of sending threatening letters to U.S. Presidential candidates

November 27, 2015
Postal Service Letters From Santa Program)
Shoppers encouraged to ship holiday packages early
Gering postal clerk Marker set to retire
Clinton Post Office worker admits to stealing about $10K in gift cards and cash
No arrest 2 years after postman killed near DC
USPS investigating how seven pounds of weed was delivered to family’s new Arlington TX home
Photographing the post offices of Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Former Colorado letter carrier admits stealing drugs from the mail
Post Office delivers for the homeless
Why we still send Christmas cards
Accused Muslim-hating postal worker denies threatening woman in Brooklyn
Postal worker struck in head by metal object thrown at vehicle

November 26, 2015
Thanksgiving Day
Postal employee arrested while shooting up heroin
Arrested in church parking lot while on the job

November 25, 2015
USPS apologizes for misplaced mail, says series of substitute carriers have not been proficient
Retiring postal clerk will miss his customers
Chicago: Thefts from USPS vans prompts community alert
Package thefts hit Thornton neighborhood
Canada Post's new community mailboxes frozen shut on P.E.I.
Postal Worker Accused of Hate Crime: 'I'm not crazy, I work in the post office'
Getting to know the Upper Peninsula, one post office at a time
Video: Thieves Break Into Coloma CA Post Office Before Holiday Rush
Is Amazon setting up its own air cargo operation?

November 24, 2015
USPS Gearing Up for Busy Holiday Season
Amazon may soon give FedEx, UPS and USPS the boot
Albuquerque mailman shot at while on the job
Bakersfield: Someone keeps getting into mailboxes
Few Postal Jobs Will Be Cut in 2016
Two Muslim Sisters Say Postal Worker Harassed Them and Spat On Them
Man Believed to Be Postal Worker Wanted in Alleged Hate Crime
Mailman Charged With Hate Crime
Video: Postal inspectors investigating robbery at Tennessee post office
Video: Family grieves daughter’s loss for the second time after ashes are lost in the mail
USPS Apologizes for Misplaced Mail in Texas Subdivision
North Dakota postal worker pleads guilty to stealing money
Postal Service Letters FROM Santa Program - Santa’s Personalized Response to Your Child’s Letter
Video: Take a Picture with Charlie Brown Characters
The Post Office Ain’t Broken. It’s in Profit, So Why Fix It?
Former postal employee arrested in alleged investment scam
Michigan postal worker pocketed cash, avoids jail
APWU: Holiday Clerk Assistants, PSEs - Peak Season Exception Period

November 23, 2015
USPS truck rolls onto side after losing tire
Finnish Postal Worker Strike Causes Mail Delivery Chaos
APWU calls on US Postmaster General to make postal banking a reality
Bixby residents report irregular mail delivery (as late as 10PM)
Voters distrust government in general, but 84% like the USPS
Congress plans more vacations next year
Don’t be fooled by Canada Post’s headline: the Crown Corporation remains profitable says Union
For local woman, dedication to Publishers Clearing House begat nightmare
Union wants to bring back postal saving banks to fund Canada Post
Video: Porch Pirating – Online Shoppers Beware
Who do you trust with your money: The post office or Walmart?
Post Office Continues Sinking as the Band Plays On
Post Office Delivers Cute Letter With Drawn-On Stamp
Ordinary Americans can show Congress how to save the U.S. Postal Service

November 22, 2015
Some Shipping Companies Gain an Edge During Holidays
Fargo postal worker tackles man accused of stealing package
Idaho PMR Sentenced for Stealing from Post Office
Idaho Woman Pleads Guilty to Possessing Stolen Mail
Video: Gyrocopter pilot admits he fears prison time but plans to keep working
Ketchum, ID council looking at home mail delivery

November 21, 2015
Residents of Housing Development Fuming Over Postal Plans to Remove Mailboxes
Mail Stolen From Burlingame Postal Facility
USPS to host passport fairs around New Mexico
USPS announces Sunday deliveries through Christmas
Gyrocopter Pilot Pleads Guilty
USPS is Going Down, And It's Taking Billions With It
Video: Colorado Neighborhood On Alert After Woman Caught On Camera Breaking Into Mailbox
Canada Post loses $13M with future of home delivery on hold
On Sundays, the Amazon mail must go through
Woman who went to deliver 9-pound package of crystal meth is Akron postal worker
Idaho Postmaster Relief Sentenced for Stealing from Post Office
Don’t privatize postal service
A U.S. postal worker in Branson is accused of falsifying several magazine orders for a fellow employee
to get back at her for rebuffing his sexual advances
Michigan bicyclist seriously injured in collision with U.S. Postal Service vehicle

November 20, 2015
Post Office Robbed in Northeast Philadelphia
After Sale, What Comes Next for the Bronx General Post Office?
USPS is Hiring Career Clerks Off the Street
Postal Service Sends Its Holiday Card Early
Mail Carrier Hospitalized After Collision
Video: USPS orders customers in Springfield MO neighborhood to install curbside boxes
Video: Package Pickup Locations Offer Safe Alternative To Doorstep Delivery
Warning: Health coverage for two can cost more than for larger families for thousands
Pottstown Police announce conviction in mail carrier assault, commend public
PMG delivers Thanksgiving message to employees
NAPUS: Part-Time Postmasters Pay Increased To $15.63 Per Hour
Video: Heart of the Holidays - USPS ready to serve businesses, video shows
Video: Turn your post office into a bank? Idea is on the table
APWU: Tell the Postmaster General: Make Postal Banking a Reality Now
Nearly 900 absentee ballots in Summit County thrown out for lack of postmark
How to lose $5 billion - The United States Postal Service has more troubles than long queues
Long Beach Man Arrested for Altering Purchased Money Orders, Depositing for Larger Amount

November 19, 2015
Snail mail: How Northlanders are adjusting to Postal Service delays
Vacant Properties Also Called Problem for USPS
Report: How Americans Would Fix the U.S. Postal Service (PDF)
Questionnaire (PDF)
Vandals bust open eight community mailboxes
Pegram's Longtime Postmaster to Retire December 3rd
India's Selfie Stamps
Video: Peoria Man Hit by Mail Truck
New video explains Self Plus One enrollment type
Royal Mail PLC Results for the Half Year Ended 27 September 2015
Mail thieves target North Austin neighborhood for second time
Alaska mail carrier stole drugs from mail, charges say
Video: How a new scam threatens to steal your identity
Leader Of Meth For Mail Ring, "Superman", Sentenced To 14 Years
Video: Think security for receiving and delivering packages for this holiday season
No Mail Delivery in Much of Eastern Washington Wednesday
eBay scammer steals identity of OIG agent investigating him
Woman killed after crashing into Postal Service truck in Elizabethtown, KY

November 18, 2015 Announces 8 Days of Holiday Deals
Homewood's longtime postal worker says he worked for you
2 former postal workers among 9 accused of falsely receiving benefits
Former Tuscaloosa postal worker pleads guilty to taking bribes to deliver marijuana
Store Coming to Lakewood's Historic Post Office
Video: Woman bites, assaults postal worker, police officer
UK Mail shares plunge after troubled move to new automated plant
eBay scammer steals identity of USPS OIG agent investigating him
Upstate New York Postmaster Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement
Royal Mail expands its national same day network through acquisition of eCourier
Dim Weight: What’s the Deal with Parcels?
Video: APWU’s Dimondstein Appears on ‘The Big Picture’ with Thom Hartmann
Going Postal in Turkey
NALC: 2015 Penalty Overtime Exclusion
Mail Handlers Received Guaranteed Wage Increase Effective November 14, 2015
NPMHU: Wounded Warrior Federal Leave Act Signed Into Law
New mission won’t save U.S. Postal Service
NPMHU: USPS Issues Financial Report for FY2015
Jimmy Fallon Tells ‘Esquire’ About the Time He Almost Became A Mailman

November 17, 2015
Family wants jail time after postal worker's traffic death
Man reports mail theft after encountering fake postal worker
Americans Support Cutting Mail Services to Save USPS, Study Finds
Dallas: 28 Charged in $9.5 Million Scheme to Steal Money From Workers Comp
Houston: Post Office Responds to Reports of Multiple Complaints
Most want Postal Service to act like business
APWU: Reported USPS Loss is “Essentially a Fraud”
Nine New Jersey Postal Employees Indicted For Fraudulently Collecting Unemployment Benefits While
USPS: New video explains Self Plus One enrollment type
South Carolina CCA administers CPR
New survey seeks to fix what ails the USPS
USPS offers new education discounts
USPS hiring 30,000 seasonal employees nationwide
Study: Millions of Packages Enter U.S. Without Screening
USPS Proposes New Print Technology Promo for 2016

November 16, 2015
A New Social Engineering Mission Won't Save the Postal Service
Eyewitness News Looks Into Delivery Complaints at Post Office in Houston
Delivery economy: Receiving parcels evolving for consumers as volume expands
Brooking's Paper On the Postal Service Gets the Facts Wrong
Measure to Measure: Data, management and the reliability of the mail
Sellers Say January USPS Rate Hike Threatens Their Business Model
New Mexico post offices overwhelmed with passport requests
Postal banking would defeat predatory lending for good
More than just window dressing: Front clerk at Brainerd Post office retires after 22 years
Carpe diem, or dumb and dumber?

November 15, 2015
Vehicle accident claims life of postal worker
Video: Walking A Cold Route
Video: CCA - City Carrier Assistant - It's Not As Easy As It Looks

November 14, 2015
83-year-old man crashes car into Placentia post office
Maine book dealer latest to receive an upright Jenny Invert pane
Portland proposes $6.5 million for USPS relocation to Troutdale
Constitution-loving Rand Paul wants to kill the postal service
USPS to Implement Sweeping Regulatory Change That Will Require All Parcel Shippers to Verify
Ralph Nader: For America’s Unbanked: Re-Establishing The Postal Savings Bank
Is USPS growth hindered by legislation?
Postal Service revenue gain allows 'limited flexibility' to invest
Postal reform arriving via snail mail

November 13, 2015
APWU Motion to Request Info on Statistical Design Plan (PDF)
Main ABQ post office: No available passport appointments until 2016
Dog terrorizes Tulsa neighborhood and stops mail delivery
Federal jury awards $150,000 to disabled letter carrier who sued Postal Service
USPS reports end of fiscal year results: $1.2 billion operating profit
Pennsylvania Contract Driver Charged With Mail Theft
7-Eleven Expands Locker Space, Hoping to Cash In on E-Commerce Wave
NALC President Rolando’s statement on USPS’ FY2015 financial report
Alabama Resident and U.S. Postal Worker Pleads Guilty for Involvement in Stolen Identity Tax Refund
Fraud Ring
Video: Sanders scores major union endorsement over Clinton
Former postal employee gets probation for stealing medications to help ailing son
Modesto police, Postal Service see rise in mail theft
Lima postal worker honored for saving police officer from dog attack
Emerging “B2Me” Parcel Delivery Models

November 12, 2015
Marge Jessee, Beloved Post Office Supervisor, Retires
Postal Service Gets Help Sorting Packages
The Postal Service's "Retail Channel Strategy": A blueprint for privatizing the post office
Off-duty postal police officer wounded in shooting in Newark
USPS cop stable
APWU: Executive Board Endorses Bernie Sanders for  President
Caught on camera: Cordova homeowner says postal worker mishandled his mail
Santa Fe woman: Postal worker drove through my yard
Video: Frustration mounts as lines stretch over two hours at one Las Vegas PO
Egregious Incidents of Package Delivery Mayhem
Trucking Company Employee Charged With Stealing U.S. Mail
Postal Workers Union Endorses Bernie Sanders, in Boost to Underdog

November 11, 2015
Transgender employees at center of controversy over restroom at North Side post office
Egregious incidents of package delivery mayhem
Frustration mounts as post office lines stretch over two hours (one man waited nearly three and a half
Missouri: Former Postal Worker Pleads Guilty to Stealing
Video: USPS temporarily stops delivering mail to Tulsa neighborhood because of ‘aggressive dog’
Deutsche Post DHL Profit Plunges on Software Costs
Probation given to former Arkansas letter carrier in mail thefts
Former Kansas City postal employee pleads guilty to stealing from cash drawer

November 10, 2015
Postal Service Apologizes for Epic Package Toss
China's Post Office Savings Bank Planning $10 Billion IPO
Japan: Fed up postal worker stashed 29,000 undelivered items at her home
Shelbyville Post Office's new postmaster ready for the challenge
Residents upset at increasing mail theft from community mailbox
USPS worker fired after THROWING $199 package of delicate electronics
Caught on cam: Kenmore mailman ‘air-mails’ package from Jeep
Video: USPS Holiday "SLAMMED"
Too Many Giant Mergers
USPS red ink is Washington’s
Ohio USPS manager convicted of using government credit card to buy gas
Corrected ‘mistake’ stamps could net Waterville bookstore owner up to $60,000
Postal Service releases on-time performance reports for Q4 2015
3 Men, Woman Arrested In Connection With Ongoing Mail Thefts In California
Florida Gyrocopter Pilot May Not Serve Jail Time

November 9, 2015
Tractor-trailer crashes in front of post office
Trailblazing mailwoman to movie stars
Youngstown mail-processing center still processing
UPS and FedEx try every tech trick to speed up deliveries
Video: FOX25 Investigates fraud within the US Postal Service
Bernie Sanders’s passion for the prosaic — or why the Post Office is part of what makes America great
A new line of business for the post office: Banking?
Postal worker recalls exhausting rescue mission
Man convicted in 1985 mail bomb arrested on parole violation
It was once socially acceptable and surprisingly affordable to send children by parcel post

November 8, 2015
A postal trove of undelivered letters from the 17th century

November 7, 2015
Gyrocopter pilot to plead guilty to one felony count
Canada: Elderly man saved by letter carrier who noticed mail piling up
Linn's: Confusing regulations stymie postmark hand-back service for wedding postcard
Knik postal investigation still unresolved
Congressman delivers mail with USPS
Former Ohio PMR, postmaster relief, indicted on theft charge
Postal Service’s ‘Priority’ Should Be Delivering Mail

November 6, 2015
APWU says prices will rise if Staples acquires Office Depot
McKnight postal carrier receives award for heroic actions
Dayton: 4th area postal worker charged this year
USPS Worker Throws Greensboro Man's Package to Front Door
USPS Has Shed 250K Employees in the Past 20 Years. Here’s How
Confusing regulations stymie postmark hand-back service
APWU Files Unfair Labor Practice Charge in Response to ‘Stay Survey’
Tennessee PMR charged with theft of postal funds
I designed the Canada Post community mailbox, but send your hate mail elsewhere
Sacramento couple sentenced for 2012 burglary of postal vehicle
Postmaster General and CFO Host Web Call on U.S. Postal Service End of Fiscal Year Results
Will Japan Post's Huge IPO Teach the U.S. Post Office to Privatize?
What the U.S. doesn’t like about Japan’s post offices
Former Colorado city carrier assistant admits to stealing computer
Lawyer: Man in gyrocopter flight to Capitol to plead guilty
Stay Protected from "Porch Pirates" this Holiday Season

November 5, 2015
After 100 Years, America's Most Unique Postal Route Stands the Test of Time
Kenya Post bets on buses to roll up revenue
New postmaster takes over at Olive Hill
Posey Co. postal carrier accused of stealing prescriptions out of the mail
Debating the future of the USPS
Amazon Prime Offering Midnight Delivery For Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
Video: Absentee voters miss mark: Why the mail may be to blame
APWU: NLRB Calls Interference on Staples
Fourth Dayton area postal worker charged with illegal conduct this year
Video: Bernie Sanders Plan to Transform the USPS
Video: Former Pennsylvania Postal Employee Pleads Guilty To Stealing Cash
Postal worker union says prices will rise if Staples acquires Office Depot
U.S. Postal Service To Hire 30,000 Employees For Holiday Season
Former Illinois Carrier Pleads Guilty to Workers Compensation Fraud
Alabama USPS Truck Driver Wins $1M Prize

November 4, 2015
Moscow creates vast new bank from Post Office
Racy fliers showing nude women OK in the U.S. Mail?
Ohio absentee ballot applications late after being processed in Michigan
Shares in Japan Post Surge After IPO Raises $12 Billion
Federal Employees’ Right to Disobey Is Becoming Clearer
Illinois letter carrier pleads guilty to workers comp fraud
Post office mural missing for decades rediscovered
Brookings paper on the Postal Service gets the facts wrong
Two West Virginia postal workers charged with embezzling funds
Video: Dad, a postal employee, thinks his son is taking him to Niagara Falls. Watch son spring a big
US Postal Service offering reward leading to arrest of a mail carrier attacker in TN
No-contest plea in postal worker’s death

