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The President's Report

by Jim McCullough

<<<<<<< Carrier Alert! >>>>>>>>

Watch your posts on Facebook and other social media outlets! Recently, an arbitrator upheld evidence put forth where it contradicted the claims by the grievant. For example, if you are out sick or have restrictions as a result of and on-the-job injury and are seen on social media, it will catch up to you. They are watching!

HOT ISSUE: >>>> SCANNING MSP POINTS <<<< ... management has upped the anti on scaning MSPs. Be careful to scan. It takes time, and we actually get payed for our time. LET THEM MANAGE!

December 29, 2011

Dear Brothers/Sisters,

There we be a rally on behalf of the APWU on January 3, 2012. the reason for the rally is to try and stop the closing of the southeastern postal facility, located in Wayne, Pa.

The rally will begin at the St. David's shopping center, located at 555 Lancaster Ave, in Wayne, around 5:30 PM. The rally will then walk to the Radnor Middle School, where a meeting will take place to discuss the issues involved with the closing.

We all need to be there to help the APWU. We are all in this together, if you can be there please show up to support our brothers and sisters in the APWU.

Jim McCullough

December 2, 2011

RE: Happy Holidays

Dear Brothers/Sisters,

On behalf of the entire Executive Board of Branch 725, let me wish all of our members a Happy Holiday season.

I know it has been a long couple of months for most of you with regards to the route changes with the FSS and JRAP and the hours that you have been putting in. I know all of you will be thankful for time spent with your families and friends.

Have a fun and safe holiday season.

The new leave year for 2012 will begin on January 14, 2012.

Fraternally and sincerely,
Jim McCullough

November 9, 2011

RE: Video Collection of Data

Dear Shop Steward,

I have just been informed that the Postal Service is conducting a Video Collection of Data throughout the country. This team consist of a camera crew that is video taping Letter Carriers working in the office. This is not being done on a large scale, but they are in our region. Seven offices have been videoed by this team in this area.

The NALC has filed a National Interpretive Issue grievance regarding this matter, but if this team comes into your office, you must call the Union Office ASAP.

If they come to your office we will be filing a grievaqnce under Article 5 and 34 of the National Agreement.

I beleive the reason for this taping is that Management is giong to try and change the work standards for Letter Carriers. They have been trying for years to change the 33 minutes of built in office time for each route in the country.

Stay Alert.

Jim McCullough

September 29, 2011

Why would you give Management your private cell phone? Letter Carriers are called by Management on their routes to ask where they are or if they will be back on time. I cannot figure out why the Postal Service has any reason to have your cell phone number.

If they need to know where you are, have them come out to find you. There are memos about the use of the cell phone use on the clock. If you are caught on your cell phone they will issue discipline to you. If you are in your vehicle they will suspend your driving rights for a minimum of 30 days. If you are required to call if you are running late FIND A PAY PHONE.

Management uses your cell phone and your minutes when it is to their advantage, but get caught on the phone and you are going to be disciplined. The branch has a Letter Carrier working in the city right now, because of alleged misuse of his cell phone. Do not allow Managemnt to use you when they want.

Jim McCullough

September 28, 2011

Dear Brothers/Sisters,

Over the next couple of weeks the NALC and this Branch will be running two fund raising promotions for MDA. The first event will be held on Sunday October 2, 2011. The event is called "Fill the Satchel". During this event the Letter Carriers will bring their satchel home from work and stand on street corners in their communities and ask the public for money for MDA. If any one is intrested in doing this please call the Union office and inform me where this will be taken place. Some townships and municipalities do not allow this type of soliciting, so make sure you check before you start this promo.

The second promotion is a Bowl-A-thon, that will take place on Sunday November 6th from 12:00 til 3:00PM. The bowling alley is the AMF Conchester Lanes located of Rt.322. The cost for the bowling is $25.00 per person,and that includes the bowling, pizza and soda.

If possible please call the Union office if you will be coming to the bowling, so that we can get a count of how many people will attend. We have reserved 14 lanes for the promotion.

