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President McCullough's Job Is Never Done!

By Eric K. Jackson, Branch 725

Most people don’t know that a union job is usually a 24 hour job. That is especially true of the current NALC Branch 725 President Jim McCullough. Some call him the James Brown of the NALC (i.e., the hardest working man in show business).

That is apparent when you call the union branch office and get the answer phone. Not only will you usually get a phone call back rather quickly, but the message also has his cell number for “emergencies”. The probable truth is that he gets calls all day on the cell phone that really could wait.

On Saturdays the President should be enjoying his day off with his family. But no, not James Brown, oh I meant Jim McCullough. An example of this is on Saturday, February 6, 2010. This was the day of a big snow storm that rendered most of the states that it hit in a state of emergency. That means only people who have essential services jobs can be on the road. Of course us letter carriers are so dedicated that we show up for work regardless.

Many letter carriers showed up for work on this day ready to do the great job that we do daily(Sidebar....Don’t you just hate that saying “through rain, sleet….”). Well on this day, Saturday February 6, 2010, after we sorted all the mail in the building and were waiting for the truck to come with the remaining mail, the scuttlebutt was about if we actually take mail out to the street on this day. Somewhere along the line the post office brass sends out an email to their minions telling them to ask for any volunteers for annual leave or leave without pay for the rest of the day. Well, everyone knows that if we are told to go home, the post office has to pay people according to their pay status etc. But disingenuous as they are, they try to take advantage of the very dedicated people who would show up in a blizzard!

Once someone called Jim McCullough on the “hotline”, he goes to work calling all 35 or so shop stewards or other representatives to inform them of their rights. I got one of those calls. It certainly means a lot to have your Branch President call you on his time off. Not only did he call, but his passion to get the right information out and concern for our safety during tough times like these mean a lot.

So, the next time you look at your union representative with distain, just know that she or he is working essential 24 hours a day for you. Kudos to every unionist out there who does our thankless job. But then again, it’s what we do.