November 3, 2015
U.S. Post Office Mocked for Asking Movie Bloggers to Plug Peanuts Stamps
How the Postal Service Thinks it Can Predict the Next Cyber Breach
Mystery Tackle Box Company Owner Says 23% Proposed Rate Hike is Excessive (PDF)
E-commerce Resuscitates Moribund India Post
Carl Junction Post Office wins national breast cancer fundraiser for third year
Woman says postal worker damaged her package
Yellow Jacket Post Office Celebrates 100 Years
UPS deploys 18 electric trucks to Houston-Galveston area
California postal worker dies from on the job injuries suffered in 2004
Videos: Postal Service’s holiday TV ads debut
Video: Count on USPS
Matamoras, PA letter carrier rescues woman trapped in burning car
Temporary Emergency Committee of the Postal Service Board of Governors to Meet Nov. 13
Postal worker fed up with rude customers
NYC postal employee alleges harassment, bloody beating by NYPD after he unknowingly gave
directions to cop killer
Suspect arrested after allegedly being in possession of large quantity of stolen mail

November 2, 2015
Retiring Post Office Clerk Honored by Local Business Organization
Yuma: Landscapers hired to clean up post office after community concerns
Long Island: Postal workers decry cuts in service, wages at Melville rally
Best Buy Is Trying Out One-Day Delivery in San Francisco Area
NALC supports plan to move postal workers to separate health insurance pool
Senator Thomas Carper: "Reforming the Postal Service"
USPS, Staples Produce a Mound of Documents
Police Investigating Reports Of Mail Tampering In Ashland
Postal Service advised to turn competitors into partners
NPMHU: Two-year Budget Approved by House and Senate
OIG Audit Asks: Do You Like to Sample New Products Before Buying Them?
NAPS calls on Congress to mitigate potential increases to Medicare Part B Premiums and Deductibles
Co-opetition in Parcel Delivery: An Exploratory Analysis (PDF)
More hope for postal reform

November 1, 2015
VIDEO: USPS Driver Backs Into Pole
A threat (illegal drugs) to public safety and the economy via the U.S. Mail
A Hell's Kitchen Post Office With Condos on Top
Letter carrier one day away from retirement is hospitalized after collision
Brockton MA PO closed by fire reopens
Letter Carriers, USPS work on funding retiree health care
No double-dipping when it comes to stamps
Walmart Wants to Use Delivery Drones, Our Skepticism Reaches a New High
PRC Invites Public Comments on Postal Service Metrics

October 31, 2015
Last route for Wyoming mail carrier after 52 years
Postal Monopoly Abuse: Consumers Deserve a Refund
Car accident in Maryland sends letter carrier to the hospital
Video: Company rethinks policy after refusing to print stamps to honor late veteran
APWU: New Congressional Majority Against Mail Delays
PRC Invites Public Comments on Postal Service Metrics

October 30, 2015
Richmond's historic Saunders Station post office sold, finally
Contract delivery workers are suing Amazon
Police search for men who robbed postal carrier in Oklahoma City
Postal Service offers free email alert service for package tracking
USPS: Online tool can help employees choose health plan
Delivery plays crucial role in online shoppers’ decisions
Car rear-ends mail truck in Fredonia, NY - Carrier taken to hospital
Video: Thief steals packages with family steps away
Postal carrier says he broke leg in Crosby’s dock collapse
UPS retirees brace for pension cuts
Should the post office also be a bank?
Man Arrested After Postal Worker Thwarts Attempted Robbery

October 29, 2015
Ex-Gates Mills postmaster gets 10 months for stealing more than $57K
Ex-Virginia Beach postal carrier sentenced to one day for mail theft
Bernie Sanders has a pretty revolutionary idea to change America's post offices
Postal service lies cost us billions
Where U.S. Mail Went to Die
Vehicle Crashes Through Talent Post Office
UPS To Deliver Record Holiday Shipments
APWU: Workers Comp Fraud Investigations - questionable tactics?
USPS: Domestic Competitive Products Pricing and Mailing Standards
Should Rural Mail Carriers Drive Privately Owned Vehicles?
Payday Loans Cost the Poor Billions, and There’s an Easy Fix
NY clerk charged for stealing mail
Mail operations are overhauled in New Milford, CT
Why is Strategic Planning for Transportation Important for the Postal Service?

October 28, 2015
After 25 years of mail service, postmaster says mailboxes are now too short
Man to buy 1,666 Breast Cancer Research stamps in honor of late wife
NY: Postal worker admits to stealing Christmas gifts meant for poor kids
Utah: Mail ballots now, USPS urges
Pocatello delegation meets with USPS operations management team in Washington
More packages equals more holiday jobs for USPS
NALC/USPS Management Discord in Dallas
The Dark Side of Italy's Postal Privatization
Could the Next Generation Delivery Vehicle be the next USPS mail truck?
Walmart Joins the Delivery Drone Generation
Video: More packages equals more holiday jobs for USPS
Officials tell Colorado voters: don’t use postal service to send postal ballots
Canada Post's delivery debate reignites as Liberals set to take office
Few tears shed over halt to Canada Post's "community" mailbox rollout
OSHA: USPS forced Iowa letter carriers to work in excessive heat
NPMHU Prepares for National Negotiations
USPS to Launch Online Health Records Database
Video: Woman arrested in connection with package theft in Omaha
How Can the Postal Service Improve Its IDIQ Contracts Process?
An employee at a contract postal unit in New Mexico has pleaded guilty to stealing more than $10,000
worth of money orders last year.
Canonsburg investigation launches federal probe into forged U.S. postal money orders
UPS CFO: We're ready for peak season and we will deliver
New Congressional Majority Against Mail Delays

October 27, 2015
Prospects Dim for USPS Early-Retirement Offers
Robber takes mail carrier's pants, shoes and wallet
Napa post office is now earthquake time capsule
No mail for weeks confounds Clifton residents
Fannie Allison's 'angel' wears a postal service uniform

October 26, 2015
Canada Post suspending community mailbox installations
VIDEO: Montreal mayor helps destroy base for community mailboxes
Postal worker accused of intentionally hitting woman with mail truck
Job postings reveal Amazon plans to take worldwide delivery, transportation into its own hands
USPS Workforce Size and Employment Categories, FY 1995-2014 (PDF)
6th grade girl will mail you a secure password you won't soon forget
Grantsdale ZIP code going away as woman closes garage post office
When Titans collide: UPS petitions the PRC to change USPS costing methodologies
The man behind the West Lafayette Post Office mural
Cops: postal worker fled scene after striking woman with mail truck in Massachusetts
Texas postal worker resigns following investigation into mail strewn on road
Web-Shopping Deluge Boxes In Landlords
Ever Wonder How Pays for All That Free Prime Shipping?
Assange suggests journalists use the postal service to thwart government spying
Appeals board throws out company’s patent claim on USPS returned mail process
USPS Service lets customers redirect packages
APWU President: The 2016 Presidential Election: My Thoughts; How About Yours?
How Could Mail Processing Be More Efficient at the New York Morgan Facility?
A Forward PASS

October 25, 2015
Postal Service Tops The List of Whistleblower Retaliation Complaints
Former postal employee and sexually violent predator takes cyanide after Colorado arrest
SF Postal Service Needs Workers For The Holiday Season
Mailbox thefts at 16 buildings and counting in WEHO
New Star Wars Stamps Force You to Get Them ... From the UK  
Royal Mail Star Wars Stamp Collection
Private post office could replace abruptly-closed Settlers Bay facility
Teamsters Vow To Stand With UPS Pilots On Picket Lines

October 24, 2015
USPS Denies It Has Missing Damaged Package, Still Turns Down Customer's Insurance Claim After
Finding It
USPS OIG Report: Optimization of Passport Facilities (PDF)
Pilots Vote To Authorize Strike Against UPS
Alton IL post office work still on hold
Future of Clarksburg WV post office still in limbo after public comment period passes
New Forever Geometric Snowflakes stamps bring holiday color and cheer
Let’s make the banks serve us: How the government subsidizes the super-rich, while we pay the
overdraft fees
Use snail mail to thwart spies, Assange tells journalists
West Hollywood Mailbox Thefts: Now 15 Buildings and Counting

October 23, 2015
USPS' bizarre reason for denying insurance claim
Postal union warns against using new USPS health database
Amazon Posts Another Surprise Profit, While Sales Surge
This app bets you'll pay $5 to avoid having to go to the post office
USPS Issues RFP for Next Generation Delivery Vehicles
Longtime letter carrier retiring this month
Two Letter Carriers Recognized by District Manager
Article 12 Event for the Toledo Processing and Distribution Facility has been canceled
NALC: House and Senate introduce Medicare Premium Fairness Act
Sanders, Warren Oblivious: USPS Should Stick To Delivering Mail
Video: Woman makes strange discovery after receiving package
Sonecon Chairman Robert Shapiro finds Government-based subsidies unfairly benefit the U.S. Postal
Service in its private sector operations
APWU: Bernie Sanders Touts Postal Banking on Jimmy Kimmel - Dimondstein Follows Up on Ed Schultz
NALC: Does election of Canada’s new PM end cluster-box conversion there?
Bernie Sanders Addresses APWU Conference
Is PostalOne! There When You Need It?
APWU: Don’t Focus on ‘Postal Pulse’
Do you speak benefits? Site can help employees understand health terms
Video: D.C. Based CBS Teen Drama “The Inspectors”
Study: USPS's Package and Shipping Prices Are Artificially Low

October 22, 2015
UPS to pay $4.2 million for falsifying delivery records
Phoenix: Suspect attempts to attack postal worker delivering the mail
The Life and Death of an Amazon Warehouse Temp
Amazon assembling executive team to support rollout of shipping network
Massachusetts postal employees come to the aid of sick co-worker
Iron Mountain, MI, Processing and Distribution Facility Consolidation
Postal Service gives thumbs-down to new zip codes for Flanders, Riverside and Northampton hamlets
Bomb squad called after postal carrier finds beeping package - Observer & Eccentric Newspapers
Horrific Slayings Carried Out by U.S. Postal Workers

October 21, 2015
USPS Looking for Holiday Workers
Officials Tour Pocatello USPS Processing Center With Plans to Reopen
Postal worker delivering pot gets prison time
Snail mail lives up to its name in Central Massachusetts
Bernie Sanders' Highly Sensible Plan to Turn Post Offices Into Banks
Lufkin man who shot mail carrier with BB gun gets 7 years probation
APWU: Arbitrator Hammers USPS in Maintenance Staffing Case
Former Maryland Letter Carrier Sentenced to Prison for Drug Trafficking and Bribery
Video: Oklahoma Carrier Accused Of Stealing Money, Gift Cards
Former postal worker from Bridgton Maine pleads guilty to illegally opening packages

October 19, 2016
The curse that prompts tourists to mail rocks back to Hawaii
Postal worker physical therapy executives convicted in Houston of fraud, money laundering
Federal probe launched into dumped Berkeley voter guides
USPS OIG: Packages Suspected of Containing Marijuana Report Not Posted
Residents of Florida town complain about mail service
Florentine Madonna and Child Christmas Stamp Dedicated Today
Video: Brazos County (TX) residents want changes to prevent stolen mail
Video: 'My Heroes': Solana Beach Man Reunites With Postal Workers Who Saved His Life
Hatch Act complaint forces postal employee out of Three Oaks Township election
Hundreds of NJ votes might not be counted because of Post Office error

October 18, 2016
USPS to Hire 400 Holiday Workers in Tampa Bay Area
Drudge, Limbaugh Fall for Twitter Joke About Postal Worker Destroying Trump Ballots
2017 health premiums: It could have been so much worse
And then there were none: last USPS governor’s term ends  December 8
USPS (and a whole lot of Trumpkins) respond to tweet about postal worker tearing up Trump
absentee ballots
USPS: Employees Urged to Update Addresses
USPS Heroes' Corner - Tammy Ernst, York, PA
Results of USPS Cost-Saving Steps a Disappointment, Audit Says
OIG: Do Americans Want Drone Delivery?

October 17, 2016
Timber Post Office Closed Due to Water Damage
New Postal Rates Will Benefit Some Publishers and Printers
PRC Listens to Small Sellers
Why the post office stopped mailing children
Nonprofit Postage On Way Back Up
Help stamp out breast cancer
Trump related group uses direct mail to scam elderly alzheimer patients
Absentee ballots from Central Jersey not delivered, report says

October 16, 2016
Postal Service Not Delivering on Pension Promises
Small but Mighty: Laveen Post Office Hub of Community Activity
No-confidence vote for Massachusetts postmaster with past problems
Illinois letter carrier alleges racial discrimination at work
Where the candidates stand on letter carrier issues

October 15, 2016
APWU Election Results Certified
Post office in Taiwan built in the shape of a shipping box
Hour long lines at Georgia post office after hurricane
Wisconsin Mail Carriers Wear Pink
Rural postal service remains essential
Three Years On From Its Sale, The Privatisation Of Royal Mail Is A Story Of Our Times
PRC TO HOST TECHNICAL CONFERENCE: USPS to address Flats Directive in 2015 ACD

October 14, 2016
Link: Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)
Dog interrupts mail service in Kansas neighborhood
Toledo postal worker might have tuberculosis
Toddler Wanders Away From Day Care, Found by Postal Worker
Defense seeks dismissal of charges against Rapid City mail carrier
Police investigate checks, mail stolen from Boston mailboxes
Help Stamp Out Breast Cancer
Video: Soy sauce evacuates U.S. Postal facility in West Fargo, ND
APWU: Correcting Dues for Newly Converted PSEs

October 13, 2016
Difficult to return: USPS won't allow Samsung Note 7 phones on their planes
USPS Expects to Deliver More Than 15 Billion Pieces of Holiday Mail This Year
PRC: New Postage Rates Proposed (PDF)
Hazmat Crews Respond to Lewiston Post Office
USPS Asks PRC for Return of 49 Cent Stamp
Postal truck crashes into power pole, house; some without power
Authorities blame non-toxic irritant for Western NY post office scare
USPS announces Holiday 2016 mailing and shipping deadlines
Police arrest man for cashing fraudulent money orders in Carlisle PA
How Stronger Unions Could Fix Our Economy — And Our Politics
Americans remain skittish about delivery via drones, Postal Service survey shows
OIG: Timeliness of First-Class Mail Flats
OIG: USPS’s Delivering Results, Innovation, Value, and Efficiency Program Capping (PDF)

October 12, 2016
Vallejo's new post office boasts a new attitude, too
Midlothian neighbors want answers after mail allegedly found dumped
NPMHU Issues Contract Update #9
USPS OIG: Public Perception of Drone Delivery in the United States
New McCaskill Bill to Prevent Emergency Postal Suspensions
Video: Congress considering 2 bills that could change the way you get your mail
Senator Claire McCaskill Introduces Legislation That Would Bar USPS From Closing Post Offices
Without Community Notice Or Appeal Process
Video: Bixby, OK Mail Trouble Prompts Action From U.S. Congressman

October 11, 2016
How Russian Postmen Glued the Country Together
UPS' Boot Camp for Truck Trainers an Intense 3 Weeks
Pink for a Cause at USPS
USPS Must Revisit Possible Harassing Nature of Postal Worker's Cap Bearing Gadsden Flag
USPS Seeks Rate Increase for January 2017
USPS lists recommended holiday mailing dates for overseas military personnel
Stolen Checks Taken From East Harlem Mailboxes Total $20K: NYPD
Postal Reform October Update – No News Is Bad News
Oregon Supreme Court rules police and postal inspectors can’t inspect packages
OIG: Oil and Gas Rights

October 10, 2016
Columbus Day
Plane in fatal Southwest Alaska crash was flying bypass mail route
How Royal Mail rakes in millions betraying the elderly
Letter carrier claims he was subjected to age discrimination
Video: Florida letter carrier uses tear gas on dog - Owner says use of tear gas on dog
Video: ‘I’m a special kid’ - Well-wishers respond to boy’s mail request
Witch flies across postmark from world Halloween capital

October 9, 2016
SFPD, Postal Inspectors Investigate Citywide Mail Thefts
NC: USPS Suspends Mail Deliveries as Hurricane Arrives
Amazon Only Needs a Minute of Human Labor to Ship Your Package
PRC: Posting of Views on Universal Postal Union Proposals (PDF)
As Amidon closes post office, others deal with challenges
Hurricane fells oak tree in front of Ridgeland's post office
China's Postal Savings IPO: Return to Sender

October 8, 2016
Residents cautioned following mass theft of mail in Naperville IL
Man Who Robbed Rancho Bernardo CA Post Office Sentenced to 14 Years
Online sales to see big boost
Video: USPS seeking seasonal employees but what happens if positions go unfilled?
Delivery drivers sue Amazon over contractor status
Video: Maryland Neighborhood Unable to Rely on Mail Delivery
USPS investigates mail theft in Cheyenne

