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Rhonda Massari was appointed to the Pennsylvania NALC Board. She will be replacing the legendary Don Coughlin who stepped down





































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  • Consolidation There is a meeting next Thursday (September 9, 2010) about the consolidation of 10 Offices. Folsom will be merging with Glenolden, Merion Station with Bala Cynwyd, Woodlyn with Ridley Park, Essington with Norwood and Villanova with Wayne...... details to come as we get them
  • Property Damage If you have accidentally done damage to a customer's property (i.e. kicked a pottery piece while walking on the stairs causing it to break up to damage during a vehicle accident be on notice. The local Post offices have been sending out letters asking carriers to sign a responsibility waiver and asking you to pay for the damages. If you get such a letter do not pay it and call the union office immediately . The Post Office is a self insured company. This means they pay tort claims themselves rather than pay insurance companies high fees. What we get is their backing for "cost of doing business" type happenstances or discipline for serious negligent accidents. Either way, we do not pay for our mistakes with money!
  • Flat Sorting Machines Projected to go on line as early as June 2010 has been postponed according to a Postal Official. They want to "get out the kinks" and projects to go online February 2011. This Flat Sorting Machine date of implementation will probably move around (amid rumors) many more times. Stay tuned!
  • Consolidation Rumors are running rampant that the Merion Station Post Office will merge into the Bala Cynwyd Post Office. Until we get word it is just that, a rumor.
  • Consolidation the Newtown Square Post Office has moved into the Media Annex due to loss of their lease.
  • 5 Day Delivery would cause 10,000 postal jobs.
  • FSS Flat Sorter Machines implementation date has been moved up to June 2010 according Nalc Branch 725 President Jim McCullough at the General Meting on February 3, 2010. He also reports the estimate for letter carrier jobs lost from each machine will be about 100.
  • FSS Flat Sorter Machines looks like they will be here as planned in the summer. The three machines were projected by the PO to be online in July 2010. Most of the staff downtown is away at a training session regarding the flat sortor machines. Sounds like sooner versus later folks!
  • Merger The Merger is complete. The Wynnewood Post Office has now merged with Upper Darby/Havertown. I was at the office on January 26, 2010 and the office is coexisting. Management is pleased with the transition and I did'nt get any complaints so far from the few carriers that I spoke to. Other offices lookout.....
  • Merger On January 18, 2010 the Wynnewood Post Office will merge with the Upper Darby Post Office at Havertown. Meaning the equipment and people will move to Havertown but Havertown is a part of Upper Darby. All bidding is done as one office.
  • Excessing President McCullough and Vice President Massari attended a meeting on the week of November 2,2009. They were told that excessing will start soon. Be on the lookout for notification letters
  • 5 offices being examined for September's data are Darby, Villanova, Kennett Square, Narberth, Media
  • Retirement Settlement A settlement was reached between the NALC and the USPS that gives employees considering retirement the right to a face to face consultation with a counselor "on the clock"
  • Excessing The Philadelphia District will soon start excessing Letter Carriers. Word is plans are to keep city carriers in the city and Carriers from the AO's in the AOs. This sounds like there is adequate room for movement within the District. So the worst-case scenarios of 100-500 mile radiuses seem out of the picture. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
  • Flat Sorting Machines (FSMs) are scheduled for July 2010. Most likely it will be the quarter after that. Three (3) Machines are purchased for our district. One goes to the 190s, one for the 191s, and one for the NDC (old BMC).
  • 5 Day Delivery Internal USPS documents state that the Postal Service will implement 5 day delivery starting November 2010 (Congressional approval will be needed. The NALC will fight to the end in opposition of this action ).
  • USPS has suffered a $2.4 billion loss for its 3rd quarter this fiscal year.
  • USPS has reduced its workhours by 88 million for the first three quarters of FY2009.
  • USPS volume has declined across the first three postal quarters by a total of 12.6 percent.
  • USPS volume has declined during PQ 3 by 14.3%.
  • USPS's adjusted net loss for the first 9-months of this fiscal year is $4.69 billion.
  • At today's (August 5, 2009) USPS press briefing, Postmaster General Jack Potter spoke about the Postal Service's financial position before and after its Retiree Health Benefit (RHB) expenses. He said that, had it not been for the postal retiree health payments, the USPS would have made over $3.3 billion in FY2007, instead of turning in a $5.1 billion loss. In FY2008, the Postal Service would have made $2.8 billion, instead of losing $2.8 billion. This fiscal year, the Postal Service is projecting a total $7.3 billion loss including its RHB payment. Without having to make that payment, the Postal Service would lose only $1.9 billion.
  • TEs New Termination date Most of the Te's still hanging around will be let go by management on or about October 3, 2009. Stay tuned. This issue changes like the wind.
