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It's What We Do

By Eric K. Jackson, Branch 725

We used to deliver hopes and dreams. Now we deliver faster, more accurately, and more efficient correspondence and packages. It's what we do as Letter Carriers. And it's a fact that nobody in the world does it better. How many people do you know can say "I am the best in the world at what I do" ? Let's take a look at why.

The United States Postal Service processes more mail and packages than the next five countries put together. This is still true during these trying times. Because the whole worldwide mailing system is in crisis. The same challenges that we have (i.e. email, faxing, etc.) are being suffered by every postal system in the world. We still do better than them even though our business models are different. Other federal posts offer other product lines that generate revenue for them. They sell banking products and other things but also have more flexibility in how they operate. This gives them an advantage over us. However, why do we still out perform these other countries? I say it's the great workforce! Yes the underappreciated union men and women who take great pride in what they do. Those same people that only are restricted by their bosses who have (seemingly) done more to ruin our company than to accept our heartfelt ideas. After all, we are the "experts".

If you compare us to our private couterparts in our own country we do better. While UPS, FEDEX, and any other companies have huge advertising budgets that have made them apart of the American vernacular, they don't deliver faster and or more accurately than the USPS. We basically made them by giving away (or not focusing on) the parcel post business. Now our briliant managers see that part of the business as a growth area. Duh, has not every letter carrier in the country been yelling this for the past 15 years! Yet we do better.

None of our competition has the unenviable task of universal delivery. We are obligated by law to deliver to every address in the country. And since there are about 1,500 new addresses added to our responsibility every week, we are asked to do more with less since we have been continually downsizing. And yet, we do better!

Anyone who has had the opportunity to visit their congressional representatives on Capitol Hill will tell you the power of the "lobby". Lobbying occurs when people take their issues to their elected officials and advocate on behalf of their company, organization or idea. Many large companies contribute huge sums of money to the campains of elected officials so that when they talk to them about an issue, their ear will be more open to them. While all the private companies have more of a monetary pipeline for contributions, the Postal Service has restrictions since we are semi-governmental. Yet we manage to do better.

If you look at television for more than an hour you will see a plethera of advertisements for our competition. Yet the mailman is one of the most trusted people in american society. We watch our customers kids grow from babies to college students. We bring them their checks, their bills, their toys sent in from the back of cereal boxes. We deliver them their product from Ebay, and other on-line vendors. We look in on Mrs. Smith when her kids are uncertain of her health. Simply put, we provide the "service" in the United States Postal Service. And we do it better than anybody else in the world! But to us, it's what we do.

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