October 7, 2016
Mail Left Unattended on Top of Mesa Mailboxes
APWU: Dimondstein Scores Overwhelming Victory
Holiday Windows Shine on New Forever Stamps
Video: Post Office investigates mail missing in Clifton Forge VA
Wonder Woman’s 75th Anniversary Celebrated on Forever Stamps
Rash of mailbox break-ins has Anthem, AZ residents on alert

October 6, 2016
26th Universal Postal Congress Stresses Environmental Concerns
Kenyan Wins Second Term as Head of Agency
USPS Service Alerts on Hurricane Matthew
New online sales estimates show why delivery companies want more holiday help
OSHA cites USPS after two Des Moines workers suffer heat illness while delivering the mail
Postal Service, Bellevue Police work together to halt drug trafficking
Postal service delivers seal of approval to Halloween Capital of the World
Fortenberry continues to pursue mail delivery issues
USPS unveils 5 potential smart city projects

October 5, 2016
General Election Ballots Headed to Mailboxes
After 20 years, 70-year-old Hope Keatts to retire from postal service
Mail thieves dump 7 bags of stolen mail
Texas: Postal inspector says mail theft suspect couldn't be arrested because he threw the mail
USPS Commemorated Festival of Diwali with a Forever Stamp today
Ballots Collected in APWU Election of Officers
NALC’s Rolando corrects errors in radio show dealing with USPS retirement funding
Buffalo postal carrier running late accused of dumping undelivered mail
TruTV's "Hack My Life" Is Looking For A Few Current or Former NYC Postal Employees - Program
will shoot
Drunk Teen Causes 2 Separate Crashes Tuesday, Injures Postal Worker
Neopost USA urges enactment of Postal Reform legislation

October 4, 2016
Enterprise Postmaster Mike Warner Retires
Post Office Recognizes Super Safe Driver Award
Parking dispute involves Athens postal workers union
Caraway celebrates 100 years of postal service
USPS OIG: Timeliness of Mail Processing at the Queens P&DC
PdC Postmaster Retires
Pickup truck strikes St. Agatha post office
NALC: Latest retiree, FECA COLA projections released
Postal Service statement on Universal Postal Union’s terminal dues agreement

October 3, 2016
Island Mail Carrier Gets His Job Back
USPS Plans to Hire 35,000-40,000 Seasonal Workers for Holiday Season
Group protests local Staples over post office program
Higher shipping fees will force e-retailers to adjust
Fall 2016 USPS Delivery Outlook
USPS Selects Mahindra to Produce Next Generation Delivery Vehicle (NGDV) Prototypes
USPS seeks retirees for holiday jobs
USPS: Disability Employment Awareness Month
OIG: The Best-Laid Plans…
OIG: Management of Maintenance Employees’ Sick Leave in the Mid-America District
OIG: Management and Oversight of Highway Contract Routes

October 2, 2016
Once more along the route
Rod Hanson - 22 Years, Millions of Pieces of Mail Delivered in Bellingham
USPS dedicates Kwanzaa forever stamp
Why UPS and FedEx are hiking prices
Postal Service responds to Steve Pociask’s opinion piece “Delayed Postal Delivery Means
Wasted Absentee Votes”
Pneumatic tubes and how mail was moved in Paris for more than a century

October 1, 2016
Black Widows Found at Carlotta Post Office
Pam Pettay Honored for 31 Years to Postal Service
PRC Approves Extension for USPS Grocery Delivery Tests
Aspen mailman dies unexpectedly while working
Motorist claims USPS employee responsible for his injuries stemming from a vehicular accident
Special Delivery: Letter carrier donates kidney to customer
USPS proposes smart cities data collection scenarios

September 30, 2016
Video: After USPS Raises Suspicions, Large Marijuana Grow Busted in California
Video: California Carrier Trips Over Woman Being Kidnapped And Does Nothing
Delayed Postal Delivery Means Wasted Absentee Votes
Why Drug Runners Love the U.S. Postal Service
Syringes found in Lowell mail drop box
USPS debuts first Halloween-themed stamps
Defect found in 5% of Jack-o’-lanterns stamps
Overall FEHB premiums to rise 4.4% in 2017- postal workers hit with 11.7% increase in employee
OIG: Omaha, NE, Processing and Distribution Center Customer Service Performance
OIG: What Should a USPS Information Technology Strategic Risk Management Process Include?

September 29, 2016
USPS OIG: Postal Service Workplace Violence Program
Driver ejected from mail truck in Parma crash
USPS Will Continue Dabbling in Grocery Deliveries
WSJ: Amazon is Reportedly Building its Own Shipping Business
Group is fishing out checks from USPS mailboxes in Queens

September 28, 2016
Destroyed mailboxes replaced with new, higher security locks
Postal Savings Bank of China IPO Goes Poorly
Post office evacuated after e-cigarette explodes
Postal Service Health Benefits and the FEHBP
Surveillance Cameras Catch Mail Thief in Action
Two Arrested in Mississippi Post Office Robbery
300 pieces of mail found in Rancho Viejo NM trash bin
Video: Unrestrained dog costs Wichita neighborhood mail door deliveries

September 27, 2016
How is Crushing eBay and Wal-Mart
Senator calls for mail covers review after media investigation
Postal Service fuels opioid epidemic by delivering foreign drugs right to American's doorstep
USPS OIG Report: The Postal Service and Cities: A "Smart" Partnership
Report: Three-Quarters of Customers Broadcast Their Frustrations When They Receive a
Damaged Package
Video: USPS promises to move disabled veteran’s mailbox
Video: Search continues for couple suspected in Mississippi post office shooting
FedEx expects e-commerce delivery volume to surge on Mondays
Texas postal worker killed in Sunday crash

September 26, 2016
Man heaves garbage can through post office window
Dim weight changes mean more rate pain ahead
Get Ready for a New USPS Mail Truck
Costa Rica: Mail carriers protest against increase of packages
Canada Post stamps celebrate great NHL forwards
Composite Sketch Of Man That Shot Mississippi Postmaster

September 25, 2016
Mailbox thieves strike Chandler neighborhood
Unwanted mailing address change triggers scam alert
Michigan Representative Jon Hoadley Introduces Legislation Aimed At Protecting Mail Carriers
And Others From Dangerous Dogs
Video: Cat Chases Down New Zealand Post Mailman Everyday Demanding To Be Loved

September 24, 2016
PRC Publishes Strategic Plan Outlining Five-Year Vision (PDF)
Elderly Woman Crashes Car Through Brick Wall of Post Office
My Day With USPS
Demolition project damages post office
Postal workers' excess travel wastes millions
UPS Tests Drone For Urgent Delivery
Video: Mississippi postmaster shot in the arm, gunman on the loose
Best economic indicators these days? FedEx and UPS
Officials respond to issue of illegal drugs being shipped through USPS

September 23, 2016
Mold causes post office to temporarily close in Seaton, Illinois
Smithsonian Postal Museum Features America's Mailing Industry
53rd Postmaster of Boston Sworn in at State House
Postal Service Hiring Over 200 Seasonal Employees in Phoenix
Massachusetts Postal Worker Charged with Viewing Child Pornography on USPS Computers
Lawmakers, clerks exploring solutions to vote-by-mail postmark issues
When Will We Realize Email Isn't Private?
Feds target mass mailing fraud schemes aimed at elderly
Video: Thieves target mail for gift cards
PRC Publishes Strategic Plan Outlining Five-Year Vision
California mail thieves strike again, USPS installing new mailboxes

September 22, 2016
FedEx CEO – Amazon can’t do what we do
Post office stops delivery to neighborhood after damage from hurricane
Local Letter Carrier Honored for Saving Boy
Undeliverable packages on the rise ahead of the holidays?
USPS “Temporary Emergency Committee” to meet Sept. 27
Mandatory cluster mailboxes too easily burglarized
Columbus postmaster completes unique feat
USPS Awards Contracts for Delivery Vehicle Prototypes, Will Test for Six Months
FedEx narrows threshold of dimensional pricing on U.S. parcel shipments, hurting shippers
You’ve Got Election Mail
How would Donald Trump manage federal employees?
NAPUS: Postal Service Clarifies Evaluation Policy
Amazon can now deliver your packages to a secure locker instead of your front porch in Denver

September 21, 2016
Elderly woman crashes car into Bannock County Post Office
CNY letter carriers who cheered Clay teen with cancer receive national honors today
Postal Service Previews Select 2017 Stamps
USPS Worker Told to Remove 'Make America Great Again' Sign
Mother says postal worker's carelessness caused injuries
For federal workers, a chance to lock in life insurance
Investigating grease fire at  Missouri maintenance facility, OSHA finds  US Postal facility failed to
maintain working fire extinguishers
OIG: Are Clerk and Mail Handler Costs Correctly Attributed to USPS Products?
Postal Systems Debate whether Amazon Is Friend or Foe

September 20, 2016
Vicious stray dog attacks leave Dallas neighborhoods in terror
Guns Stolen From the US Post Office
Residents at Pensacola apartments go months without receiving mail
Mail fraud? GOP dupes small donors to fund Trump's campaign
USPS Has Achieved Just a Fraction of Its Projected Savings From Slowing Mail Delivery
Mail truck damaged by fire in South Carolina
NALC: National-level arbitration case decided on ‘Work and Time Standards Video Recording’
Why the Paperless Office Is Finally on Its Way

September 19, 2016
USPS OIG Audit Report: Mail Processing and Transportation Operational Changes
APWU: Vote in Election of National Union Officers
NALC: Latest retiree, FECA COLA projections released
After years of effort, U.S. Diwali stamp finally a reality
Man threatened to kill postmaster over missing parcel
Can FedEx Deliver?
Letter: Postal workers kept it together after 9/11
The future is here: how autonomous drones will revolutionize postal sorting
USPS Inspector General reports massive increases in delayed mail
Driver smashes into mail truck Monday morning in Taylor, MI
OIG: Are Highway Contract Routes Useful for New Contracts?
OIG: Where Have All the Collection Boxes Gone?
USPS awards contracts to six delivery vehicle suppliers
OIG: Mail Processing and Transportation Operational Changes
Jack-o’-lantern stamps have Ridgefield, CT roots

September 18, 2016
Late or lost mail just part of the Postal Service’s problem
Overlooked Orleans: Post offices were a pit of patronage
Postal service plays 'hard to get' on info
Has email killed the envelope? No, says one envelope maker
I just need a stamp

September 17, 2016
Guest opinion: USPS blundered in closing W. Glenwood facility
NALC 2016 Letter Carrier Heroes of the Year
Philly Letter Carrier hailed a hero after saving co-worker's life
Famous employees of the United States Postal Service
USPS awards contracts for next generation delivery vehicle prototypes
USPS alters First Day Cover servicing policy
Gary, Indiana letter carrier robbed at gunpoint
Man cited in Lansdale, PA post office incident

September 16, 2016
Pittsburgh: Suspects beat postal worker with baseball bat, broke mail truck's windows
More Cluster Mailbox Thefts in San Antonio
Florida PO closed by Hermine set to re-open
Ohio post office suspended due to "poor building condition"
What can 47 cents buy these days?
250 holiday jobs up for grabs with Ohio Postal Service
OIG: City Delivery Office Efficiency – Greensboro District
OIG: Postmaster Cost Segment
OIG: Chicago District Processing Facilities’ Process for Mail Count and Color Coding of Standard
OIG: Customer Service Operations in the Capital and Northern Virginia Districts

September 15, 2016
The Post Office Costs Taxpayers Nothing, and Gives Us So Much in Return
Postal Rate Forecast for 2017
PO Box service canceled for hundreds in Palm Springs
SF: Postal Thieves With Master Key Still on the Loose
Man Mailed Dead Skunks, Raccoon To Rival For Job, Police Say
UPS To Hire About 95,000 For Holiday Season
How the Postal Service Regained Customers’ Trust After Throwing Packages
USPS reverses position on delivery to Maine islands

September 14, 2016
Postal Service Health Benefits and the FEHBP: The Urgent Case for Getting Reform Right
Democrats Go Postal With probably the worst idea ever
2017 Print Forecast: Tiny Price Hikes With a Chance of Disruptio
Heritage: Postal Service Health Benefits and Postal Reform
San Antonio Postal Service Getting 30 Calls a Day for Vandalism
Can robots replace thousands of USPS employees?
Starship Technologies
Willie Nelson's new cause is... postal reform?
New Boston postmaster to be sworn in Friday
KOA Introduces Postal Mail Service For Campers
South Carolina rural carrier seriously injured in wreck
Postal Service Urges Voters to Mail Ballots Early

September 13, 2016
After security contractor reneges, officers at Eagan postal facility strike
Mail Cluster Break Ins Reported in NW Fresno
Letter to PRC Concerning Unfairly Low Terminal Dues Charged for Chinese Packages Entering
the U.S. (PDF)
Cummings and Chaffetz to Speak at Postal Reform Lunch Event
The Anthrax Letters That Terrorized a Nation Are Now Decontaminated and on Public View
Power outage at White Plains mail facility causes delays
Excited mailman attempts to deliver mail during intense storm
Cluster boxes replaced after being stolen from Albuquerque neighborhood
Postal Museum Launches “America’s Mailing Industry” Virtual Exhibition
OIG Wants to Know: Are the Mobile Delivery Devices Working as Intended?
Could marijuana sales save Canada Post in digital age?
B2C E-Commerce Growth Fuels Need for Improved Postal Services
OIG: Advertising Mail Still Going Strong

September 12, 2016
USPS OIG: Are the Mobile Delivery Devices Working as Intended?
USPS OIG: Facility Conditions Review: Great Lakes Area
Postal Savings Bank of China's Underwriters to Get $130 Million Payday for HK IPO
E-Commerce is a Boon for Rural America, But it Comes With a Price
Rural Post Offices Transformed by E-commerce
Albuquerque residents confused as thieves steal community mailboxes
Security Officers to Strike Monday at Postal Service Distribution Center in Eagan MN
Task force says Canada Post needs fixing; daily delivery in question
After a cruise, junk mail makes unscheduled stops
Video: Linn's Monday Morning Brief - Halloween stamps

September 11, 2016
Patriots Day
Video: Thieves steal cluster box units in Albuquerque
APWU national election ballots in the mail

September 10, 2016
Car Crashes Through Front Door of Cherokee Post Office
Who is Behind 'Postal Security Gap' Story?
Americans for Securing All Packages
Mobile post office opens in Ceder Key after Hurricane Hermine's Destruction
At long last, catalogers anticipate rate relief from USPS
USPS offers reward for Chicago attempted robbery suspect
President Obama Nominates Robert G. Taub – Commissioner, Postal Regulatory Commission
California veteran's pain pills intercepted by mail thieves
Bipartisan Security Experts Applaud New Senate Bill to Close Dangerous Security Loophole in
the Global Postal System
Advocates Call for International Shipment Screening for Drugs, Weapons

September 9, 2016
Kahuku post office the latest hit by mailbox thefts
Arbitration results in concessionary contract for postal workers
Rural mail carrier killed after driving into creek
La Habra CA post office seeing rash of box break-ins
Was UPS behind that “huge security gap” story?
Committee Releases Year-Long Investigative Report Into OPM Data Breaches
Video: Woman In Mercedes-Benz Arrested In Thefts Of Mail And Packages All Over Southern
When travel companies sell their mailings lists, junk mail becomes an unwanted souvenir
Newly Re-Elected NARFE Leaders Face a ‘Perfect Storm’ of Rising Premiums Hitting Federal
America's Mailing Industry

September 8, 2016
The feds pore over your mail to flag scams
Letter carrier arrested for mail theft had criminal record
NALC Branch 245 Labor Day Parade
Air conditioning out at East Nashville post office; Employee passes out
USPS OIG: Image is Everything
USPS OIG: Collection Box Removal Process - Eastern Area (PDF)
Huge security gap lets dangerous packages enter US through postal system
Tom Ridge: 15 years after 9/11, a gaping security gap
Gyrocopter letter carrier Doug Hughes released from prison
USPS Adds Another 3,000 Ram ProMaster Vans
Going Postal: How Can We Fix The Worst Post Offices In Brooklyn?
New USPS delivery service linked to email addresses
Video: Texas rural carrier killed after driving into creek during mail route
Your mail carrier warns that door-to-door delivery is under attack
Portman says his bill would help block mail shipments of synthetic drugs from abroad
I didn’t want Medicare Part B. Why did Social Security enroll me in it?
Feds on case of Illinois post office break-in

September 7, 2016
Video: Seinfeld Star, Newman The Mailman, Makes Appearance In Israeli Commercial
PRC to Begin Postal Rates Review in Late December
Congress Keeps an Eye on Chinese Shipping Rates
Matternet Partners with Mercedes-Benz to Create the Future of (Drone) Delivery
The nonpresidents who have been featured on multiple U.S. stamps
Linden Ave sure misses Ronnie the mailman

