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All Payments from our offices from canisters,dollar days, etc. by check or money order should be made out to "Branch 725". If it is made out to MDA it may have to be returned. The branch puts the money money into an account and then sends it in after reaching $1,000. Your cooperatuion is greatly appreciated along with your efforts for MDA.
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Labor Day Telethon

At last year's telethon, the Union presented pledges and donations totaling $2.1 million to MDA.

The Branch just sent off a check for $1,000. We currently have a balance of $61 towards our next $1,000 goal. Thanks for your continued support for this most worthy cause.

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The MDA Report

by Bill Mellon

Support the Fight
Against Muscular Dystrophy

Half a Century of Help

Millions to fight Muscular Dystrophy

America's letter carriers have helped lead the search for cure for neuromuscular diseases for half a century. The NALC was the first national sponsor of the Muscular Dystrophy Association and letter carriers are among MDA's top fund-raisers, collecting more than $20 million in the past 15 years alone to finance research and provide care and services for children and adults with muscular dystrophies. NALC's local branches are honored annually during the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon over the Labor Day weekend for their efforts.

NALC Delivers $2.1 Million To MDA Labor Day Telethon

NALC branches from across the country presented pledges and donations totaling $2.1 million to the 44th Annual Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Association Labor Day Telethon this year and helping the telethon set a new record of $65 million in donations.

MDA Coordinator and former Executive Vice President Jim Williams represented the NALC at the nationaly televised event from Las Vegas. He presented a series of checks to Lewis during the telethon that was viewed by an estimated 40 million viewers in the United States and millions more worldwide via the Internet.

NALC President William H. Young, who serves as an MDA vice president, congratulated all letter carriers and other volunteers who helped NALC collect funds for the telethon.

As he presented the final check on September 1, Williams reminded Lewis that the NALC was one of the first supporters of MDA, dating back to 1952, adding that the union "will continue to be a supporter until a cure is found".

Lewis, in turn, reminisced about his initial meeting with NALC officials that led to the early backing, and the first fund-raising effort in New York City. Lewis thanked letter carriers for their steadfast support throughout the years.

The telethon's record contributions and pledges - $1.2 million more than last year - came despite a struggling economy and Hurricane Gustav pounding the Gulf Coast. the total was $65,031,393.

Joining Williams in on-air appearances were Michael Bagarozzi, Branch 5229, New York City; Bob Bracy, Branch 14, Louiville, Kentucky; Kevin Gorman, Branch 120, Paterson New Jersey; Mary Helmer, Branch 1091, Central Florida; Frank Maresca, Branch 358, Northeastern New York; Fran Timm, Branch 619, Green Bay, Wisconsin; Frank Bove, Branch 92, Maine Merged; David DeFrancesco, Branch 38, New Jersey merged; Dave Carfagno, Branch 725, S.E. Pennsylvania Merged; Jeffrey Harness, Branch 924, Freehold, New Jersey; Dale Holman, Branch 205, Fargo, North Dakota; and Wally Rutherford, Branch 343, St. Louis, MO. (No, Dave Carfagno will not be on the telecast. Our branch contributed about $1,000.But next year....Thanks for being alert.)

November 17, 2009
The branch participation in the first annual NALC Bowl-a -thon came off pretty good. We generated over a thousand dollars. Everyone had a good time. It was a pleasure to see our members and their families get together for a good cause. We started late getting this together and hope to do better next year. I appreciate the help from Andy Kearney and Steve Grossi and Jack Daniels.It was gratifying that some carriers gave money even though they couldn't stay to bowl.In these trying times it is a good feeling to help others such as the MDA. God bless you for it.

Bill Mellon, Trustee

January 2, 2010
Our final contribution to MDA was mailed, in the amount of $2168.10. This includes the money from the bowlathon and other contributions in the fund. This brings a total of $3168.10 for the 2009 year. Congratulations to all those that gave to this great cause. You should be proud to help to try to find a cure for this dreadful disease. God bless you and Happy New Year.

Bill Mellon, trustee

August 15, 2009
I have received information from National about a MDA Bowlathon on November 1st 2009. Anyone of our members that would have any input are encouraged to call the office at 610-461-8333. We have donated one thousand dollars so far this year, I am sure that we can reach another thousand through canisters and dollar day collections from all of our offices, Please contribute.
I was sadden by the passing of our own Ron Hays. Ron held many jobs in the NALC . He was past President and Secretary-Treasurer of the Main Line Branch before they merged with us. He was the Secretary of the Pa. State Association NALC for many years. Many carriers would see Ron in their offices selling uniforms after he retired from the Ardmore Post Office. He often ran the hospitality room at many of our funtions. He amazed me by the way he got around in spite of his health problems. I called him iron man. God bless you Ron.

Bill Mellon, Trustee

APRIL 4, 2009
Last year our branch donated one thousand dollars to MDA through donations from each office.Some used canisters others collected money from the carriers on dollar day.We appreciate the dedication of our stewards for their effort to help this worthy cause.We are now about to send another thousand dollars to MDA this year. We hope to continue collecting money so that we can top last years total.
On another note, we should all be aware of the crisis in the Postal Service due to the economy, which is also effecting the entire country. Many companies are closing or declaring bankruptcy. We must push for the passing of HR22 which would give relief to the Postal Service. Carriers must continue to be Professional and follow the contract to protect their routes. Keeping a good image such as helping MDA and the food drive and also the many great stories of carriers helping their patrons as recorded in the "proud to serve" articles in the Postal Record, will promote the importance of letter carriers going door to door every day.
Bill Mellon, Trustee

We have donated $1000.00 to the local MDA in Broomall. We are now working on a second donation. Please continue to give your shop steward your donations. If we all give a little, it will become a lot. A special thanks to the stewards for collecting the money in your offices. Also, to the individuals who made donations so far. As they say, "As you sow, so shall you reap". God bless you.

Bill Mellon MDA Coordinator