Chester Post Office
Margaret Polite with Fred
Rolando at the Installation
Dinner for National Officers

November 2, 2017

Margaret Polite Retirement - Chester Office

Andy Kearney - Webmaster

Last night at our General Meeting President Rhonda Massari had the honor of awarding Margaret Polite with her watch in recognition of her retirement.  Margaret has been active in
this Local for a long time and still remains active after her retirement attending Union meetings and encouraging all our members to vote and use their voice to get members of
Congress to understand the needs of all Postal Workers and Union members as a whole.  She also goes to Capital Hill every year for the Congressional breakfast to show support
for those ideals.  Margaret mentioned in getting the watch from Rhonda that it was special to her because Rhonda had the Route next to hers.  They where from different Offices,
she was from the Springfield Office and Rhonda from the Clifton Heights Office,  but met each other from time to time.  Rhonda was the one who encouraged her to get to Union
meetings and get more involved.  The rest is history.  While we celebrate her retirement we know that Margaret will still be around to be that voice of reason and encourage our
members to get out and vote and make the Public aware of what Congress is trying to do to the Postal Service and what the Customer expects from it.  And we are not just a better
Local but a better Union because of the efforts of people like Margaret.
Chester Letter Carrier Larry Elliot's
Final Salute

January 30, 2020

Awards Day At Chester Office

Andy Kearney - Director Of Retirees

What a great day in Chester.  First the office was recognized for zero dog bites in 2019 by District Manager Judy Herrick along with all the District POOMS as well as the Safety Teams from both the Postal Service and
Union team.  Jay Nichols and our Branch's representative Joe Pease along with the other members expressed their admiration to the Chester Office for this amazing achievement.  But, that was only the beginning.

I want to thank the Chester Office for allowing me to be a part of this great day.  And again I want to say to all of you well done.
Dan Magee was given an award  for 25
years of service
And I had the honor of presenting Brenda Day
her retirement watch after 35 years of service.

May 27, 2020

Million Mile Awards - Chester Office

Eric Jackson - Vice President

Congratulations to Butch Butakis, Vaughn Davis, Mike Tancredi and Chris Thomas on getting their Million Mile Awards today from District Manager Judy Herrick in Chester today.  Thirty years without an accident dealing
with all the weather and other conditions we do is a tremendous achievement.