September 6, 2016
ATR Opposes Postal Reform Act
Letter: Three days without mail delivery is abnormal
It’s Royal Mail’s 500th birthday, but there’s little reason to celebrate
Owner angry that letter carrier pepper-sprayed dog through the fence
Festus mailman foils postal truck theft
Funston USPS closed due to flooding from Hermine
OIG: Famous Former Postal Workers

September 5, 2016
Vehicle Crashes Into Coopersburg Post Office
Water in Downtown Abilene Post Office Still Unsafe to Drink
Anaheim company pays $3 million to resolve postal-fraud investigation
5 myths about labor unions
2016 federal duck stamp art contest gets underway Sept. 9

September 4, 2016
Postal Service Rehiring Retirees for the Peak Holiday Season
Philly once had two great post offices. Soon, it will have none.
Moving mail by rail made for fond memories
Return to sender: Burning Man won't accept mail any more
Video: Woman Arrested, Found With Over 200 Pieces of Stolen Mail During Traffic Stop in South
Pasadena CA

September 3, 2016
Rain or shine, postal workers are here to serve the Upper Thumb
Auto-repair mogul accused of running $30 million postal-truck repair scam
Postal managers ignored complaints about lovesick letter carrier
Postal Inspectors Bust Massive OWCP Fraud Scheme in Dallas Area
GPUs Power Postal Service Analysis
Where's my mail? Milwaukee TV station investigates problems at the post office
Video: Shot Fired During Attempted Robbery Of Chicago Carrier

September 2, 2016
FAA Puts Key Amazon, UPS, Google and Facebook Execs on Drone Committee
Letter From Congress Expressing Concern About Terminal Dues (PDF)
UPS to raise rates 4.9% after holidays
PRC outlines plans for 10 year review of postal rate making process
Video: PMG thanks employees for recent USPS successes
Video: Willie Nelson Featured in New ‘Grand Alliance’ Video
USPS Heroes' Corner - George Hearst, Painesville, OH
APWU: MVS Wins Important Ruling on Subcontracting Notification
APWU: Two Settlements Address DBCS Staffing And Employee Orientation Disputes
Photo released of suspect in attack on postal worker on South Side
Anaheim company pays $3 million to resolve postal-fraud investigation
How postal history tells the story of the atomic bomb

September 1, 2016
Minivan Rams New Milford Post Office
Customers reveal the most frustrating (and hilarious) ways lazy postmen have dropped off their
The Awesome Story of a Mail Delivery in Iceland
Kansas City Man Indicted for Assaulting Mail Carrier with a Firearm
'Peace treaty' at Canada Post only delays the inevitable, says business group
A Post Office Moves, And Our Civic Realm Loses Another Piece of Its Soul
Will Amazon Kill FedEx?

August 31, 2016
Message Delivered to Winchester Residents: No Rail, No Mail
Canada Post Reaches Tentative Agreement With Postal Workers
Thieves Got a USPS Master Key And Are Pilfering Mail Across the City
VIDEO: USPS Mail Carrier Nearly Swept Away by Flash Flood
Salmonella from chicks in the mail
Office Depot to Offer FedEx Services at More U.S. Stores
PMG Addresses NAPUS and Postmasters At Convention - People More The Mail
MVS Continues to Fight Subcontracting
APWU: Support Services Division Battles Outsourcing
The U.S. Postal Service, a National – and Constitutional – Treasure
Butterfly Stamp to Alight On Post Office Locations Across Nation

August 30, 2016
Authorities warning Chowchilla residents of mail thieves
Postal key apparently used in SF mail thefts
Crash Causes Postal Truck to Catch Fire
Vehicle crashes into Youngsville Post Office, sending 4 to the hospital
Atlantic Beach neighbors concerned about packages left in mailboxes
Linn's: USPS funding children's TV drama 'The Inspectors'
USPS Hiring in Arkansas
Decline in union membership costs nonunion workers $133 billion annually in lost wages
USPS reveals Eastern Tailed-Blue butterfly stamp
When the U.S. Postal Service Also Delivered Babies
eBay petition asks Trudeau government to take action to end Canada Post uncertainty
Call of Duty - Postal Operations Continue After Devastation
USPS seeks employees for TV ads

August 29, 2016
Canada Post Union’s Job Action Put Off For One Day As Talks Continue
USPS to issue Star Trek stamps Friday in NYC
Canada Post workers to refuse overtime in Alberta and NWT
The Fed and labor agree: Workers need a raise

August 28, 2016
APWU President Emeritus Burrus on Greg Bell’s alleged accomplishments
Canada Post cancels postal workers’ vacations, sick leave, maternity & adoption benefits
effective today
Canada Post's relationship with its workers is blighted by 'underlying toxicity'

August 27, 2016
Federal and local officials meet in Modesto to combat mail theft
Mail boat runs aground on Lake Winnipesaukee
VIDEO: New Doorbell Cameras See Carriers in a Different Light
USPS makes changes to package tracking
Video: Retired postal employee says government mistake could cost him $89,000
Tragic Mistake: Indianapolis Postal Employee Shot By Police
Mail thieves target rural neighborhoods in Fairbanks

August 26, 2016
Small, sidewalk-cruising robots will soon be delivering packages in Switzerland
APWU Approves National Young Members' Committee
Sonoma woman saved in freak post office crash
INSTAGRAM: APWU Convention in Orlando
Minivan crashes into New Milford post office
Bristol police mistake postal supervisor for package thief
Priority Mail Commercial Plus Cubic Pricing, by Rich Weiss
CUPW issues strike notice after it says Canada Post refused to extend talks
Paper industry fights efforts to cut back on hard copy financial reports
Video: Federal, Local Officials Hold Town Hall Meeting on Mail Theft in Sacramento
Postmaster loses home in Indiana tornadoes, continues to deliver mail
In The Grand Canyon, USPS Still Delivers Mail By Mule

August 25, 2016
Postal workers mourn loss of pregnant co-worker gunned down in Detroit
Sometimes the postman rings not even once
NALC: Rare FEGLI Open Season Starts Sept. 1
INSTAGRAM: Carriers Keep Cool
Letter Carriers Not Always Visited by a Friendly Face
The USPS Ups its ECommerce Parcel Game
Canada Post union abruptly cancels strike announcement
Video: P.O. box thefts in Hawaii trigger federal investigation
USPS CFO updates employees in new video
Anger Mounts Over Long Term Care Premium Spike
Mail Handlers Union convenes in Chicago
Bristol, CT police mistake postal worker for package thief
An open letter to the postmaster general of the United States
FedEx Is Making All of Its Logos Purple and Orange, Its Most Recognized Color Scheme
The Postal Service’s birthday blues
Mail of more than 100 Manteca victims recovered
Video: As post office walls crumble, town leaders look for options

August 24, 2016
Estonian postal company to buy 30 ATVs
Postal Workers Rally in Orlando Against TTP
Neighborhood can't get packages for two years
Cremated remains prompt evacuation of post office
APWU: Dimondstein: We Can Forge Ahead, Build Power and Win
Feds File Lawsuit Over Berkeley's Main Post Office
San Antonio neighborhood gets new cluster mailboxes after recent break-ins
Mark Twain Had a Lifelong Feud with the United States Postal Service
USPS Celebrates National Park Service Centennial with Stamps, Framed Art and Keepsakes
Video: Switzerland enlists robots to help deliver mail
FedEx, UPS moved in unison to hike ground delivery rates since '06, firm says

August 23, 2016
VIDEO: Nalcrest at 50
APWU to Rally Against TPP Tuesday at Orlando Convention
New postmaster on the job in Port Townsend
Neighbors not getting mail, medication; USPS says road isn't safe to turn around
Richmond Post Office Temporarily Closed Due to Mold Issue
CBS2 Demanding Answers: Why Are Lines So Long at Bushwick Post Office?
Neighborhood surprises mailman after lightning strike fire
Protein powder causes false alarm at post office
Downtown post office home to rural carrier academy
Baton Rouge: USPS routes, offices disrupted by floods
Dispute Between State Department and PRC over UPU Congress (PDF)
Man charged with felony in hit-and-run that seriously hurt Butte postal service worker
Rural Bedford County, Virginia post office is among tiniest in the country
Video: Worst post office in NYC? Customers wait for hours at Flatbush Station
USPS Crackdown Jeopardizes Deliveries to Two Maine Islands
Postal Service attaching warning letters to suspected scams
U.S. Postal Service Honors Festival of Diwali with a Forever Stamp

August 22, 2016
Survivors of Edmond post office massacre are still reliving nightmarish attack 30 years later
Mail carrier missed after 3 decades delivering to Branford houses
Postal-Themed Hotel to Open in Taiwan
USPS manager saves rural carrier’s life
OIG: Dirty Little Secrets of Advertising
“Hambone” - The Old-school Mailman Retires

August 21, 2016
Ceremony Held on 30th Anniversary of Edmond Post Office Attack
Roanoke area postal customers pan mail service on Inspector General's website

August 20, 2016
A Mail Boat Stays Afloat
USPS Holiday campaign to feature St. Louis Letter Carrier
3 post offices burglarized in Tennessee
Canada Post doesn't answer contract questions

August 19, 2016
USPS Fined for Safety Hazards at Maryland Facility
Florida: Car Crashes Into Plantation Post Office
Warning: On the Brink of Canadian Mail Disruption
Post office caught up in massive California wildfire
Stolen mail truck recovered in Festus MO
Shipping isn’t free- but online customers expect it anyway
USPS: Louisiana Service Disruption Alert
California Congressman Kevin McCarthy to join in fight against mail theft
Antioch resident thanks postal worker who rescued her from rattlesnake in home

August 18, 2016
Did the USPS Kill Radio Shack?
Tallahassee's New Postmaster Embraces Teambuilding
USPS Faces $111K in Fines After OSHA Again Finds Workplace Safety Hazards
Prattsburgh Post Office Closed Indefinitely
Neighbors throw farewell party for beloved mailman
OIG Report: USPS Needs to Diversify and Expand Logistics Offerings
Manhole explosion sparks postal truck fire in Manhattan
String of Mail Thefts Shake Malibu
Absentee ballot postmark fix earns Cuyahoga County elections officials national award
Video: North Dallas condos targeted again by mail thieves
Video: Apartment, condo mailbox broken? Good luck getting it fixed

August 17, 2016
Woodland Hills Post Office faces wrecking ball of urbanization
Antioch resident thanks postal worker who rescued her from rattlesnake in home
The Postal Service test drives its new Service Performance Measurement System
Louisiana flood: Where can I pick up my mail?
Former Edmond postmaster shares story about massacre
The Postal Service’s Red Ink and Birthday Blues
APWU: COLA Increase
NALC Convention Updates Page
Man flashes badge, says he’s a police officer to get mail

August 16, 2016
USPS revenues from package mail continue to grow, along with costs
Officials Think Counterfeit Master Key Could Be Behind String of Mailbox Break-Ins
Postal Facilities and Offices Impacted by Flooding in Louisiana and Mississippi
Video: NALC Pres. Rolando 2016 Convention Keynote
How the Postal Service Can Keep Up With Amazon and Uber
Magazine Readers Are Wealthy & Well Educated, USPS Study Finds

August 15, 2016
PMG: Despite "off' quarter, just give us relief
The USPS has spent $5.4 million during the past two years to finance a children's TV show about
postal inspectors
Mass-Customized Magazines Now Possible Thanks to Production Inkjet Presses
Kew Gardens Will Keep Post Office
Utah politician blames USPS for election loss
University of North Dakota “Fighting Hawks” logo goes postal?
Who's Still Paying By Check In 2016?
Thirtieth anniversary ceremony planned for victims of Edmond OK Post Office massacre
How Labor’s Decline Opened Door to Billionaire Trump as ‘Savior’ of American Workers
Video: San Antonio neighborhood deals with numerous cases of mailbox vandalism
California man who burglarized post offices, stole mail, keys, identities, pleads guilty
"This is what happens to postal trucks that are old and worn out"
USPS: Franked Mail Pre-election Ban In Effect
Update: Starting In August 2016 Social Security Will REQUIRE You Provide Your Cell Phone
Number To Login
Health care rate hikes: An unintentional ‘October surprise’
OIG: The Evolving Logistics Landscape and the U.S. Postal Service (PDF)
OIG: How Could the Postal Service Make Better Use of the Kaizen Process?
OIG: Logistics 2.0 – An Ongoing Revolution
Wildfire burns post office and businesses in Northern California town
NAPUS: Ways and Means Committee “Tables” WEP Bill
Why the U.S. Postal Service’s net losses for the year are growing
Canada Post talks stall as strike mandate set to expire

August 14, 2016
Major Disaster in Flooded Areas of Louisiana Wildfire burns post office in Northern California
Postage Graffiti Paintings Slap Back to Sticker Art
Event will honor victims of Edmond Post Office Killings

August 13, 2016
In wake of Trump insults, Senator asks USPS to re-issue Gold Star Mothers stamp
Online mail forwarding scam hits North Texas seniors
Federal Authorities Target Inland Empire Mail Thieves
Pennsylvania woman claims postal worker caused collision
Postal Contract Narrows the Gap between Tiers

August 12, 2016
Postmaster General Visits Bismarck to Address Mail Volume Issues
Postal worker hospitalized after coming into contact with chlorine pills
House members send mail on taxpayer's dime, vulnerable ones do it much more
Magazine publishers respond to story on USPS “subsidy”
Illegally parked postal trucks driving Harlem residents crazy
Postal Workers Stare Down Canada Post
Woman fuming over missing packages USPS claims they delivered
Man Indicted for Armed Robbery of Mail Carrier in Rancho Cordova
New 1-Cent Apples  Stamp is Always Ripe for Mailing
Video: Mailman Helps Fight Flames Until Firefighters Arrive
Gilby, ND Post Office indefinitely shuttered over mold worries
California mail theft victims frustrtaed, looking for extra security
Update: Missing Virginia postal employee found safe
Heitkamp: Postal Service needs flexibility to innovate and expand
The U.S. stamps that prove bold predictions for the future were wrong
Retired Sewickley Valley mail carrier making new kind of delivery
Mail problems continue in South Bay, CA

August 11, 2016
Paying it forward: Local postal worker goes above and beyond
I Always Wanted to Be a Mail Carrier. Until I Was One
Customer claims Trump mailer was defaced before being delivered
Royal Mail defined benefit pension scheme faces deep cuts
West Virginia: USPS driver hospitalized after traffic accident
APWU: The USPS Third Quarter Financial Report
A clash of visions for public postal service: What's at stake at Canada Post
Video: North Dakota post office sends back tribal disbursement checks
4 pounds of meth, coloring books mailed to Hawaii
Video Update: Remember this - "Who in the world bolts down a mailbox in the middle of a

August 10, 2016
Think Amazon's drone delivery idea is a gimmick? Think again
Wal-Mart Buys to Compete With Amazon
Should USPS Abandon Its Non Postal Pursuits?
USPS considering their own drone delivery service
NALC statement on USPS’ FY2016 Q3 financial results
USPS counts on 'broad bipartisan support' for reform amid losses
Sen. Carper Issues Statement on USPS Financial Losses
USPS replaces neighborhood's cluster boxes after Congressman intervenes
Video: Nissan Altima in police chase linked to missing Virginia postal employee
OIG: Do Mail Schedulers Make Mail Processing More Efficient?