I know that the members of Branch 725 will be there as usual when things need to get done.

Jim McCullough

September 14, 2011

Where are the Letter Carriers????

On September 7th, Branch 725 held a Union Meeting at the Cheese Club in Havertown. This was the first meeting the Branch held since June 1st.

During the course of the summer almost every Letter Carrier was affected by either JRAP or FSS. Many Carrier routes were abolished, ans almost all remaing routes were added to. Also, there were many rumors about the future of the Postal Service. The real possibility of layoffs, and closing of Post Offices through out the country. More important is the fact that the NALC and the Postal service are now in negotiations for a new National Agreement.

I was, to say the least, surprised at the turnout for the Branch meeting. Do the Letter Carriers think that what is going around them is a joke, or that all the controversy that is swirling around them will go away?

Let me tell you, Brothers/Sisters, all the things that you are hearing about are a real possibility.The Postal Service is pushing real hard for five day delivery, they have asked the Congress to take the no layoff clause out of the National Agreement. The JRAP and the FSS are here to stay. The adjustments to the routes for the most part are also here and the Postal Service is determined to make these adjustments work.

The battle has just begun. If you are going to sit on your ass and wait for somebody else to do it, guess what, we will lose the battle. Not only will we lose the battle, but the final outcome will not be good for you and your future.

All I ask you to do is to get off your ass and give a us a chance of making our future more secure.

Fraternally, Jim McCullough

September 13, 2011

RE: Legislative Rally

Dear Brother/Sister,

During the last couple of weeks you have heard or read about the problems that the Postal Service is having and how the Service is going about fixing these problems. All the misinformation that is being put out there not only by the media, both the press and televisionnetworks, but also the Postal Service itself, has the American public in a confused state of mind.

The dire news has also affected the employees of the Postal Service as well. The money woes and the real threat that six day delivery will end has everybody on edge. There is enough pressure on the Letter Carriers on a daily basis in the workplace, that the threat of maybe losing their jobs and being laid off, just adds to the anxiety that you face everyday.

On September 27th, Branch 725 will be holding a rally at Congressman Meehan's office in Springfield. His office is located on Sproul Road (RT320)in Springfield. The rally will begin at 4:00Pm to 5:30PM. You CANNOT wear your uniform at the rally. This is not a protest rally;Congressman Meehan has co-sponsored HR 1351. We will however be doing some informational picketing, in an attempt to clear up some of the misinformation that is being put out there about the plight of the Postal Service.

Brother/Sister, I cannot tell you how important the next couple of weeks/months will be to you and the future of the Postal Service. There is a lot of support in Congress, both in the House and Senate for bills that are not good for the future of the Postal Service. It is now time for everybody to step up and be counted. Every Letter Carrier has to be heard, you cannot depend on somebody else to do it for you. The next couple of months may well determine your future.


Fraternally, Jim McCullough Proud President of Branch 725

August 9, 2011


Dear Stewards,

I have recieved numerous calls regarding the delivery of the weekly ADVO's. Because of the numerous changes Management has incorporated onyour routes, some Supervisors are instructing Letter Carriers to "just deliver one to each house." This is incorrect and must be corrected immediately. Management has made all these changes and now they do not want to deal with the results. As usual, some choose to do the wrong thing, instead of giving the mailers what service they paid for, they decided to intentionally misdeliver mail.

If it takes the clerks extra time to break the ADVO's then so be it. We do not and will not misdeliver mail to our patrons. The absurity of Management telling you to "just deliver one to each house", is so far off base and goes against everything that the Postal Service stsands for. It also goes against everything that the Brothers/Sisters in this Union are about.

If you have any questions regarding this issue, feel free to call the Union Office.


Jim McCullough

July 27, 2011

I would like to personally thank Barb Kearney and Bill Mellon for taking the time to rebutt the editorial in the Sunday Daily times with regards to the Postal Service. The article was full of misconceptions and outright lies about the Postal Service. I just wish that the Postal Service would do some of the "heavey lifting" and rebutt the misconceptions and lies that are being circulated to the public about the operations of the Postal Service.

