Upper Darby Post Office

August 30, 2019

Retirements - Upper Darby Office

Celebrating the retirements of Bill Staiber,Jay Staiber and Carl Washington of the Upper Darby Post Office, was highlighted by the love and affection shown toward these three long time Letter Carriers. The
celebration was filled with well wishes and kind words by all, but most notability by Dan Staiber, brother of Bill and Jay. The event was filled with laughter and some tears. It was truly an honor to celebrate with
the employees of the Upper Darby Post Office.  The District Manager Judy Herrick,  POOM Danielle Candelora along with former Postmaster  Joe Sheehan were present to share in the celebration.
Former NALC Branch 725 President Jim McCullough, and Stewards past and present, Steve Grassi, Karen McPoyle and Ellen Tarasca helped with the presentation of the NALC watch.  The watch is given as a
token of  appreciation for many years of Union membership. Please join me in Congratulating Bill, Jay and Carl on their retirement and in wishing them a very Long, Happy, and Healthy retirement.

Photos left to right

Bill Staiber, Jay Staiber, Carl Washington

Retired Postal Workers Bill,Jay and Carl
Goodbye Tension...
Hello Pension!!!

Not only did Jay retire today, he was presented with a Million Mile Award highlighting more than 30 years of accident free Driving. Congratulations Jay!  So proud of your accomplishment!

December 5, 2019

Retirement - Upper Darby Office

Anne Pavese from our Upper Darby Office retired in February.  We were finally able to get together so that we could honor her and present her with her retirement watch.  We make every effort to acknowledge
our members achievements and it is never too late for us to do that.  We appreciate your membership and hard work.  We wish you a long and healthy retirement.