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Welcome, CCAs!
Career-track City Carrier Assistants (CCAs) who have questions about pay, workload, relative standing and more should download the free NALC City Carrier Assistant Rights & Benefits booklet. This 12-page PDF also discusses uniforms, annual and sick leave, rights under the NALC-USPS National Agreement, health insurance, opting and hold-downs, and the various contract memorandums of understanding (MOUs) that deal specifically with CCAs. Click here to download the booklet (PDF 1 MB)































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  • FMLA Forms
  • What To Do When Injured at Work
  • Fillable 8190
  • JCAM 2014
  • Administrative Support Manual
  • Post Office Operations Manual
  • EL 307- Reasonable Accommodation
  • EL 312- Employment and Placement
  • EL 502- CSRS Retirement Guide
  • EL 505- Injury Compensation
  • EL 801- Supervisor’s Safety Handbook
  • EL-814 Postal Employee’s Guide to Safety
  • ELM (Employee Labor Manual)
  • F-1 Post Office Accounting Procedures
  • F-21 Time and Attendance
  • F-401 Supervisor’s Guide to Scheduling and Premium Pay
  • M39
  • M41
  • P5- Highway Contract Routes
  • PO 610 Signature Capture and Electronic Record Management: Manager’s Guide to Standard Operating Procedures
  • PO 701- Fleet Management
  • Temporary Shop Steward Resource Center