August 9, 2016
Postal worker aids police in deadly shooting investigation
Mail carrier charged with assaulting co-worker during delivery route
NALC and USPS Agree to 31-Day Moratorium on Time Limits for Grievances Due to Convention
Postal Worker's 'Don't Tread on Me' Flag Being Investigated by EEOC
Missing Caroline County Postal Worker in Need of Medication
USPS posts $552 million operating loss for 3rd quarter ($1.6 billion loss after PAEA charges)
NAPUS posts side by side comparison of pending postal reform bills
U.S. Postal Service worker injured in Butte hit-and-run
OSHA finds USPS exposed workers to asbestos hazards at Indiana facility; proposes more than
$49K in fines
USPS is testing kiosks to ease eBay seller frustrations
U.S. Postal Service Revenue Rises on Shipping Growth, but Losses Mount
APWU: Convention Resolutions Now Posted

August 8, 2016
USPS provides a half billion dollar annual subsidy to magazine publishers
Watch Out! Nearly 9,000 Dogs Roam Southern Dallas (According to Scientific Model)
White House Rural Council Announces Postal Workshops
Online Shopping Increase Takes a Bite Out of Mail Carriers
Rural carrier comes to the aid of two customers
We count on the mail
The federal government’s $500 million subsidy to magazine publishers

August 7, 2016
Vandal goes postal on Texas neighborhood mailboxes
Canada Post workers protest at Prime Minister Trudeau's Montreal office
Communities and Postal Workers United Summer 2016 Newsletter (PDF)
Rural Bedford County post office among tiniest in the country

August 6, 2016
Postal carrier saves mother and son from falling tree
Taking the Bite Out of Mail Delivery
Suspicious package burns Mountain City postal worker
Plainfield Postal Worker Receives Award for 50 Years of Work
USPS Could Benefit From Better Target Marketing, IG Says
A look at the state of the stamp hobby
Book review: Be thankful you’ve got the U.S. mail
Video: Denver asks "Who in the world bolts down a mailbox in the middle of a sidewalk?"
NAPS Responds To USPS Objection To MSPB Provisions In Postal Reform Bill (PDF)
Two Lifelong Democrats Who’ve Been Postal Union Members for 30 Years Explain Why They’re
Voting for Trump

August 5, 2016
NZ Post Introduces 'Little Tikes' Delivery Vehicles
Central Iowans still experiencing postal office problems
House Committee Approves Bill to Allow Post Offices to Offer Banking Services
USPS Tests Package Dropoff Kiosks for eBay Sellers
USPS: Granting Appeal Rights to More Employees is 'Unnecessary
USPS OIG Audit Report: Executive Office Compensation for Calendar Year 2015 (PDF)
Postal Service Releases 2015 Household Diary Study
Postal Service snubs New Jersey town's zip code quest, mayor outraged
From Clerk to Postmaster at One of the U.S.'s Oldest Post Offices
Individuals file suit after accident with USPS employee
Baton Rouge police bomb squad checks out suspicious package on top of postal vehicle
Video: Driver who ‘blacked out’ surrenders in death of postal worker, Vietnam vet
New post office to open in Watford City ND
Investigation continues into San Diego area mailbox thefts
APWU Challenges New Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Rules
Patriotic spiral Forever stamp features festive, energetic design
Another rash of mailbox thefts in American Canyon
Songbirds in Snow Forever Stamps Take Flight
APWU: Check It Out: Updated Organization Materials
Amazon’s latest weapon in the e-commerce wars: Its own air force
It’s time to make it harder to get dangerous drugs through the mail
Checks Stolen From Drop Boxes, Altered and Cashed

August 4, 2016
Akron Has New Postmaster
Rat Infestation Forces Post Office to Stop Mail Delivery to Apartments
USPS Helps Rural Businesses Attract Global Customers
Postal Worker Says Dog Attack Was Horrendous
Hinsdale, N.H.: It's the oldest continuously operating Post Office in the nation
OSHA finds USPS exposed workers to electrical, chemical hazards at Osceola IA facility ;
proposes $44K in fines
How employers broke unions by creating a culture of fear
Suspect ID'd in winter hit-and-run death of postal worker, Vietnam vet
U.S. Stamps: Born Aug. 4: Louis Armstrong

August 3, 2016
Pit bull under quarantine after attacking mail carrier in Wichita PMG and CFO Will Hold Media Call
on August 9 About Third Quarter Financial Results
No rail, no mail: Man says USPS stops delivery, cites porch
USPS Household Diary Study: Packages Up, Magazines Down (PDF)
Paws, claws, hooves, scales, fins and feathers featured on Pets forever stamps
Wayward bagpipe finds its way home from postal purgatory
2 hurt when Postal Service semi, SUV collide in Chicago
When Chicago’s ‘Stamp King’ stumbled upon a legendary piece of postal history

August 2, 2016
APWU: National Executive Board Endorses Hillary Clinton for President
New Zealand: Hidden camera catches mailman's sweet routine with a misunderstood dog
Heat isn't holding back postal workers from delivering mail
Guilty plea in attack on postal carrier in Kansas City
Bipartisan USPS reform legislation will strengthen agency
TSP Funds Bounce Back in July
USPS Warning Over ‘Outburst’ Flouted Labor Law, NLRB Says
Congresswoman Comstock Calls for Hearing on Insurance Premium Spikes for Federal Employees
Mail truck rolls out of control, takes out boxes
GS Marketing Wins USPS Irresistible Mail™ Award for Q1 2016

August 1, 2016
The mail lady has hung up her satchel
China postal bank's $10 billion IPO piques foreign interest
We're drone for: Terror fears over Amazon's new flying deliveries
Rome postal clerk lauded for helping save customer's life
Texas: Another LLV Burns
“Activist for Change” Seeks APWU Presidency
Henry James honored in Literary Arts stamp series
Video: Chicago's River North Post Office Reopens After More Than a Dozen Hospitalized Provides Color on USPS Pricing

July 31, 2016
Heidi Heitkamp: Why I'm bringing the postmaster general to North Dakota
Another LLV Burns
Chicago update: Almost 40 Employees Treated for Heat-Related Illnesses

July 30, 2016
After 30 years on the same route, postman retires
Postal Service worker helps man trapped under vehicle
Audit Recommends Viewing USPS as a Platform
APWU: New Pay Scales Posted
Rockford Mail Carrier Retires After 50 Years
Postal Carrier Sues Over Porch Collapse
Iredell postal workers join Million Mile Club
APWU: Three New Signoffs in the Clerk Craft
Supplier says USPS should upgrade existing LLVs while it decides on replacement vehicle
UPS Reports Strong 2Q Results

July 29, 2016
Longtime Athens post office employees retiring
Are you allowed to use those stamps for postage?
Amazon's Profits Grow More Than 800 Percent
Amazon's Already Large Distribution Empire Keeps Expanding
Update on Mail Handler contract talks
Intent on faster delivery, Amazon spends heavily

July 28, 2016
Many feds face horrible choices in November
Postal IG Looking Into Pay for Performance
USPS - 2017 Postal Pricing Considerations
PRC strongly rejects USPS attempt to circumvent the CPI cap through rules changes
ID and mail theft scam impacts at least 20 in New Haven area

July 27, 2016
Postal Workers Confront Canada Post
Pit bull named Pancake attacks postal worker in Miami
A hacker claims to have stolen credentials to USPS sites - and he's selling them on the dark web
Rally to Save the Postal Service Celebrates Postal Heritage Day
Meet Your Neighbor: Postal worker feels privileged about career
Postal workers find ways to stay cool in hot weather
Video: Long Career with Postal Service Inspiring a Decatur Man’s Music
Video: USPS in no hurry to reopen flood damaged post offices in Texas
Video: Mail thieves active in Fairbanks area
President Obama Honors Postal Heritage Day
Feds Move Nearly $2 Billion in TSP Savings to Safe, Low-Yield Investments Post-Brexit
APWU Joins Boycott of Made-in-Mexico Nabisco Products

July 26, 2016
L.A. convention-week tours (update)
Mailman OK after driving his truck into a home
Opinion: Two-tier pension plans at issue in Canada Post talks
UK: Crown postal workers to vote on strike action
Postal worker is caught being kind
APWU: In the Dog Days of Summer USPS Drivers Want Air
Video: Amazon Set to Test Drone Delivery in the UK - Build NYC Brick and Mortar Store
Video: American flag burned at Alabama post office
OIG: Nationwide Information Technology Hardware Inventory
OIG: Surf’s Up
Congressmen Press OPM for Details on Sudden Long Term Care Premium Increases
Holiday Window Views Featured on Forever Stamps

July 25, 2016
South Bunnell Residents Question Lack of Home Mail Delivery
Leaked DNC Documents Show Plan to Reward Big Donors With Federal Appointments, including
the USPS
USPS Supports Proposed Terminal Dues Structure
Why Hillary Clinton thinks making the Postal Service a bank too, is a good idea
Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary to be celebrated on Forever stamps
Postal inspector probes theft of birthday money
Letter carrier rescues girl, 14, from attack by 300 pound psychiatric patient
New APWU Contract Now Available Online

July 24, 2016
Postal inspector proceeds with attempt to suppress evidence
Postal workers meet challenge of delivering kids' postcards
In warning about the heat, President Obama praises 8-year-old who left cold drinks for his letter
APWU, Management Agree to Local Implementation Timeline
Adrift for 19 Months: The U.S. Postal Service
OIG: Can you affect your pay-for-performance outcomes?
Americans Trust the Postal Service

July 23, 2016
Amazon is planning midnight deliveries for a secret product
'Rain or shine' letter carriers walk for miles to deliver your mail Under Fire Over Reseller Discounts
New APWU Pay Rates to Take Effect Aug. 6, Retroactive Pay Expected Nov. 4

July 22, 2016
Warning: Thieves use postal service loophole to steal your identity
OIG finds maintenance, safety and security issues in post offices leased by USPS
San Antonio: Mail vandals repeatedly targeting the same subdivision
Mail carriers try to beat the heat
Plaza mailbox saved for another day
Frustrations grow as local post office falls apart
4 keystones of USPS' reform wish list
Wonder Woman Lassos Four New USPS Stamps
Man Fatally Struck by Postal Service Vehicle on Long Island
USPS Truck Hits, Kills Man Checking Flat Tire on Long Island Expressway
Postal Service hopes to expand grocery delivery service

July 21, 2016
Mail mix-up affecting downtown Seattle businesses
Postmaster raises safety concerns about Wilmore routes
Schumer: Prattsburgh needs a post office
Video: Lost in the Mail
OIG: Riding the Waves of Postal Digital Innovation
APWU: New Union Contract Town Hall Call - July 21

July 20, 2016
Celebrate ‘Postal Heritage Day’ on July 26
Keep promises made to Postal retirees
Rumors of Demise Greatly Exaggerated?
Speak Now or Hold Your Peace on Low Postal Rates From China
Chaffetz Bill Builds Hope for Postal Reform by Year's End
Michigan Man Sentenced to Prison For Mail, Identity Theft
America's Only Floating Post Office Delivers More than Mail to Detroit's Ships
Delivering a New Future to Bronx General Post Office While Honoring Its Past
Video: Virginia Boy Leaves Cold Gatorade, Water for Mailman During Heatwave
Video: Mail thieves hit southwest Reno community

July 19, 2016
Chicago: SUV slams into postal truck, killing passenger
FBI believed Orlando shooter 'wouldn't go postal'
Hot jobs: A day in the life of a mail carrier
Northhampton mail carrier gains Instagram fame
Federal long-term care premiums rising by triple digits
USPS sets record for farthest distance travelled by a postage stamp  
Con-artists using "Publisher's Clearing House" name to scam victims  
Trump’s VP Pick Supports Shrinking the Federal Workforce, Cutting Workers' Bargaining Rights   
U.S. Postal Inspection Service offers reward after armed robbery of Savannah letter carrier  
Addressing the elephant in the USPS - Rolando via  Union Democrat
Poll: Clinton Holds a Small 5-Point Lead Over Trump Among Federal Employees
Federal long-term care premiums rising by triple digits
Frustrated by postal service, Zeldin tries legislative approach for Flanders, Riverside and
Northampton zip code

July 18, 2016
Letter 'To Grandma, From Abby' delivered by determined postal worker
Video: Son of Sam survivor breaks her silence after 40 years
OIG: The Social Medium of Mail
OIG: The  Postal Service and Its User Base

July 17, 2016
Historic New Deal Post Office in Santa Barbara, CA, headed for sale
Why the Rate Cap Isn't Killing the Postal Service
Video: Prime Delivery Day for USPS
Hit and run crash sends Baton Rouge postal worker to hospital
A handful of startups are trying to solve one of the more vexing problems in e-commerce
USPS carrier Charles Griner trades one passion for another

July 16, 2016
Roanoke postal employee honored for 50 years of service
USPS Prints 400 Million Pets Stamps
Officials investigating if absentee ballots were on mail truck that caught fire
UPS Testing Saturday Ground Package Delivery
Pickup trucks get USPS stamp of approval
1 killed in collision between postal truck, SUV
Getting your mail sent to an almost-famous address can present unique challenges
Some mail saved from carrier's charred Jeep
Thieves steal mail, personal information, in 4 Texas communities
House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform leaders introduce and mark up
bipartisan postal bills

July 15, 2016
UK: Thousands of Post Office workers forced to take pension benefits cut
Provo postal workers recognized for combined 150 years of safe driving
From e-commerce to drones, USPS looks for competitive edge
Detroit: I-94 Jammed For Hours After Mail Truck Catches Fire Near Airport
Runaway mail truck crashes into tree in Spokane Valley
Canada Post strike threat a perfect situation for Big Brother
USPS Hopeful of Postal Reform, But Hurry Up and Wait?
New union contract ensures pay raises, COLAs for postal workers
Labor agreement puts brakes on Village Post Offices
OIG distributes fraud awareness poster

July 14, 2016
Pokemon Go gamers robbed at post office
Congressman introduces bill on mailbox clusters
A Magazine Resurgence? The Numbers Say No
Postal Service slow to replace mailbox destroyed by mailman
VIDEO: Eight Hour Day!
Post office spends a month without air conditioning
Postal employee alleges supervisor assaulted her at work
Voting by mail and the next election meltdown
Life Insurance open season set for September
USPS honors legendary teacher Jaime Escalante
Video: Neighbors in Colorado community report problems with mail delivery for 2 years
Postal Service statement on H.R. 5714
NPMHU: House Committee Passes Two Postal Reform Bills
NAPS: House Panel Clears Postal Reform Measure
Former postal worker received a package 26 years overdue from his late mother

July 13, 2016
NALC statement on House Postal Service Reform Act of 2016
House Committee Approves Postal Reform, Rejects Presidential Appointments
USPS Asks to Continue Grocery Delivery Experiment Until Fall 2017
Video: Illinois letter carrier hospitalized after multiple hornet stings
Online Retailers Face Patent Suits Over Package Tracking
Idealliance Report Finds ‘Chasm’ Between Industry and the U.S. Postal Service
Video: New USPS TV Ad Highlights Business Deliveries
The Postal Service Needs Transformational Reform to Survive, but Hope for Reform Is Fading
Woman arrested in connection with West LA burglary, postal key used

July 12, 2016
Postal Inspector on mail thefts: 'We're looking at better security'
Small Mon Valley towns tackling big postal delivery problems
Family Says USPS Lost Their Dad's Urn
USPS OIG Audit Report: Approved Shippers Pricing and Customer Service
Walmart offers free shipping this week as Amazon promotes "Prime Day"
Signs of progress in Canada Post labour dispute, experts say
Nebraska letter carrier helps rescue resident in “dire need of medical attention”
PMG names new Western Area VP, CISO
Canada Post drops lockout threat while talks continue
Dorsey the Mail Dog, the Tale Behind the Tail
Attorney: DOJ's Pursuit Of Post Office's Competitors Continues History Of Hypocrisy

July 11, 2016
Postman to Keep Ringing in Canada as Monday Lockout Dropped
USPS-APWU arbitration decision puts moratorium on plant consolidations and outsourcing retail
Isle of Man stamps honor Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking

July 10, 2016
Mercedes smashes into Kettering Post Office
First-day cover devotees to gather at Americover show: When and where it’s happening
Royal Mail apologizes after 'swooping' SEAGULLS' stop postal deliveries in seaside town
Clock ticking for deal between Canada Post and postal workers

July 9, 2016
Mail theft in Manteca continues
USPS launches tech-savvy customer service pilot program
Tennessee Gunman Kills Postal Carrier and Wounds Three Others in Racially-Motivated Attack
A Double Take on Postal Delivery Woes
U.S. Postal Service Wants To Deliver More Groceries
Buffalo letter carrier rescues overdose victim
President orders flags to half-staff through July 12 to honor victims of latest mass shooting
APWU Contract Arbitration Award Announced
Canada Post, union remain divided as offer of bargaining truce founders
Rep. Brady sponsors bill to have Coldspring post office renamed for slain mail carrier

July 8, 2016
Pony Express safely delivers mail to Prescott Post Office
Jeep Crashes Into Meadville Post Office
Downtown Detroit Post Office Closed Because of Power Outage
Canada Post union calls for one-month cooling-off period, “intensive negotiations”
House Republicans Block Effort to Deliver Mail Faster and Keep USPS Facilities Open
Did Postal Service force out injured workers?
Union rejects Canada Post offer of binding arbitration to settle contract dispute
Update: USPS Monitors Possible Strike in Canada
Two Books Recount How Our Postal System Created a Communications Revolution
APWU: OIG Approved Shipper Report

July 7, 2016
Bakersfield neighbors on repeated mailbox thefts: 'It's horrible, it's like an assault'
Canada Post Extends Lockout Deadline to Monday
South Nashville neighbors say they deliver each other's mail due to constant mix-ups
USPS Flooded With False Malware Positives
For $8,450, This 1984 Jeep Scrambler Could Let You Go Postal
Letter: Angel in a postal uniform
Canada Post agrees to binding arbitration in contract dispute, extends lockout notice
CUPW Files Unfair Labour Practice Complaint Against Canada Post
Accident involves U.S. mail truck, sheriff’s patrol vehicle
Four issues driving the CUPW and Canada Post negotiations
Congresswoman Susan Davis Pushes to Keep Door-to-Door Mail Delivery
APWU: Arbitrator Issues BMC Staffing Clarification
POM Revision Effective Today: Delivery Services
POM Revision Effective Today: Mail Receptacles
Handbook M-41 Revision Effective Today: Actual Delivery  

July 6, 2016
Canada Post workers prepping for picket line
Car Crashes Into Berkshire County Post Office
Cope Lawrence Retires From USPS
Firepower for the feds?
An Unhappy Birthday for the USPS
Postal Service brings cosmic convergence
The United States Postal Service: An American History 1775-2006 (PDF)
Video: 9th Circuit Revives Postal Worker's ADA Claims Against APWU
Video: Kansas Mailbox Theft Part Of Ongoing Investigation
Minot post office needs repairs to return to full operation

July 5, 2016
Canada Post issues 72-hour lockout notice, work stoppage possible Friday
There's Inadvertence, and Then There's Postal Inadvertence
Union: Canada Post shutting the door on tens of thousands of Canadian workers
How about a USPS stamp series celebrating Post Office murals?

