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The Pennsylvania NALC State Association Convention

The 52nd Biennial Convention of the Pennsylvania State Association of Letter Carriers will be held September 24, 2009 to September 26, 2009, in Scranton, Pa. at the Hilton Scranton & Cobnference Center, 100 Adams Avenue, Scranton Pa. 18503.

For those of you who have never attended a State Convention or even know what goes on at a State Convention, this page is for you.

The State Convention is basically the National Convention at a smaller level. It's main objective is to do the business of the state according to the by-laws. We elect new officers, have the opportunity to make resolutions, etc.

Secondarily, the convention provides training and the lastest information from the national office, bought to you by a member of the national executive board. The training is on the same issues covered at the Rap Session. Any issues that pertain to the State Association are dicussed and solved here.

The State Convention also provides you the opportunity to meet face to face with the people from the union that you talk to over the phone all year. It gives you another opportunity to address new issues that have arised in your office, etc. In summary, the Pennsylavania State Association Convention is a great chance to get up-to-date training that provides you with handouts that you can take back to your office and refer to for years to come. It also prepares you for what will go on at the NALC National Convention. So if not this year, please try to make the next State Convention. It is an important element(along with all the other events scheduled for the year) in your development.

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