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The Safety Annex

by Steve Grassi

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Although, under Article 14, management must provide a safe working environment for employees, it is also the union’s responsibility to assist management to achieve this common goal. Proper use of PS form 1767 should be encouraged by managers and shop stewards to correct any safety deficiencies present in the office or on the street. Failure to act quickly to abate any hazards and inform the filing employee of action taken diminishes the commitment of the “Safety First” intent.

Although Article 14 mandates offices of 50 or more employees meet quarterly, the Philadelphia Metro District requires them to meet monthly. Also, make sure your office is represented at the scheduled monthly “Safety Symposiums” to discuss safety issues and share best practices to reduce accidents. Although not mandated, offices of 50 employees or less are encouraged to meet monthly to address safety concerns.

Stewards and safety captains should prepare a monthly agenda and present it to management to discuss and resolve safety issues in a pro-active not re-active manner. All recorded minutes should be sent to Safety and Heath office in Philadelphia so the Joint Safety Task force can monitor participation and progress in all offices.

Please send your minutes to:

NALC/USPS Joint Safety Task Force
3190 South 70th St.
Phila. Pa. 19153

If you are experiencing difficulty organizing a local safety committee please do not hesitate to contact the Joint Safety Task Force at the above address and ask for assistance.

Safety first!


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