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My Story

By William Foster,

My name is William and I will be 14 years old October 9th. I was diagnosed with Duchene's Muscular Dystrophy 2 weeks before I started first grade. I used to get in trouble a lot when I would defend myself in school because I was the one getting caught. I was only defending myself, but I was physically slower. One day, my kindergarden teacher told my mom she was watching me closely and said I got off the floor differently from the other kids in my class. That summer I had a muscle biopsy that confirmed which kind of muscular dystrophyI have. i did not know there were so many kinds! Right after that, the MDA called my mom and after that, I had a community I belonged to. I felt great because I was lonely before. I was put in special education classes because of my physical disability. I switched schools and I finally made friends that accepted me. In fourth grade we moved to Delaware County and I had to start all over again but in a wheelchair. That was scary and the kids were not so nice. They would stare and point at me. I was told the kids did not understand and they would act out. the MDA supplied the school with reference materials for my I.E.P. and educated them about DMD. I was put in a regular class. Not only could I keep up but I was getting A's. Because I was being threatened by the other kids my Mom and Dad fought to put me in another school.I fell safe again and the kids accept me for me and I am in regular classes. One of the other places i feel "normal" is a MDA camp. All the kids struggle like me. I do not feel self conscience about being in a wheelchair because we are all in wheelchairs. We compare them like cars. We do regular stuff too. I got mooned by one of the kids when I was on the phone with my mom. It was funny. We do crafts, ride motorcycles, have talent shows, go swimming and basically do stuff healthy kids take for granted. At night we talk about girls. It feels like we are normal. Camp is awesome! I met my camp wife Mindy there. She is the best! I keep in touch with her and I can't wait to see her. Camp is a place where we can just be ourselves. Yes, we get into arguments over things but share a common bond. We just want to find a cure and get better. I would like nothing more than to ride a bike or dance with a pretty girl cheek to cheek. In the future I would like to become a videogame designer or a chemist so I could help disabled kids with equipment and stuff they need.
I want to thank you for taking the time to read my letter and help others in the same situation I am in. I look forward to meeting you and talking. I will answer any questions you have about my condition and how we can help each other.

William Foster