  • Three FSM Machines coming to our area Word is two FSM(Flat Sorting Machines)have been purchased for our area. Two for us and one for Southeastern. They are reportedly due to go online in 2010. That means more route cuts for us. Everyone will have an office time of about an hour. Shake that out to how many routes we lose.
  • Branch 725 regulars made The call came in for 3 regular carriers to be made (Wednesday, July 1, 2009). Reportedly they are in Narberth and Coatesville. Their grievances stemmed from their being schdeduled to be made before this last article 12 was implemented.
  • Five Day Delivery is starting to gain steam. With the economy the way it is, everything that comes through Congress is looked at from a monetary perspective. And when Postal issues arise before Congress, all they hear are our billions of dollars in losses. The Postmaster General stated earlier that he would not relent on the 5 Day Delvery issue. And all you have to do is read the daily articles page and you will get the feeling that it now has a chance to come to reality. Postmaster General Potter then uses this issue as a "life line" to save the Post office. Shame on him......Because Postal mismanagement has nothing to do with a percentage of our problems. The five day delivery will serve as means to cut so many jobs. That is the bottom line!
  • Mail Volume The mail volume continues to drop at an unprecedented rate. When you hear new figures stating "1st class mail is down 20% from last year" that number is on top of the last few years of mail decline. Also, our main revenue maker is 1st class mail. Because with our infrastructure(machines) we have the capacity to deliver an unlimitd amount of letters without much more cost in labor. That 44 cents can add up quick. So, what we have now is mail, but that mail is not as "valuable"(less money generated) as before when we had more 1st class mail.
  • 123 TEs in the Philadelphia District will be unceremoniusly terminated by July 3, 2009. Happy 4th of July from your neighborhood Post Office!!!!!
  • There is a TE who is a 204B (not in Branch 725) in an office working hard for the Management "cause" but does not know she will be terminated as she goes around giving out daily "orders". How Ironic!
  • "Mail Sale" The P.O. came up with an idea to give it's mailers discounts(sale) for the summer on their rates for selected products(i.e. cataloges). The measure passed recently by Congress is intended to get some mail into the stream for the summer months. Let's hope that it helps us during our september period of evaluation for route adjustment. This information is gathered from our daily articles section of the website. Stay current, read the daily articles.
  • Clerks have just started to be excessed into carrier positions as a part of the numerous article 12 restrictions that this branch are under. Unfortunately, there is a national level grievance against this because the P.O. has a responsibility to fill their clerk positions first.
  • A Bit Of Good News! - - Parcel express/global logistics: USPS is proving to be strong rival
  • Last contract negotiation - President Young reported at the Region 12 Rap Session that the final items on the table during our last contract negotiation was:
    • Layoffs
    • Omit the TSP matching funds
    • Omit the COLA
    • The interim route adjustment process
    He asks all carriers, "which one would you choose?"
  • On the table from Postal managent - President Young reported at the Region 12 Rap Session that PMG Potter has two issues on the table for him now:
    • Defer upcoming 1.9% pay raise and spread it over the next contract
    • Give back our COLA
    Of course, the answer from him was NO! But this gives you an idea of what is going on at the top
  • Letter Carrier Overtime - With the addtion of TE carriers with the last contract, letter carriers were concerned about the impact it would have on their overtime. The results from last year show a decrease nationwide from 12% to 8%. This drop has to have something to do with the dercrease in volume as well as the addition of the TE's.
  • Mail Volume - Has dropped by 18 Billion pieces last year. This trend has continued so far this year.
  • COLA - Only 8% of Working Americans have a Cost Of Living Allowance.
  • FSS - The Flat Sorter Machines that were projected to get here in about 2011 have been put on hold. For them to be "cost effective" they would require many flats. And that is one thing that we don't have right now.
    • Only the ones that were previously purchased will come on line.
    • One example of the impact of the decrease in mail(flats) volume is that the FSS machine purchased for the Hamilton, NJ area was only scheduled to handle flats from outside of Trenton, NJ. Now, with the decrease, the flats for Trenton will be run on the machine as well.
  • Injured Carriers - We are now in Phase 2 of the NRP (National Reassessment Program). See related story Injured Carriers Beware! and make a copy for the carriers in your office hurt on the job
  • Former Philadelphia District Director "Fired"? - Fired to you and me means we are let go by the company and have to seek employement with another company. With the USPS, it apparently means something else with respect to management! It is aledged that the former Director of Phila. Operations who was "fired" in light of the recent problems associated with the plant at Lindberg Blvd., has been given a position in N.Y. Coincidentaly, this was a position that he had put in for six months earlier (claiming hardship). It's just amazing the differences for union workers and management officials. Union worker delays, burns mail, etc., he/she is put up for removal. Management official does the same and gets what they always wanted. It's like all postal oldtimers always said. "Those that can't do, become management." Some things never change!
  • 90% of routes in the country have downtime.