July 4, 2016
Independence Day
July 4th: How Ben Franklin's Post Office Saved America
Postal worker suffers minor injuries in deadly five car crash in Georgia

July 3, 2016
San Antonio: Mail Carrier Wants Protection From Mosquitoes
USPS: Next Generation mail boxes now available
The first woman to be the US postmaster general got her start delivering mail 30 years ago
Letter carrier files suit over alleged dog attack
Delivering mail could sometimes prove deadly in Idaho frontier
Canada Post “extremely disappointed” with CUPW’s response to its offers
Video: Sixth Nebraska Mailbox Destroyed In Six Weeks
Indianapolis Letter Carrier Retires After 56 Years

July 2, 2016
Rural Canada Post carriers getting "paid much less with fewer benefits," says head of postal
workers union
Iconic Nashville soda shop hosts new USPS stamps launch
Author of "How the Post Office Created America" Interviewed on NPR and WNYC
Austria Presidential Election Annulled After Postal Vote Fraud
Clevelanders Meet to Save the Postal Service
Timid GOP Postal Reforms
Draft Democratic platform supports postal banking, 6 day delivery, end to pre-funding
Union presents contract offer to Canada Post: no strike until at least July 6
Pontiac APWU Local Takes Stand Against Hostile Work Environment
Unions Push Democrats to Embrace Federal Employees’ Priorities in Party Platform
UPS, Pilots Reach Tentative Agreement On New Labor Contract
Retail Council: Canada Post strike would have 'significant impact' on businesses
Video: Seattle Smoking Package-Stealing Perp
Doorbell camera captures woman taking mail in Albuquerque

July 1, 2016
Do not put yourself in danger from excessive heat and sun
Bed-Stuy Post Office is Worst in America, Residents Say
APWU: Contract Arbitration Decision Expected Soon
USPS celebrates Soda Fountain Favorites on forever stamp sheet
Video: USPS halts delivery for six weeks after cluster box breakin- resumes after TV news report
Video: You’ve got no mail- Franklin NC residents angered after not receiving mail for months
The Truth About Mail Dates
CUPW: Why Is Canada Post Hiding The Huge Surplus In The Pension Plan?
Retiring mail carrier honored by Upper Arlington neighbors
5 Reasons Your OWCP Workers’ Compensation Benefits May Be Terminated
OIG: Electronic Media Disposal
By 2024, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 28% decline in postal-service jobs

June 30. 2016
Two children of NALC members win Union Plus scholarships
Customers Question Postmaster's Return
Yanked Publications From US Postal Inspection Service
Thieves steal mail, vandalize boxes in Estates
With Amazon in mind, Wal-Mart to offer free shipping for 30 days
Court orders USPS to justify lawfulness of three standard clauses in trucking contracts
17 mobile post offices open in West Virginia after severe flooding
What you need to know about the potential Canada Post strike
Union: Canada Post “want us out and they want the public to blame the postal workers”
NARFE to Congress: Retirees Should Not be Responsible for Fixing the Postal Service’s Finances
Coalition Aims to Keep U.S. Postal Service Public
Surveillance camera catches Henderson mail thief in the act
Coalition Calls for Postal Banking

June 29, 2016
Indianapolis mailman retiring after 56 years with the USPS
Veteran postal employee becomes Memphis' next postmaster
Northville Township residents say goodbye to mailman
UPS ready for more volume in case of Canada Post work stoppage
Workers ask Canada Post to extend contract talks
Video: Wedding Invitations Lost By Post Office Begin Showing Up
Video: Residents of Texas development frustrated over lack of mail delivery
Maryland man sentenced to 8 years in prison for bribing letter carriers in marijuana conspiracy
USPS mum on Stamp Fulfillment Services operations
USPS monitors possible labor disruption at Canada Post
Congress tries again: The Postal Service Reform Act of 2016
Online Shoppers Rejoice: USPS Makes Bigger Mailbox
Postal worker ticketed after mail truck, car collide in Southbury
As New Postal Reform Bill Progresses in House, Taxpayer and Consumer Groups Voice
Delivering the mail in the age of FedEx, email
USPS Employee Identified As One Of The Six Men Raising Flag On Iwo Jima

June 28, 2016
Sellers Are Wary of eBay Advice on Canada's Postal Disruption
Feds: Man pulls knife on postal workers when caught stealing mail
APWU: Fed Up With Understaffing, Saint Louis Local Pickets Post Office
CSRS Offset and Social Security: How Will Your Annuity Be Calculated?

June 27, 2016
West Virginia floods disrupt postal operations, close post offices
Mississippi man pleads guilty in powdered letter hoax
Tractor-trailer carrying mail overturns on NY State Thruway
Canada Post warns work stoppage could begin as early as Saturday
OIG: Groceries to your Door
Federal Employee Groups Renew Push for 5.3% Pay Raise

June 26, 2016
FedEx lays groundwork for e-commerce holiday deliveries
APWU: Ballot Placement Set for Election Of APWU National Officers
Will federal audit help to figure out Roanoke mail mess?
Which classic American pickup trucks are getting stamps?

June 25, 2016
What happens when a bar code isn't covered up?
Local postal worker goes beyond call of duty
Mailman appears to pepper spray dogs in security video
Postal Service releases financial report for May 2016: Shipping services continue to surge
Complaints Persist About Mail Delivery From Post Office in Bethesda
TSP Tells Feds Not to Panic After Brexit Vote Sends Markets Tumbling
Federal-Postal Coalition Renew Fight for Huge Pay Raise

June 24, 2016
'Rural delivery' postal routes causing concern among residents
Berkeley: USPS maintenance workers remove community garden
Westford residents upset USPS stopped delivery over dead tree branch
Mail workers battling heat inside post office, as well as outside
Post Office relocation plans for Hendersonville, NC
US Postal Service Expands Alternative Energy Use
Video: Letter carrier robbed at gunpoint in Rancho Cordova CA
Video: “Mail workers in personal cars, no uniforms”- Texas TV station discovers rural delivery
Poll: Paper bank statements remain popular
NLRB Orders USPS to Release More Info on Staples Deal
Sellers Are Gearing up for Amazon Prime Day
Pensions hit FedEx, may weigh on fiscal 2017 results
Armed Citizen® | Postmen & Postmasters
OIG: How Do USPS Information Security Standards Compare with NIST Standards?

June 23, 2016
Customers frustrated with closing of Pinecraft Post Office
Postal Service truck involved in head-on collision
The App That Wants to Simplify Postal Addresses
Virginia Congressmen confirm USPS OIG to review Roanoke plant consolidation
Video: Customers question Postmaster’s return to Andrews TX post office after complaints
Star Trek Forever Stamps to be Dedicated Sept. 2
Inspector General reviewing consolidation of Roanoke postal operations after complaints
regarding lost or delayed mail
APWU: Finally, APWU Gets Official Copy of MS-1 Handbook
APWU Urges Obama to Veto Bill that Would Weaken Truck Safety
Can Chaffetz fix the Postal Service?
Retired Postal Carrier Delivered His Own $50,000 Scratch-Off Prize
FedEx Spends Big To Meet Walmart, Amazon Demand

June 22, 2016
Inspector General report accuses USPS of selling stamps to Royal Mail below face value
Pinecraft post office closed - for now
Car Plows Into Largo Post Office
Car crashes into Coudersport Post Office
Police: Mail cart, bins full of mail stolen from post office, found in park
Can Chaffetz fix the Postal Service?
Beloved antique mailbox returned to Long Island town
The PRC’s Public Representative recommends changes for emergency suspensions
Las Vegas mail carriers braving the heat
Video: Suspect wanted in connection to recent rash of Arizona mail thefts
Video: Caught On Camera: Tulsa 'Porch Pirate' Snags Medication

June 21, 2016
USPS vs. Congress
USPS OIG Audit Finds 8,918 Suspect 'Stop-the-Clock' Scans After 7PM at James A. Farley Post
Office (PDF)
A helpful smile at the Albert Lea post office
For USPS, How About Efficiency Before Exploration?
Video: Letter carrier performs CPR on 11-month-old who nearly drowned
Americans help letter carriers set record with 24th annual Food Drive results
Demolition of historic Maplewood, NJ, post office resumes this week
Printing supply trade group applauds new postal reform effort
Deadline Nears for PSEs to Sign Up for Health Benefits
Thieves steal mail out of boxes at South Florida post offices
Work for Uncle Sam? Careful about wading into the 2016 race
Man Arrested After Pot Package From Colorado Mailed To Wrong Virginia Address

June 20, 2016
Car rams Pine Grove Mills post office
Siemens automates mail sorting in USPS delivery units
Elizabeth Warren's Fight Against Payday Lenders Comes to the Post Office
Mailboxes vandalized in West Central Fresno
Postal Hub Podcast: Millennials, Politics and Direct Mail
Postal Service sells historic building where mailbags were made
Canadians could be faced with a summer postal strike
Northern Iowa city officials looking for mailbox vandals

June 19, 2016
U.S. ends $1.6 billion criminal case against FedEx
Video: Canada Post on the brink of a possible work stoppage

June 18, 2016
Amazon's first Colorado employees start work at Aurora facility
String of mailbox break-ins irks Redding neighborhood
Postal service: A family tradition
Family of postal center worker hires attorney to investigate her death
Amazon cuts shipping fees in threat to Alibaba

June 17, 2016
Canada Post Strike Looming
Who is running the Postal Service? Where is the board?
Banning postal workers make a special delivery
Postal Service Investigating Woman Who Threatened to Destroy Any Mail With Ramadan Stamp
Video: Downtown Boulder post office to lock doors at night due to people using lobby for shelter
Letter writing helps some cope after massacre
House bill would make postmaster general a presidential appointee
Changes in Postal Legislation Requiring Mandatory Medicare is an Improvement But Not the
Solution Says NARFE
Unions review latest postal reform proposal
Oversight Leaders Release Postal Reform Discussion Draft
USPS Response to House postal reform discussion draft
Video: Family of woman who died while working at Pontiac mail facility wants answers in her death
Video: Community fed up with mailbox break-ins petition for change
Bipartisan House Leaders Introduce New Proposal to Overhaul the Postal Service

June 16, 2016
Deutsche Post DHL Makes Its Own Electric Delivery Vans
Nose of the Camel? USPS Sneaks in a Rate Hike
Postal worker taken to hospital after allegedly making threats against supervisor
Postal worker overcome with heat exhaustion
Video: Mailbox thief hits northwest Valley, AZ

June 15, 2016
Convention hotel update: Hotels added
Alert postal carrier helps keep fire from spreading to Liberty home
Amazon seeking to 'heavily supplement' their delivery capabilities
Rural mail route carrier brings surprises
Postal stakeholders file comments for the PRC's 701 report to the President and Congress
Former Head of China Postal Savings Bank Found Dead in Custody
USPS: 450 Mailbox Thefts in Bakersfield Since April 1
Oops: Postal Injury Reports Inaccurate, IG Says
Forney Man Pleads Guilty to Stealing, Destroying Postal Truck in Dallas
Video: Gyrocopter pilot reports to Miami prison to do time for protest in Washington
Harvey Milk Stamp Inspires Postal LGBT Group & Book
Video: Mailbox Break-ins Have Tracy CA Residents Demanding Change
A Brief History of Children Sent Through the Mail
This huge USPS shop in Washington DC had a historic purpose
FedEx and Amazon are both under federal scrutiny for what they are shipping.
Liberty, MO: Alert postal carrier helps keep fire from spreading to Liberty home
Rural post offices vanished in 1800s, too

June 14, 2016
Dallas Man Accused of Punching Letter Carrier in the Face
"The cartel was going to want their package" Aggressively Hiring Parcel Delivery Drivers
Mongolia is changing all its addresses to three-word phrases
Postal employees using fans to cool off
Amazon Launches Locker Program in Baltimore
Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court stumbles over the Venice Post Office
Tea Party Darling Congressman Uses Taxpayer-Funded Mailings to Preach Small Government
US Postal Service’s Problems Go All the Way to the Top
OIG: Are Highway Contract Route Surveys Helpful?

June 13, 2016
Australia: Car Smashes Into Post Office
Dover Letter Carriers Honored for Million-Mile Feat
Drug Trafficking Allegations Against FedEx Head to Trial
Is There Anyone Left Still Using Snail Mail?
Pottsville mail carrier hits 50th year on job
Novel FedEx Drug-Shipping Case Left to Skeptical Judge at Trial
Two NY men charged with theft of $250K using forged USPS money orders
Wichitans wonder whether they were targets of mail/identity theft ring
President orders flags to half-staff to honor victims of latest mass shooting
Texas chiropractor who treated injured postal workers gets 14 years in prison in $17 million FECA
OIG: The Cost of Counterfeits
Mail theft continues in Northwest Bakersfield

June 12, 2016
Saudi Arabia to Privatize Postal System by 2017
Retiring Rockland postal worker has helped mail odd packages over the years
Here's how postal carriers train for the real problem of dog attacks
Iowa woman pleads guilty to stealing from US Postal Service

June 11, 2016
Letter establishes carrier academies in all USPS districts
Survey paints dismal picture of worker morale at Metroplex Mail Distribution Center in Pontiac
Some Sun City Mail Carriers Deliver on Bicycles
USPS Releases Postage Stamp at Dearborn Mosque
Just how many stamps did USPS issue at WSS-NY 2016?
Canada Post Workers Won’t Wait for Trudeau, They’re Acting Now on Pay Equity for Rural Carriers
Postal Service commemorates two most important Muslim Festivals
Video: At DNC Platform Committee, Dimondstein Offers Spirited Defense of Public Postal Service
Canada Post Drops Ridiculous Copyright Lawsuit Over Crowdsourced Postal Code Database
OIG Asks: What Can the Postal Service Do to Retain Noncareer Employees?
Mail Boat Couriers Spring Into Summer
Video: Maryland woman catches thieves stealing mail on surveillance camera
Pickup Trucks Stamps

June 10, 2016
Cleveland Postal Worker Celebrates 50 Years on the Job
USPS Rates Up on August 28? Promotions for 2017
Jackson Postal Worker Honored for 50 Years of Federal Service
APWU: House Committee Adopts Amendment to Restore Postal Service Standards, Approves
Budget Bill
Congress Denies Mailmen a Quorum: Postal Board Has Eight Open Seats
Global Postal Revenues Continue to Grow
Mail thieves stealing from boxes at night
National Postal Museum Opens Exhibition Celebrating the Centennial of America’s National Parks
Reward of up to $50,000 offered for information in Buckeystown, MD post office robbery
Mail theft drives Highlandtown woman to take case online

June 9, 2016
NALC endorses Hillary Clinton for President
Global Postal Revenues Continue to Grow
U.S. Post Office Reopens in Downtown Flint
Postal Service Announces Ramadan EID Stamps
You May Soon Be Able to Check Your Snail Mail via Email
Preliminary results confirm overall growth trend for global postal industry in 2015
USPS: Special health benefit enrollment underway
Some activities prohibited on USPS property
One year after OPM cybertheft hit 22 million: Are you safer now?

