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    Region 12 Congressional Breakfast

    This year's Congressional Breakfast will be held from May 6, 2009 to May 7, 2009 at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Wahington D.C.
    Please make your own reservations and travel plans

    Registration should be made by calling Hyatt Regency at (202) 737-1234
    The Pennsylvania State Convention

    This year's State Convention will be held from September 24, 2009 to September 26, 2009 in Scranton, Pa.
    Members hoping to attend these events should put in your leave slips now so that the branch will be able to better make our reservation plans. Please sign up for these events at our general meetings or call the union office.












    The Shop Stewards and alternates meeting last Thursday was a huge success! Many questions were answered and the learning was abundant! Many thanks go out to President Jim McCullough and Director of Education Les Dillman for their time and thoughtful presentations. As training is high on the executive board's agenda, look out for the next session coming soon............Thanks to all the Shop Stewards and alternates who showed up. Your commitment is honorable..................................... Thanks to all who attended the Region 12 Rap Session in Atlantic City on February 22-24. The sacrifice of your time is but one of the many things you do to learn and get the message back to the membership. Again thanks from the Executive Board!!!!!...................Please send your well wishes to Mike Gallagher from the West Chester PO who is serving our country in Afghanistan as a part of our Armed forces and to all the others out there. Send in any union carrier who is doing something positive................Thanks to all who attended the Mar. 4th general meeting.............Next meeting, April 1,2009 at the American Legion Post 287( 73 S. 1st Ave. Coatesville, Pa. )............. You always show up and get the information back to the membership............Thank you Shop Stewards!!!!!!......You are the cornerstone of this great union...... Protect your route!---------- Fill out PS Forms 3996 and 1571 when needed.---------- Become an E-Activist/Contribute to COLCPE! Sign up today at ; Be Involved! "I Can't Do It For You, I Can Do It With You but I Can't do it Without You!"- President William H. Young........

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    The new address for the DRT is:
    3190 South 70th St.
    Phila. Pa. 19153-7956

    National Headlines

    Our branch president, Jim McCullough continues to send our members to appropriate training. With that training, our branch continues to be one of the most educated in the country. For any questions on the NALC Health Plan, contact Gerry at the union office! (610) 461-8333

    Rap Session: The NALC 2009 National Training Conference and Rap Session, scheduled for April 25-26 in Las Vegas, is right around the corner. The schedule of workshops can now be found here. Also, the housing deadline is fast approaching, so if you are planning on attending and need to make housing reservation click here. More

    A vote of confidence: California Rep. Darrell Issa, the lead Republican on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which oversees the United States Postal Service, recently addressed NALC representatives at the gathering of state chairs. This Youtube video shows the bipartisan support the Postal Service and the nation's letter carriers are seeking from the new Congress.

    Five-day delivery not the best economic solution: President William H. Young has released a statement in response to media reports that Postmaster General Jack Potter is seeking to curtail the Postal Service to five-day delivery. "The continued appearance of letter carriers delivering the mail to the doorstep of every home and business and bank and credit card company six days a week is absolutely essential to economic recovery." In his statement, Young makes the case for an alternative economic solution: H.R. 22. Statement | H.R. 22

    Food Drive 2009: Preparations are already underway for the annual drive on Saturday, May 9. Also, the Postal Service has announced that its Priority Mail service will lead the way in supporting the drive this year. Its logo will be included on all food drive promotional literature. Bulletin

    Save money with Union Plus: Winter's right around the corner. Get ready for cold weather by taking advantage of Union Plus's home heating oil discounts. You can find this and other great money-saving benefits from Union Plus.



    The Shop Stewards Corridor



    You made it!

    This page will be a restricted area for member's only(shop stewards) that will allow for private messaging and training.

    • Frank Finnegan
    • Jim McCullough
    • Rhonda Massari
    • Les Dillman
    • Eric K. Jacksonm
    RE: Posting Of Vacant Routes

    Dear Stewards,

    Over the last couple of weeks, it has come to the attention of this office that management is not posting routes that have become vacant, either by a retirement or a letter carrier bidding a route after route adjustments. This is another blatant violation of the National Agreement by management.

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    Topic: Shop Stewards Meeting

    There will be a "mandatory" meeting of the shop stewards on March 19, 2009 at the Cheese Club in Havertown. The meeting will start at 7:00 P.M. and last about two hours.

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    Is It Finally Time to Retire The Postal Service?
    Please share this article with your coworkers - There is a company trying to electronically do what we do, therefore, eliminating our job!

    Letter to Editor of Delco Times
    By Jim McCullough: Branch 725 President

    To label this individual a letter carrier would be a huge insult to the over 200,000 dedicated men and women letter carriers throughout this country who deliver the mail six days a week, 52 weeks a year. This person is not, I repeat, not a letter career. He is what the Postal Service calls a transitional employee (T.E.). The T.E. is not a full-time employee of the Postal Service. They receive no benefits and are only used until certain programs kick in.

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    Why the Employee Free Choice Act is so important
    By Trapper John....Referred by Rhonda Massari

    Why? Because the Employee Free Choice Act is, quite simply, not only the most necessary and important labor law reform in 75 years -- it's the cornerstone of any serious effort to reestablish a real middle-class in the United States. And Wal-Mart, and Grover Norquist, and the Chamber of Commerce, and the institutional Republican Party don't want a real, secure middle class. They want a docile, subservient class of workers who are utterly dependent on the tender mercies of their employers for every meal.

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    Pennsylvania State Association Convention

    For those of you who have never attended a State Convention or even know what goes on at a State Convention, this page is for you.

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