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A Union Helps Me Sleep

By Andrew Kearney, Branch 725

My wife and I both worked for a Bank for over 16 years. We went through a lot of mergers. And the last financial crisis during that time, the Bank would layoff people based on how much money they made and not how well they performed or years of service they had. They would rather keep someone who got the lowest pay increases than someone who worked their tail off and was a dedicated employee. Slugs were safe from losing their jobs. Money was their bottom line. With the economy the way it is a lot of Unions are taking it on the chin. A lot of people are looking at us as the cause of some or most of it. Demanding too much money and too many benefits. The UAW comes into the conversation especially when they are trying to make their point. But they don't have an explanation as to why the Union employees are wrong for trying to protect their jobs and their futures but it is ok for Upper Management of those same companies to make such huge salaries and bonuses and drain assets from the company until it fails. The lame excuse some give - Republicans mostly - is that we live in a free market society and they deserve to make as much profit as they can. Unions argue that if the profit is there then there is enough for them to get what protections they need and there is still enough money left over for the Fat Cats to make a great living. And we all can continue to do so because we have a healthy work environment. I worried every year when I worked at the Bank whether I would have a job or not when the next merger or crisis came. A Union makes me sleep a lot better. Unions aren't perfect but given the alternatives I will take a Union every time.