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Bala 2010 Holiday Party

By Eric K. Jackson, Branch 725

In the Bala Cynwyd Post Office, we pride ourselves on working through the daily grind by keeping our morale up. Or if it's not high, it's expressive! We "breakem" all day, everyday. Having thin skin does not bode well if you work in our office. All in "good clean fun" (as we say), we try to make our work experience a pleasant one.

Each year we have a holiday party after the holidays to get together, and share some time away from work. Because of great people who run our sunshine club, namely Martin Ferris and Ray Johnson, we eat and drink for a few hours all on the money produced during the year through our vending machines. The party is always good respectful fun held at the Chili's on Cityline avenue.

This year, many people attended including former coworkers and retirees. It's always good to see our former coworkers. But why do all the former coworkers always look so happy?

So again, many thanks to all who attended and all of our coworkers who make "work" not just work. All the drama and happenings makes for interesting times.

Our next big event is our "Backyard Barbeque" that is held in conjunction with the NALC Fooddrive. It promises to be the best one yet. See you there. And to all the other offices out there, like prison, we are stuck together. So, we might as well make the most of it, have a good time, and let the stress out at work so that our families get the best of us when we return home daily.