Once again, it takes the Letter carriers to fight the battles to keep the Service up and running. If the public was made aware of the facts that both Barb and Bill put in their rebuttal, just maybe the average person would realize how important the Postal Service still can be.

Thanks not only to Bill and Barb, but to all the Letter Carriers who everyday, six days a week, deliver the product that makes the Postal Service what it is today.

Jim McCullough

July 8, 2011
RE: Merion Station Merger

Dear Brother/Sister,

During the September 7, 2011 Union meeting at the Cheese Club in Havertown, a vote will be taken during the course of the meeting. All members in attendance will be given an opportunity to vote for the merger.

If you have any questions, feel free to call the Union office or check the website for further information. Fraternally,

Jim McCullough

May 9, 2011
RE: Expedited Bidding

Dear Brother/Sister,

If your office is going to be impacted by the FSS process, please take note of the Branch's position on the bidding process.

No office in Branch 725 will be expediting the bidding process.The bidding process will be done in accordance with Article 41-Letter Carrier Craft, in the National Agreement. Article 41 will be adhered to as stated in the National Agreement, with regards to but not limited to posting, methods of posting and naming the successful bidder.

If you have any questions regarding this issue, please call the Union Office. Under no circumstances will a Shop Steward or any other person enter into an agreement other than what is stated above.


Jim McCullough

May 2, 2011

Dear Brother/Sister,

I am extending an invitation to the Letter Carriers of Branch 725, to attend a Beef & Beer on May 14th,2011, at St. Madeline's in Ridley Park. The Beef & Beer is to help our sisterr Lisa Oswald, whose son was seriously, injured when he was struck by a car on MacDade Blvd.

I am glad to report that Lisa's son is doing better and is now in re-hab, recovering from his injuries. He and his family still hvae a long road ahead of them and they need our help. Lisa and her husband, who was injured at work a couple of weeks before the accident, have some expenses that are not covered under their medical plan.

I know that I can count on the Brothers/Sisters of this branch to step up and help this lovely family in their time of need. The price of the ticket is $25.00, and can be bought at the door. Every time I come to the membership of this branch you have come through. If you cannot attend the event you can send a donation in c/o Lisa Oswald at the Norwood Post Office.

Finally, pleas keep the Oswald family in your prayers and thouhhts. With Lisa and her family by his side the entire time, Anthony was in the hospital, he made a miraculous recovery. Anybody who does not believe that a mother's love and strength, can get us through anything, just look at the Oswald family, and that will make you a believer.

I hope to see you on May 14th at the Beef & Beer.

With My Best Wishes,

Jim McCullough
Proud President of Branch 725

April 8, 2011

Dear Brother/Sister,

The NALC and the USPS have entered into anew JRAP memorandum. From April 1st thru May 31st, management is obligated to post on a daily basis, the WORK HOUR WORK LOAD ANALYSIS, for each route in your office. the report must be in plain sight and accessible for the Letter Carrier to read.

I can not emphasis how important it is to make sure that you on a daily basis to check the report for your route. The analysis is not difficult to read and it is imperative that you check it for accurancy, for example, check your office and street times, see if any overtime that was made on your route is recorded, and office or street assistance.

If you find any differences in the report, report them to your Shop Steward, and request to talk to your supervisor. EVERYDAY is important, because ths information that is recorded will bw used to make any adjustments during the JRAP period.

Stay aleert and be proactive, make sure that Management is not stealing time from your routes. If you are instructed by Management to "hit on" a different code to perform office or street duties, other than the proper codes get your Shop Steward as soon as possible. All time that is spent on a daily basis on the route must be counted to your route.

Jim McCullough

April 4, 2011

Dear Brother/Sister,

On March 11th, a 14 year old boy was seriously injured, when he was struck by a car on MacDade Blvd. He is still in childrens hospital in Philadelphia. As of this date, his condition is improving, but he is still very ill.

The young man's mother is Lisa Oswald a Letter Carrier in the Norwood Post Office. To make the situation worse, if that is possible, the boy's father got hurt and is not capable of working. There are chances that are being sold by the Letter Carriers and the Union to help this family with some issues they may have coming.