June 8, 2016
Westbrookville wins battle to keep post office
Thousands of EU Referendum Postal Votes Feared Lost in Germany
Post Office Clerk Retires After 28 Years
How the Post Office Cured "Going Postal"
Waterloo: Two homes and a USPS truck hit by gunfire
Video: Semi loses load of mail in Renton, Washington
UPS survey says consumers now buy more stuff online than in stores
USPS issues Indiana Statehood forever stamp
Federal government orders Canada Post to stop delivering Toronto “newspaper”, calling it ‘hate
Late Mail Delivery Turns Out to be Problem [Again] for Union Election by Mail
June 2016 DMM Update
Royal Mail’s Moya Greene reaps another £1.5 million pay package
Police: Cat, dog food, dog feces found in Sudbury mailboxes
OSHA proposes $77K in fines for Indy U.S. Postal Service
How Carl the Mailman Became Larchmont Village's Biggest Celebrity

June 7, 2016
Amazon Contracts For Its Own Fast Delivery From Distribution Center
Beloved letter carrier retires
Wrongfully arrested postal worker 'curious' what cop was drinking
Bremerton WA letter carrier refuses to enter legal marijuana shops to deliver mail
At Dems' convention, politicans may fight, but unions won't

June 6, 2016
Black retires after 32 years with the Carthage Post Office
Best Five Cities for Mail Carriers
Two post offices slated for closure will remain open
OSHA: Postal Service Failed to Train Workers in Emergency Plans, Blocked Exits and Routes
Postal worker plans to sue city over false arrest in Brooklyn
Battle over home grocery delivery looms
13 charged in $3.5 million mail & identity theft ring in Wichita
Pier jumping: Unique mail boat on Geneva Lake turns 100
10 Defendants in Drug Trafficking Organization Sentenced - One Defendant Was A Memphis
Letter Carrier
2017 Postal Promotions Get Out of the Gate Early
OIG: Our Spring Semiannual Report to Congress

June  5, 2016, Inc. (AMZN) CEO Says Royal Mail PLC Can’t Cope with Demand
NZ Post's cute new electric delivery vehicles
Video: Thief steals mail from Honolulu, HI home
Postal Service Has a New Role: Unwitting Drug Courier

June 4, 2016
Postcard spends 50 years in Maine, before postal worker finds rightful recipient
Postman enhances reputation of USPS
Police say teens blew up community mail boxes with fireworks
Two Men Charged with Armed Robbery of West Haven CT Post Office
Video: More complaints about lack of mail delivery in Ballard WA
USPS hit with $120K in fines for safety violations in Des Moines
New Forever Stamps Booklet features colorful celebrations
OIG: Postal Service Reporting of Occupational Safety and Health Administration Injury and Illness
Rare Inverted Jenny stamp, stolen 60 years ago, delivered in New York for $50,000 reward

June 3, 2016
Flooding leaves residents without post office in Texas
Postal IG Examining Safety of Facilities
Woman accuses USPS of wrongful termination
Wal-Mart to test last-mile delivery service with Uber, Lyft
Woman alleges injuries in accident with USPS employee
Inverted Jenny Stamp Cold Case Heats Up at World Stamp Show NY 2016
Are New Payday Loan Reforms Meaningful? Is Postal Banking a Solution?
Video: Car crashes into Pennsylvania post office
Feds: Mail fraud schemes scammed seniors
California letter carrier to Walk/Run 100th Rock ‘n’ Roll Event in San Diego
Cape Cod, Mass. postcard arrives 53 years late
Postmaster General Dedicates National Parks Stamps

June 2, 2016
OSHA’s summer heat safety campaign begins
82-year-old woman crashes car into Gibsonia post office
Large cluster mailbox ripped out of ground
Hot under the collar at USPS
India Post, a postal system for 180 years, is also about to become a bank
Why is Sparks NV post office becoming an eyesore?
Union urges ‘Yes’ to 1.6% Royal Mail offer
Snow , rain and heat not to blame- NYC PO closes because the Internet's down
Postal Service Dismantles Suspicious Devices
Postmaster General Dedicates National Parks Stamps
US Postal Inspection Service: Ethics, Integrity, Professionalism
APWU: Ron Sargent Out as Staples CEO

June 1, 2016
Postman a dog's best friend? Pit bull rescued after hours stuck in marsh
Mailboxes at Torrance Post Office Burglarized
Bezos insists Amazon isn't trying to kill UPS
USPS employee delivers end of a career after 46 years
Amazon Soars to New All-Time Highs
USPS OIG Spring 2016 Semiannual Report to Congress (PDF)
Video: Thieves steal another community mail box
Cheaper postal stamps make sense

May 31, 2016
Neighbor on stolen mail: 'I'm getting to wonder if community mailboxes are all that safe'
Mail thefts on the rise in San Antonio
USPS uses new tools to keep letter carriers safe from dog attacks
Postal Service Salutes Military Service Cross Recipients on Memorial Day With Forever Stamps
NASA’s Breathtaking Planet Images Get Stamps of Approval
OIG: More than Bargained for
Businesses stung by postal package cheaper to ship worldwide than in-state

May 30, 2016
Memorial Day
APWU Joins Allies to 'Take on Wall Street'
Detroit: Post Office repairs, replaces standard blue mailboxes
WWII letters capture vets' courage, friendship, longing for home
Massachusetts postmaster orders end to veterans charity drive on postal property
Royal Mail buys digital businesses to spur growth
USPS issues forever stamp to celebrate Stamp Act repeal anniversary
Fatal drug epidemic could be a concern due to easy delivery through the mail

May 29, 2016
USPS to announce innovative new stamp products at World Stamp Show-NY 2016
USPS Dedicates World Stamp Show-NY 2016 Forever Stamp Folio
Our View: Time to bring back postal banking
USPS Capacity Limitations Restrain Amazon To Move Away from UPS, FedEx
Shipping: Free from China, not across South Dakota

May 28, 2016
Royal Mail salutes New York FIP World Stamp Show with “Hello” Exhibition Sheet
USA Star coil strips for nonprofit mail now available from USPS
Video: Dog Attacks Nebraska Mail Carrier
N.J man, 80, 'critical' after being hit by post office truck
OIG: Is Your Post Office Safe and Well-Maintained?

May 27, 2016
New book: How The Post Office Created America
Pennsylvania letter carrier accused of indecent assaults found dead in his home
Canada Post workers go to Liberal Convention with “good ideas for better services”
Indiana mail thief sentenced to 41 months in prison
Video: Rare ‘Inverted Jenny’ stamp could sell for $1.6 million
Wish You Were Here: How Old Postcards Are Finding A New Audience
Dog-bitten Dallas mail carrier tells City Council that loose dog problem has gotten worse
Mail carriers learn to handle dogs on the job
Postal pilgrimage: 10 great places for stamp lovers
Canada Post warns biggest customers to prepare for service disruption as contract talks
More questions raised about OPM’s response to breaches of background, personnel records
Blockchain Technology: Possibilities for the U.S. Postal Service
USPS Considers Blockchain Uses Including Issuing Its Own Digital Currency ‘Postcoin’
Winchester IL post office faces emergency suspension over lease issue
New history of U.S. Postal Service delivers

May 26, 2016
Ohio window clerk foils identity theft scam
Winchester IL post office faces emergency suspension over lease issue
PO'd at Center Post Office, residents sound off on shoddy service, missed mail
April Financial Results Better Than USPS Predicted
Postal worker busts international counterfeit check scam
50-year Youngstown Postal Worker Honored for Service
Postal Workers to Dallas Officials: Handle Loose Dog Problem
NPMHU: Contract Update #8 (PDF)
Couple following mail carrier arrested in Burbank
Service Cross Medal stamps to be dedicated on Memorial Day
APWU: NLRB Hearing on Staples Concludes

May 25, 2016
Spartanburg postal worker saves man from getting scammed
Adjusted Hours at Barker Post Office Stir Concern
Residents, businesses to see mail delivery changes this summer
Postal Service Releases Financial Report for April 2016
Royal Mail escapes price caps after Ofcom says service working well
Mailers Want a Quick-Fix Reform Bill, But Will USPS Go Along?
Video: Man Accused Of Blowing Up Colorado Mailbox - to impress his girlfriend - To Appear In

May 24, 2016
Woman arrested after video shows theft of packages in West Mobile AL
Man Accused Of Blowing Up Colorado Mailbox To Appear In Court
Powerful House Republicans Endorse Major Funding Increase for USPS Regulator
Three MOUs renewed
Laredo: Post Office Finds Sixty-Three Pounds of Heroin
Report: USPS Could Create Its Own Digital Currency
Congressman Calls for 'Systemic Fix' of Postal Service
Family, friends, postal coworkers say goodbye to shooting victims
Is the Post Office Kidding Us?
Supreme Court rules for postal worker in dispute over time limit for constructive discharge claim
Video: Fresno thieves using stolen info from card skimming scam to buy postage stamps
Will Amazon’s Transportation Fleet Bring Down Hammer On FedEx, UPS?

May 23, 2016
Video: Mailbox thief says he made fake USPS master key from template found on the internet
Wal-Mart Takes on Amazon Prime With New 'ShippingPass'
Patriotism at the Post Office
Having mail delivery problems in the South Bay? You're not alone
Austrian presidential run-off to be decided by postal votes
Georgia man charged in mailbox thefts, kidnapping
Video: 'Broom Guy' - once banned from post office lot - honored at walk, fair
USPS extends contract negotiations with unions
Inverted Jenny, Object of Intrigue in Stamp World, Re-emerges After 61 Years
OIG: Viva la Commerce!
OIG Audit Asks: Have You Been Affected by International Mail Processed at the Queens P&DC?

May 22, 2016
Video: Third arrest made in armed robbery of Mississippi letter carrier
World Stamp Show comes to New York, May 28
Snakes alive ... I'm on the postman's side
A Pretty Good Quarter for USPS if You Can Ignore the Buck-Passing
The Life and Times of a True American Moral Hysteric: When the Post Office Was America's
Video: The Troubled Path of the U.S. Postal Service
Modernizing the money order
First Woman Appointed as Postmaster of Norfolk

May 21, 2016
NALC: Contract negotiations update: Bargaining to continue beyond midnight deadline
NPMHU/USPS Contract Negotiations Extended
Postal worker charged with indecent touching of three women in Bethlehem
USPS reports increase in mailbox break-ins in San Antonio area
Shipping: Free from China, not across the state
Post office, apartment officials in dispute over package delivery at apartment complex
Alaska PO closes because its sole employee is on maternity leave
Suspicious package causes bomb scare in Pottsville PA Post Office

May 20, 2016
Video: Package theft suspect linked to crash in Mobile, AL
NPMHU: Memorandum Addresses NPMHU Bidding Procedures During Bargaining
It's shockingly easy for a thief to forward all of your mail to another address
Making no cents: The Postal Service's bad business model is embodied in a recent rate decrease
Residents in northeast Washington question if their missing mail was tossed down drains
UPS boss embraces technology — but with a different vision than Amazon
APWU President champions voting by mail
Postal service found a package with ammo. Suspect was nabbed after asking why it wasn’t

May 19, 2016
Longtime Postal Worker Retires
Postal Service Has Replaced 600 Mailbox Locks in West Hollywood
30th Anniversary of Edmond Postal Shooting August 20
Postal worker dies following accident Saturday
Friends and family remember postal workers killed in Lincoln
Royal Mail warns market remains ‘challenging’ as profits fall 33%
New Zealand's Kiwibank delivers lessons for postal banking in Canada (and the US)
Congressman urges Postmaster General to release stamp commemorating patriotism of
Japanese Americans during WWII
OSHA delivers package of citations to Virginia post office
APWU: More Headaches for Staples
Postal workers picket with Verizon workers

May 18, 2016
Video: Chicago letter carrier stops delivering mail to some customers because she’s afraid of
UK Union says ‘No’ to Post Office destruction
Postal Worker Spots iPad Scam
USPS Truck Gets Stuck in Falls Church VA Backyard
APWU: Raises to be Applied to PSE Exception Pay in Motor Vehicle Craft
Post Office Workers Paid for Doing Nothing
Vigil to be held for postal carrier killed over weekend
USPS Supervisors Are Doing Work Reserved for Unionized Employees, Costing Agency Millions
Arkansas postal worker finds kids alone, covered in feces
Suspicious Letter Sent to Evansville Postmaster
Oshkosh Corp. competes for postal truck contract
OIG: Revenue Forgone

May 17, 2016
Was this couple racist? Was this mail lady overreacting?
Murder-suicide leaves three postal workers dead in Lincoln
Marijuana by mail on the rise in Austin
The Post Office Almost Delivered Your First Email
USPS Seeks Rate Hike in August, But Don't Panic
USPS OIG Report: Postmasters and Supervisors Performing Bargaining Unit Work (PDF)
Yukon postal workers join call to establish community banking service
Pompano Beach: Video of getaway car in robbery of postal worker released
Senator asks ‘What on earth did you think would happen?’ as bungling OPM security contractor
suddenly goes out of business
Milwaukee firm bids on $6.3 billion contract to build mail trucks
Video: Caught on Camera- Suspected Thieves Use Key to Clean Out Mailboxes in Sherman Oaks
Video: Brazen burglars steal mail, break into cars in Pasadena condo complex
OIG: The Mail Moment – Twice a Day
Grand Alliance Holds Hearing on Future of Postal Service; Takes Stand Against Privatization
OIG: How Good is Business Mail Acceptance?

May 16, 2016
Contract talks intensify in final week of 2011 National Agreement
Can Amazon's Market Value Hit Half a Trillion Dollars?
Should the Postal Service Venture Into Non-Postal Businesses to Improves Its Finances?
USPS Touts Ecommerce Initiatives in Bid for Postal Reform
GSA says cyber ‘mistake’ was ‘no breach'; others investigate
50 years and counting: Nova Scotia couple reflects on decades with postal service
Senator Carper Statement on U.S. Postal Service Financial Losses
Senator Carper Applauds House Committee’s Efforts to Examine Postal Reform
The Strange Case of the Postal Service’s Disappearing Board and the Warning It Provides
USPS Touts Ecommerce Initiatives in Plea for Postal Reform
NALC: Thank you for helping to Stamp Out Hunger

May 15, 2016
USPS Picks Up Canned Food  |  Tennessee  |  Vicksburg  |  Utah
Meng and Simanowitz Work to Improve Mail Delivery in Kew Gardens Hills, Queens NY
How Important Is E-Commerce to UPS and FedEx?
Australia Post backflip on charging for parcel collection
Tiffin OH Food Drive dedicated to letter carrier

May 14, 2016
NALC Food Drive Day
William Luccini talks NALC's National Food Drive on 5/14 & Standing Up to Hunger
Postal Worker Speaks About NYPD Charges
Postal worker attacked, beaten unconscious in Arlington, TX
Brothers arrested for beating postal worker unconscious

May 13, 2016 Prepares to Take 1-Hour Delivery Mainstream
Testimony of NALC's Fredric Rolando to House Committee on Postal Reform (PDF)
Video: Oldest post office west of the Mississippi may soon close its doors
UPS Enables Users To Track Location Of Their Delivery On Live Map
Linda Malone named Cap Metro Area VP; Cintron and Cronkhite win HQ promotions
Canada Post emergency instructions for Alberta fire evacuees
Video: Help NALC and USPS stamp out hunger tomorrow!
Video: Rolando testifies before House committee
Acting PRC Chairman Taub Outlines Postal Service Challenges in PRC Testimony to House
Video: Postal service ‘doing well,’ loss of $2 billion a congressional ‘hoax’ – Union boss
APWU: IT/AS Employees Ratify Extension of 2011 Agreement
Video: $100K reward offered in fatal postal bombing
KY Teens Charged with Arson, Postal Worker Injured While Attempting to Put Out Fire
Bank robber thwarted by postal worker in Concord, NH pleads guilty

May 12, 2016
Charges dropped against mailman arrested by belligerent cops
Joplin's new postmaster speeds up service
Retired postal worker hiking Appalachian Trail
The Top Ten Cities for Dog Attacks on Postal Workers
Not exhausting administrative remedies leads to loss in discrimination suit against USPS
Acting Chairman Taub Outlines Postal Service Challenges in PRC Testimony to House Committee
Kentucky letter carrier injured in garage fire
Bill coming soon to address 'serious but solvable' USPS woes
Wal-Mart testing 2 day shipping service simlar to Amazon Prime

May 11, 2016
"Lancaster County Stamp Out Hunger 2016" on YouTube
Mail thefts soar as thieves target neighborhood mailboxes
No mail delivery in Seattle neighborhood for three years
3 Ways to Cut USPS Losses: Chop People, Offices and Delivery Days
Reward offered to find men who robbed Pompano Beach postal worker
Is your mailman (unwittingly) a drug dealer?
Video: LA Mail Thefts Soar As Thieves Target Mailboxes, Post Office Drop-Offs
USPS on-time delivery performance for Q2 2016 improves but still below targets
USPS calls on Congress to fix its ‘fundamental financial challenges’

