Stumbling, Bumbling Management!

Management is scrambling to try and make up all of the projected 3-4 billion dollars they will lose this fiscal year. It seems like they want an excuse, any excuse to not only break the
contract but to gain our sympathy through their financial troubles. Yes, we are partners in this company but it can’t come at the expense of our hard working and dedicated letter

Our brothers and sisters cannot continue to be intimidated and manipulated by management. The time is now for the “loud minority” of carriers who continue to run their routes,
not work professionally, and work through their lunch and breaks because of intimidation or manipulation of the 5:00 window of operation. At some point in your life you have to
stand up for what you believe. That time is now! Why? Because before when you spotted a runner, you would think, “what a dummy, he is just screwing himself”. But now things are
so precise that the runner who you laughed off might be the one who makes you absorb another route, or God forbid, have you working 100 miles away at another post office
through Article 12 excessing!

This brings us to the subject of route inspection/evaluation. Everyone knows that mail volume is down. As a result, the big problem now is that 90% of the routes in the country
have downtime. That has caused management to try and capture that time back through the route inspection/evaluation process by eliminating routes, even after they were in your
office months ago. In some offices, one more route could cause the junior regular to be excessed out of the office. So, “run Forrest run”. The route you cut may be your own!
A Union Helps Me Sleep

My wife and I both worked for a Bank for over 16 years. We went through a layoff people based on how much money they made and not how well they performed or years of service
they had. They would rather keep someone who got the lowest pay increases than someone who worked their tail off and was a dedicated employee. Slugs were safe from losing
their jobs. Money was their bottom line. With the economy the way it is a lot of Unions are taking it on the chin. A lot of people are looking at us as the cause of some or most of it.
Demanding too much money and too many benefits. The UAW comes into the conversation especially when they are trying to make their point. But they don't have an explanation
as to why the Union employees are wrong for trying to protect their jobs and their futures but it is ok for Upper Management of those same companies to make such huge salaries
and bonuses and drain assets from the company until it fails. The society and they deserve to make as much profit as they can. Unions argue that if the profit is there then there is
enough for them to get what protections they need and there is still enough money left over for the Fat Cats to make a great living. And we all can continue to do so because we
have a healthy work environment. I worried every year when I worked at the Bank whether I would have a job or not when the next merger or crisis came. A Union makes me sleep
a lot better. Unions aren't perfect but given the alternatives I will take a Union every time.
Carriers don't need tips

Those of us who work at the United States Postal Service often wonder why the company is losing so much money. There are the obvious reasons that everyone knows. But one
overriding reason is that most people don’t know the services that we provide and that we are the best at it. So, it’s ironic that the one thing that the Postal Service gets out
clearly and yearly is the rule that says we are not allowed to accept cash as a gift for the holidays.

Recently, I was listening to a national sports radio program.On this show, the host went on and on about why he has to tip everyone for the holidays. Then he went too far when
the issue of letter carriers came up. As he started in on what we do to deserve a tip, he was interjected by his producer who said “you are not allowed to tips them money, etc”.
Another producer jumped in on the conversation as well. They espoused all the rhetoric that the Post Office publicizes each year at this time.

Along with the obligatory story done by every television station in the country, there is also the story that informs them about our “crisos”. While there are probably some good
reasons for the initial rule on tipping postal workers, why does the common person on the street (or on the radio) understand this and not the services that we provide. Not only
that, but do they publicize their bonus system (pay for performance (PFP))? No, no, no. Many supervisors and managers still deny that this exists.

Now, we postal workers understand their mentality. But unfortunately, the national radio show did not. After the short dissertation by the host, he was inundated with calls from
letter carriers from Pennsylvania one after another. Way to go carriers. Keep fighting for what we believe in. And let me know the next time you see a story on your local television
station explaining the management bonus system.
My experience at the 2014 NALC National Convention

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The 2014 NALC National Convention was a tremendous experience. There is a special feeling you get when you get to stand side by side with over 6,000
USPS Letter Carriers. I had the honor and privilege to represent Branch 725 as a member of the Distribution Committee. The Distribution Committee’s main job is to distribute all of
the extremely important literature My experience at the 2014 NALC National Convention and handbooks used for each class and workshop. The NALC does a phenomenal job of
training and supplying Letter Carriers the necessary information so that we can be informed on a wide range of topics and discussions. The classes and workshops range from
Shop Steward training, processing grievances, Social Security and many more. I believe there were over 20 different classes and workshops offered. The information we receive
in these trainings provide the ammo we all need to fight for our rights at the USPS. Information is power and that is what the convention does best, it provides us with the
necessary tools so that Letter Carriers are not left fighting for their rights as individuals. The delegates at the convention also get to hear from some of our country’s leaders as
well as leaders from the AFL-CIO, a top executive from eBay and also the son of the late Vince Sombrotto. It is an amazing feeling when national politicians like Senator Bernie
Sanders or Senator Elizabeth Warren (by video) take their time to speak to Letter Carriers and deliver a message that they have our backs. The delegates also get to see videos
that detail our history and the fight that has been waged in our 125 year existence as a Union. The NALC is an amazing organization. The delegates get some much useful
information so that we can be active in the fight to preserve 6-day delivery, to represent our fellow carriers so that the pressure coming from management is able to be meet with
the rights that come from our contract. Some useful information to help fight the misinformation coming from certain segments of society is that the USPS has a $1.2 billion
operational profit from October 2012 to the present time, the USPS could generate $ 9 billion annually by offering basic financial services without any cuts to the traditional postal
service. 100% of USPS losses in 2013 Fiscal Year are directly attributed to the pre-funding of future retiree health benefits. The most important information that I learned at this
convention was said by President Fred Rolando that “we must work toward making a safer work environment every day.” There are two threats that are on the rise in recent years.
Suicide and park place accidents are Safety and Health issues that we must address. “…the president noted that although suicide does not arise primarily or exclusively from
workplace pressures, “I think we need to talk about this problem and figure out what we can do to help.” Park place accidents are preventable, we need to take a look at where a
carrier parks their vehicle and works out of the back of the truck. If the truck is parked in a high speed area, can it be moved to a side street where the threat of a crash is not as
likely? Our Union is fighting every day to preserve our jobs and the wages and benefits that we have. My experience at the convention will allow me to go back to my office with
the conviction and the information needed to fight for each and every letter carrier.

October 4, 2018


Steve Curry - Tri-County Steward

Rich Pepper retires after 30 years as a letter carrier in Wayne