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The FoodDrive was Saturday, May 10th 2008. Many thanks to all who participated. Nationwide, letter carriers collected a record 73.1 million pounds of donated food. Your dedication is phenominal!

It's so nice to have an outside job mailman!














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Please Join Us As We Help
Kel to Kick Cancer!

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Video Clip of Gerry Kelly's Benefit!

There was a Beef and Beer event (an it was an "event") held on Sunday, December 7, 2008 held to help out fellow union brother Gerry Kelly. Not only was it well attended, but it was put together very well. The hall was filled with people fronm his route, union brother and sisters from his office and people (like myself) who have never met this fine family man before. That is what the union family is all about. Traveling all over the country, I have found a consistency to union people. And frankly I like it! We are always there when the chips are down. The affair had a live band playing(surprise surprise, good Irish music). People from his roite made up tee shirts that read "Gerry Kelly is my Mailman". Chances were sold, cash donations were accepted , and the walls were lined with items up for bid. There was more than enough food and "drink" for eveyone. Of course, the company was excellent!I don't know how much money was raised, but if spirit and good will are an indication, then Gerry will not have as much of a burden to worry about in the short term.

Gerry Kelly and his family would like to thank everyone who supported this benefit in any way!

BrotherGerry is a 42 year old husband and proud father of two beautiful daughters. Unfortunately, he was recently dianosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. We are relying on our faith in God and modern medicine to cure Gerry of this awful disease.

You can learn more about Gerry's story at and type in "GerryKelly" to visit his site.

If you have any questions or would still like to donate to Gerry Kelly, please

Email us at
Or call us at (856) 905-9044

This is not a tax deductible donation but a donation from the heart.

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