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Jimmy's Hat

By Eric K. Jackson, Branch 725



August 26, 2010
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When our group first pulled up to await the bus at the LAX Airport, I heard whisperings of “Jimmy” and “the hat”. Where I grew up, a "jimmy hat" always meant a condom. With my focus being on getting to our hotel to start the week of the 67th Biennial NALC National Convention, I just put the “whispers” to the side. After everything settled down and the festivities started with the welcoming reception for all the delegates from all over the country, the letter carriers started doing what we do. And that is joking and “breaking stones”. That is one way of how we deal with our daily stress that the cowards in management places upon us. I still hear (from a distant) words about a hat.

I ask someone “what is going on with this hat”. So, I find out that our illustrious President, Jim McCullough is sporting a straw hat. Okay, so hats are very big this summer. In fact, women are sporting men’s hats as a fashion statement. But for some reason I’m not getting the feeling that people think that Jim’s hat bares any resemblance to a hat that Terrell Owens, Chad Ochocinco, or any Hollywood starlet is wearing. Of course I immediately think that this would be a great story to share with everyone about our experience at the National Convention.

Finally, while attending the California Angels game as a part of Letter Carrier Night I had the pleasure of seeing our buddy and yours in “the hat”. Many people said it was too small, etc. But Jimmy was wearing it or as we say “rockin it”. Whether it was too small or out of what we expect from Jimmy, it did provide many moments of comic relief. You be the judge. I asked him to wear it to our next general meeting on September 1, 2010.

When contacted for his comments on this story, Jim McCullough said “I purchased the hat to provide shelter from the sun on my head.” He rolled with the punches when I told him I was writing this story. You see, you can’t be a letter carrier, let alone a Union Official and take yourself so seriously. From National President Fred Rolando on down to the last hired TE everyone jokes about everyone. Why? Because that’s what we do. When asked for any parting words, President Jim McCullough responded “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”!