I will keep you up to date on this family's problems and in the meantime, keep Anthony Oswald in your thoughts and prayers.

With my best wishes,
Jim McCullough

March 30, 2011

RE: Flat Sorting Machines (FSS)

Dear Brothers/Sisters,

Over the next couple of days you may have a floor talk from your Postmaster/Supervisor, about the FSS machines and the impact they will have on your office. As usual, the Postal Service is going full speed ahead with the implemation of the FSS machines and the impact they will have on your routes. The Service is using a 70% impact as a starting point for the machines.This percentage is absurd, but like I said, they are going ahead without any regard to the real percentage that the machine operates at.

The Union will be montoring the situation as it becomes reality sometime this summer. Please, do not over react to what you hear. Like I always say, "when the Post Office makes decisions, the Letter Carriers make money." I know that the job of being a Letter Carrier is becoming more and more difficult everyday, but make sure that you maintain your street time, and the office time will vary from day to day. Take care of YOUR STREET TIME EVERY DAY!!!!! MAKE THE PROPER SCANS.

Again, do not over react to the "wisdom" that Management is telling you. Fraternally,

Jim McCullough

March 15, 2011

RE: MSP Scan Points

Dear Brothers/Sisters,

Over the last couple of weeks a "hot button" issue in the Philadelphia District is MSP scan points. The ones that most Letter Carriers are missing is the Depart for Route and Return to the Office. Letter Carriers over the district are being disciplined for missing these scans.

Please make sure that you "hitting" these scans. They are located somewhere in each office, and should be the easiest to scan. Missing scans on the street could be caused by sun glare or some other reason.

Take the time to make sure that the Depart and Return scans are properly scan. If you believe that the scans are not working properly, talk to your supervisor promptly.

If you have any questions regarding this issue talk to your stewards or call the Union office. Fraternally,

Jim McCullough

February 24, 2011

RE: Leave

Dear Brothers/Sisters,

As spring is now approaching, the next issue that will becoming to the forefront is the graduation of your children/spouses. Please do not wait until the last minute to inform management that you will need time off to attend the ceromonies. Most graduations are in "Prime Time", so the more notice that you give management, the better.

Some offices have articles in the LMOU as to how many days you can put in for leave in advance. I ask you to give as much notice as possible, so that we do not have any issues with you being there when you child or spouse is graduating.

If you have any questions regarding this issue please talk to your shop stewrd or call the Union office.

With My Best Wishes,

Jim McCullough

February 13, 2011

RE: Consolidations

Dear Brothers/Sisters,

As you are fully aware, the Letter Carriers from Sprinfield are being considered for consolidation into the Lansdaowne Post Office and the Wallingford Letter Carriers are to be considered for consolidation into the Chester Post Office. As president of Branch 725, I am requesting that these Brother/Sisters who are to be housed at the above cited locations, be given a five (5) year retreat rights back to the Media Postal facility, for the purpose of bidding routes in thier original office. I believe that the five year window is fair, because these Brothers/Sisters for the most part started their Postal careers in the Media office.

The five year period would start on the first day of the Letter Carriers being consolidated. After the five year period has ended, the window will close for any other retreat rights.


Jim McCullough

January 14, 2011

RE: Steward Training

Dear Shop Steward,

There will be a Mandatory Shop Steward training on February 7th, at 7:00 P.M., at the Cheese Club located in Havertown. It is imperative that all Shop Stewards attend this training session. As we spoke about in our January union meeting, this branch is going to hold Management accountable for their actions. You may not have someof the problems that other offices are facing, but you can learn and give your viewpoint on what hyou do in certain situations.

I can not tell you how important these sessions are going to be, if you learn anything from coming to the training which should not last more than one and a half hours, it will be worthwhile. If anybody from your office wants to attend, they are also welcome. If every Letter Carrier knew his rights, it would make our job a lot easier.

Any questions, please call the Union Office at

With My Best Wishes,

Jim McCullough