May 10, 2016
About 273,000 union workers and retirees are about to learn the fate of their pensions.
Why 8,737 UPS retirees are bracing for pension cuts
Postal Truck Hits Child in Euless
Mailbox cluster stolen from San Antonio neighborhood
Man crashes into downtown Elgin post office
NJ firefighters extract carrier from flipped LLV
USPS to resume mail delivery to Pittsburgh street deemed too hazardous
PMG discusses Link mobile, USPS finances
Structural issues temporarily close Raymond post office
USPS Commits to Doing Better in 2016
USPS reports FY 2016 second quarter results: operating profit (before PAEA charges) reaches
$1.8B year to date
Video: U.S. Government Shuts Down One Of The Longest Running Mail Frauds In History

May 9, 2016
40 years later, Kimball Post Office bomb's still a mystery
USPS Tests Ads on Receipts
NALC and USPS Partner to Stamp Out Hunger
OIG: New York Morgan Processing and Distribution Center Efficiency
OIG: So Trendy

May 8, 2016
Mother's Day
NALC Food Drive is This Saturday, May 14
Halted community mailbox program cost Canada Post $76 million
Southern California: police arrest mother and daughter for drugs, mail and ID theft
AFL-CIO endorses BCTGM boycott of Mondelez International snack foods made in Mexico

May 7, 2016
Rural Carriers Receive Million Mile Awards
Our nation's drug problem is also a postal service problem
A Deep Ellum postal center closes abruptly, leaving hundreds without mail
25,000 and Counting: The Ultimate Post Office Photo Collection
APWU: Contract Arbitration Hearings Conclude Decision Expected in 30 to 60 Days
Canada Post Continues “Healthy Profits” – Shows We Can Expand, says Union
On-Time Delivery of Mail Fell Precipitously in 2015

May 6, 2016
Claim: Direct Mail Plays Critical Role in Reaching Millennial Voters
Post office hour cuts taking toll
Postal Service rep says no new post office for Royse City
Post office lost painting of man's beloved, late wife
Fix My Mail survey inspires customer service program in ND
Postal Review a “Historic Opportunity” to Reinvent Canada Post, Say Posties
Amazon deal doubles size of air cargo fleet
Witnesses say Chicago home invader wore postal uniform
Video: Michigan man charged with scamming US Postal Service for $400K
NAPUS: Part Time Postmasters Pay Changes, Conversion Option
Suspect accused of ‘fishing’ more than $20,000 worth of checks from U.S. mailboxes caught after
chase in Milton

May 5, 2016
Sandston postal center cited for work dangers
Man awarded $5.7 million in crash suit involving postal worker
Monrovia woman faces federal case in alleged pepper spray attack on postal carrier
Another eBay seller accused of major postage fraud
USPS Touts Supply Chain Diversity as Secret to Customer Success
NRP Lawsuit Proceeds for Postal Worker Removed After Injury
PRC report finds USPS did not meet key performance goals in 2015
PMG and CFO to Host Media Call on 2nd Quarter 2016 Results
NAPUS says GAO report supports its call for a moratorium on PO changes
Video: Women Wearing Postal Uniforms Part of Clever Identity Theft Scheme
Man Narrowly Avoids Awning Collapse At La Mirada, CA Post Office
Honoring Our Public Servants. Connecting Citizens with Their Government.
USPS: Sprint service, support end May 23 - PEN
OIG: Should the Postal Service Have Fewer Leased Trailers?
OIG: Does your current mail delivery time meet your needs?

May 4, 2016
AFL-CIO endorses BCTGM boycott of Mondelez International snack foods made in Mexico
Post man says farewell after 30 years on the job
Cobb County couple: Is the post office forging signatures?
Postal Service puts in extra effort to find flying monkeys
UPS Looks to Extend Range, Efficiency With Large Workhorse Hybrid Delivery Truck Order
GAO questions USPS cost savings on POStPlan, USPS questions GAO's tone
Jeffrey C. Johnson named USPS Information Technology VP
The giant who still makes house calls

May 3, 2016
Postal worker recovering after being hit during street race (includes video of the collision)
USPS Comments On Postal Pulse Survey Results
Wanted: Engagement leaders - USPS Seeks Nominations For New Management Level Award
APWU Website 'De-Links' Local Websites During Union Election Period
NPMHU: 2016 Walk to Cure Diabetes
Denmark: Post Danmark will drop one day of deliveries and eliminate next-day mail
Australia Post to charge a late parcel pick up fee

May 2, 2016
UK: Sub-postmasters seeking compensation after post office IT glitch led to jailings,
bankruptcies and ruined reputations
Residents demand speeding crackdown after drag racers hit postal truck
USPS Blog: Mule Mail
Should We Bring Back The Postal Banking System?

May 1, 2016
Akron Postmaster Retires Friday
Modesto mail carrier thwarts rock-throwing thief, saves wedding
Mail delivery suspended after pit bulls bite mailman
LLV flips on side after being rear-ended in Highgate VT
Video: Houston letter carrier in critical condition after being hit by alleged street racers
HCR driver retires at 96
Help sought in mail delivery impass on Maine island
Memories of the way the post office used to be

April 30, 2016
Woman arrested for using counterfeit mailbox key
Post office pulls off Tax Day miracle for Buffalo Grove woman
Postal workers forced to find parking
A Day in the Life of a Postal Worker
Three Charged in $300K Postal Money Orders Scheme
How Will the Presidential Election Affect Mail?
'New Yorker' gets a lot of things wrong about the USPS
GAO: Post Office Changes Suggest Cost Savings, but Improved Guidance, Data, and Analysis Can
Inform Future Savings Efforts
Postal Service Previews Spectacular National Parks Stamp Pane
APWU: OIG: USPS Cost-Cutting Strategies ‘Not Sustainable’

April 29, 2016
Cape Coral Businesses vs Post Office: End Late Deliveries!
APWU: Cuts to Service and Jobs Jeopardizing USPS
NALC CCA Resource Guide Now Available Online
Amazon Stock Soars With Latest Earnings Report
Why Finland's Mail Carriers Are Mowing People's Lawns
Forty 'Known' Mail Fishing Victims in HB
Senator Calls for National Vote-By-Mail to Fight Back Against New Barriers to Voting
UPS takes back some last mile deliveries from USPS as earnings rise
Heitkamp Gets Commitment from PMG to Visit ND After Receiving Fix My Mail Survey Results
PostNord sees “impressive momentum” in e-commerce growth
Canada Posties Win Big: Tory Back-to-Work Legislation Ruled Unconstitutional

April 28, 2016
Survey Finds Turmoil in Postal Workforce
Australia Post releases beautiful butterflies with a new stamp issue
Sleepy Eye Mail Carrier Promoted to Postmaster in Springfield
Philly's mail center chaos cost city more than $1.5 million
Royal Mail may ban deliveries over mail snatching cat
NYPD cop charged in beating postal worker was sued for allegedly hitting man with baton
Deer jumps through window, damages post office
'Neither Snow nor Rain' showcases colorful history of US Postal Service
‘Free’ Shipping Crowds Out Small Retailers
Family blames USPS truck for causing crash
Caught on camera: Calm thief swipes packages from porch
APWU: $56 Million Settlement Deadline is April 29
Video: Never Put A Check In Your Mailbox
Sinkhole punctures Indiana post office parking lot
Mail scam hopes to confuse into sending cash

April 27, 2016
USPS Recognized as 2016 Top Federal Agency for Supplier Diversity
Post Office to Teton park: Your stamp isn't in the mail
NALC Won't Let Fired Letter Carrier Use Own Attorney at Arbitration?
Post office mural stands the test of time
Thinking about the future of the post office: An interview with the OIG’s Amanda Weaver
Congressman asks constituents: Got Mail?
Maine post office burglarized, reward offered
UK: Labour Party leader says Royal Mail should be brought back into public ownership
Senate Committee Approves Key Nominations Including Nomination Of Jeffrey Rosen To Serve
On The Postal Board of Governors
Burglar Sues Off Duty Postal Employee Who Shot Him: ‘I’m Lucky to Be Alive’
4 ways the U.S. Postal Service thinks it could redefine it’s diminishing role in your life
South Orange Calls Meeting with USPS Over Residents’ Complaints

April 26, 2016
Postal Service to Hold Job Fair in Sioux Falls
Man who blew up mailbox wanted to impress girlfriend
Berkeley: Activists celebrate legacy of 17-month post office occupation
Queens: Cops arraigned in beating of postal worker
USPS, VA Shuffle Chairs of IT Executives
USPS Can’t Be Sued Over Delayed Wedding Invitations, Judge Says
Theodore Roosevelt National Park featured on NPS centennial forever stamp
Philly Branch 157 - Congrats to the latest Million Mile Award Winners at Fox Chase Station
APWU: Idaho Sends Resolution Opposing Plant Consolidations to U.S. Senate
eBay: Update On USPS Scheduled Pickups: “Other” Mail Class
USPS: Ambassadors to train managers across nation

April 25, 2016
MAIL THEFT: Frustrated victims ask, ‘What are you supposed to do?’
McCaskill: Is USPS undercharging FedEx and UPS?
NYPD cop charged in postal worker beating was sued for allegedly whacking man with baton
OIG: Deep Cuts
Want Your Village Post Office Back? Sign Your Name

April 24, 2016
Communities and Postal Workers United Spring 2016 Newsletter (PDF)
New Rules for Semipostal Stamps
Man accused of 'going postal' at Taunton post office
Senator Decries 'Shameful' Colleagues for Leaving USPS Board With Only One Member
Stunning star trail photo celebrates Mt Rainier on new forever stamp
Stamp highlights San Francisco Maritime Historical Park
Thieves raiding San Fernando Valley mailboxes prompt USPS to take action
Mary-Anne Penner permanently appointed as USPS director of stamp services

April 23, 2016
Months before post office tragedy, employees complained about parking lot safety: union rep
Fort Yukon Post Office Reopens Amid Tax Filing Hassles, Delayed Medicine
USPS OIG Audit Report: USPS Handling of OWCP Claim Forms (PDF)
How the Postal Service Can Innovate Its Way Out of Financial Trouble
The Nineteenth-Century Idea That Could Keep the Postal Service Alive
Poll: How has PMG Megan Brennan done compared to her predecessor, Pat Donahoe?
Video: Mailbox Theft Plagues Vallejo CA Residents
USPS Orders an Additional 3,339 Extended Capacity Delivery Vehicles
Video: Problems with mail delivery continue for Orange County FL residents

April 22, 2016
Postal Worker Helps Police Nab Package Thief
USPS Closing Pocahontas Post Office Citing Numerous Safety Concerns
USPS: Hundreds of people fishing mail out of collection boxes in NYC
Three Men Rob Connecticut Post Office
'For the Love of God, Please Help,' USPS Worker Beaten By NYPD Yells on 911
A tough first year for Postmaster General Megan Brennan
Two plead guilty in New York Post Office robbery
There is a reason Congress is on the Postal Service’s back
MA Postal Worker Helps Police Thwart Package Thief

April 21, 2016
Former Mailman to Be Sentenced Today for Gyrocopter Stunt
Fresno: Postal Service makes do with skeleton crew
Police investigating possible pipe bomb explosion at Arvada mailbox
Finland's Postal Workers to Mow Lawns
Pocono Summit Postal Staff Save Co-Worker With CPR
Veteran Postal Worker Pepper Sprayed Over Traffic Incident in Pasadena
The MPA, the Postal Service, and the Battle for Affordable Shipping
The Postal Service Honors Shirley Temple
Man on motorized mountain bike crashes into postal delivery van
NYPD detectives charged with assaulting postal worker who accidentally gave directions to cop
USPS: Employees should heed political activity rules
National Association of Letter Carriers Comments on Importance of Postal Service to Central
NPMHU Issues Contract Update #4
Postmates, Amazon, Uber and the drive toward one-hour deliveries

April 20, 2016
Stand up to Verizon with CWA & IBEW
Ohio letter carrier saves woman’s life
Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens featured in National Park forever stamp series
Bierstadt painting “Scenery in the Tetons” featured on National Parks forever stamp
Iowa postal distribution center exposes workers to forklift injuries
Video: Two Charged In Robbing A Mississippi Postal Worker
Video: Florida Mail Thief Targets Post Office Drop Box
Video: Stamp Highlights Mount Rainier National Park
More 'mail phishing' reported in the Bronx
Senators Tackle Drug Trafficking Via Mail Systems
FSS – A Four Letter Word

April 19, 2016
Vehicle Strikes North Clarendon Post Office
Here's How USPS Cut $10 Billion in Labor Costs Since 2006
Watch: Late filers crowd Dallas post office ahead of tax deadline
Postal worker, juvenile shot in SE DC
Shot while on the job
Las Vegas: Mobile post office pops up on the Strip for tax day
Good Money After Bad? Mailers Try to Block FSS Expansion
Inside the Transformation of the Bronx General Post Office
They Burn in India Too
USPS Northeast Area VP Rick Uluski to retire, Ed Phelan named Acting VP
Video: Maine Islanders want former mailman back

April 18, 2016
Coachella's Tiny Post Office Struggles
Petition to Reassign Head of Canada Post to Deliver Letters
Tax Day is Here
Why Amazon Still Can't Crack the Grocery Industry
USPS Works on a Fix to the Package Pickup Problem
Fort Yukon Residents Fly to Fairbanks to Mail Tax Returns After Post Office Closure)
Letter carrier gets cake in the shape of a 2-ton delivery vehicle after driving one million miles
Late night stake out nabs Largo FL mail thief
Shirley Temple Becomes the 20th Inductee in the Legends of Hollywood Stamp Series
OIG: Tis the Season for Political Mail
OIG: Peeling the Onion: The Real Cost of Mail

April 17, 2016
Miles for Merritt covers route of mail carrier two years after her death in intentionally set fire
Drones Could Soon Be Delivering Mail in the Land Down Under
Kansas letter carrier rescues fallen customer

April 16, 2016
To deliver the mail, you have to learn to drive the truck
Postal worker's fun project: A big rubber-band ball
Postal Service Will Close Collection Boxes Along Boston Marathon Route
USPS: EAP introduces online counseling
AWPU Negotiates New Health Benefit for PSEs
APWU President Mark Dimondstein: 2-Cent Postage Cut is ‘Bad News’
Cops, Community Combine to Catch Alleged Mailbox Fisherman

April 15, 2016
APWU: Union Winds Up Opening Round in Contract Arbitration
'Completely ridiculous' mandate hinders mail delivery to Maine island
USPS to Accept Mail Until Midnight on Tax Day in Sioux Falls
USPS offers last-minute tax mailing tips
Tax Day is Actually April 18 This Year
Inspection Service offering $50K reward for information on letter carrier attack in Rockford IL
Stolen in 1955, famous 'inverted Jenny' stamp resurfaces
Postal inspectors offer $10K reward to identify mail thieves
How the Internet Killed Off Tax Day Parties at the PO
Australia Post Drone Delivery Trial Takes Flight
Haleakala National Park celebrated in National Park Service’s Centennia
Retired United States Postal Service Executive Sentenced to Probation
PRC Seeks Public Comment on Report to the President and Congress

April 14, 2016
Check was in the mail - for 69 days
Brainerd-area postal worker suspected of threats, possessing grenade
Rural carriers ratify new contract
Postal Regulator Seeks Public Comment on Report to the President and Congress
Retired USPS Executive Sentenced to Probation on Influence Peddling Charge
Senator McCaskill accuses USPS of using “emergency suspensions” to close post offices
Mail truck catches fire in downtown Jackson TN
Stamp Highlights Gulf Islands National Seashore - 9th of 16 Stamps Celebrating National Park
Service's Centennial

April 13, 2016
Video: USPS mail truck stolen in Oakland recovered, mail gone
USPS Response to Taxpayers Protection Alliance
Video: Stamp Highlights Grand Canyon National Park In National Parks Series
Senator Tester Continues His Fight To Strengthen Montana's Rural Post Offices
Coroner releases name of Georgia postal employee killed in wreck with logging truck
The Postal Service is still working to resolve a situation with lead contamination
Video: Glacier Bay National Park Featured As Part Of National Parks Centennial
Will Publishers Be Ready for the USPS’s Data Deluge?
New Qatar shipping service to deliver packages by drone

April 12, 2016
Sue Johnson, Longtime Duvall Postal Clerk, Retires After 33 Years
Postal Carriers Could Get Help Hauling Ecommerce Packages
USPS Promotes Kristin Seaver to CIO
Postal Service Agents Will Trawl Facebook, Dating Sites to Root Out Fraud
OSHA Cites Urbandale Postal Facility for Violations
Postal police evict Berkeley Post Office occupiers
Carper Reiterates Need for Congress to Pass Postal Reform Legislation
NY State Police, Inspection Service arrest 22, seize drugs, weapons and cash in ‘Operation
Pandora’s Box’
Seven Smart Ways to Use Your Postal Savings
OIG: Pain in the Passport
Video: 24th annual Letter Carriers’ Stamp Out Hunger® Food Drive
USPS Helping Employees Identify Franked Mail
Two-cent price cut could mean $2 billion headache for Postal Service