The President's Report
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December 3, 2019

Region 12 Rap Session

2020 REGION 12 TRAINING SESSION, which will take place on March 1st – 4th, 2020 at BALLY’S HOTEL AND CASINO in ATLANTIC CITY NEW JERSEY.  
More information to follow.

December 24, 2019

Holiday Wishes

On behalf of Branch 725 Executive Board we would like to wish everybody and their families Happy Holidays.
Les Dillman

December 30, 2019

Retirement - Glenolden / Folsom Office

Congratulations to our Director of Retirees Andy Kearney for being the newest member of the last punch group. Congrats my friend enjoy retirement and
please stay healthy

February 4, 2020

Political Action Alert

I got this message today from Paul Rozzi on H.R. 2382.  For those of you that are unaware this is the USPS Fairness Act which would repeal the requirement
that the U.S. Postal Service annually prepay future retirement health benefits.  Without this requirement the Postal Service would not be in such a financial
bind.  Better position for them to do business and better position for us to negotiate contracts.  

Please take immediate action by contacting your member of congress and asking them to support the USPS and it's employees by voting for
HR 2382 the
USPS Fairness Act.  The Capitol switchboard # is 202-224-3121.  A vote is scheduled so do this ASAP.  Get as many coworkers and their families and anyone
else to do the same. Thanks.

Paul Rozzi

February 6, 2020

Retirement - Springfield / Lansdowne Office

I would like to congratulate our newest member of the last punch bunch our very own trustee Barb Kearney. Barb congratulations and thank you for all of your
work and dedication as shop steward for the past several years. Please enjoy your retirement and stay healthy. And don't think this retirement in any way is
getting you out of working the retire luncheon. Just kidding.

February 28, 2020

Route Inspection Training

The Branch will be holding train on how to deal with route inspections two nights next month.

Tuesday March 10th 7 PM & Tuesday March 17th 7 PM

While this training is being set up for Chester Office it is open to everyone that would like to know how to protect their routes.  It is how you should be doing
your routes on a daily basis.  Past experiences with this training has shown that those who attend do much better when their routes are inspected then those
that don't.  Knowledge is power and peace of mind.

March 10, 2020

Route Inspection Training Cancelled

Due to the Coronavirus the Route Inspection Training Classes scheduled for March 10th and 17th have been cancelled.  If you have any questions or need any
help please feel free to call the Union Office.

Keep checking back to this website for any further cancellations or rescheduling.  They will be posted here as soon as those decisions are made.

March 12, 2020

Until further notice all Branch activities for now are cancelled or postponed.

March 26th Executive Board Meeting - Cancelled

April 1st General Meeting - Cancelled

April 11th MDA Beef & Beer - Postponed - We will keep you posted on a new date

April 16th Retiree Luncheon - Cancelled

Check back here for further updates on our Branch's schedule.  We will update as soon as those decisions are made.

March 19, 2020

Business Agents Office

Please contact me in writing via email whether management is providing supplies to carriers daily as needed such as hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes,
and whether the surfaces in the offices are being disinfected daily.

I need to know in each facility whether they have enough supplies to safeguard employees(and ultimately customers), or whether they do not.  Also, what you
are being told regarding this from management in the facility.

Please begin this immediately, we need to get our arms around the USPSs capacity to keep our employees safe, facility by facility.

If there are any questions please feel free to call. Hopefully, this makes it a bit easier.

Take care, please be safe and thank you for all that you guys do.

April 18, 2020

Scholarship Fund Deadline Extended

Due to Covid-19 Students don't have all the materials they need to apply for the Scholarship Fund.  We are extending the deadline 60 days to June 15, 2020.  If
you want to send in your application without all the requirements please do so.  Just notate what is missing and send it to us once you do get it.  We
understand why you don't have it right now.  This way we can review what material is available for us as soon possible.  

April 21, 2020

May General Meeting Cancelled.

Due to the updated stay at home order from Governor Wolf the General Meeting scheduled for May 6 has been cancelled.  We hope this will be the last one we
miss.  In the meantime stay safe on and off the job.  Follow all the safety instructions.  We will continue to update you as quickly as we are able on any new

April 30, 2020

Urgent Action Needed! - From Dave Napadano's Office

Please share the following information with your members and ask that they take action today!!!

As letter carriers on the front lines of serving 160 million Americans and businesses every day, you know that the Covid-19 pandemic is something we have
never experienced before. While our letter carriers show their resilience, strength, and continued service to the public every day, the Postal Service looms
closer to shuttering due to the staggering loss in mail volume and revenue during this crisis. It’s a desperate situation that only Congress and the
Administration can help solve.

We cannot allow the USPS to fail.

Unfortunately, instead of providing much needed immediate financial assistance urged by NALC and stakeholders (viewable here), the last stimulus gave the
Postal Service a slap in the face by giving it access to a conditional line of credit. Those conditions aren’t new to letter carriers - as they seek to destroy the
network and attack letter carriers at the behest of private shippers. This is not a solution. It is a way to weaken the Postal Service by riddling it with more debt
to the point where opponents of the constitutionally mandated service will destroy it.

While it’s been 40 years since we have needed taxpayer funding, we need financial relief to continue to serve this country through this crisis - and we need it
now. Please take a minute to send a letter by clicking the button below to your members of Congress and tell them that we need: an immediate and significant
injection of money - and secure, regular appropriations for the Postal Service until this crisis is over.



National Association of Letter Carriers AFL-CIO

David J. Napadano, National Business Agent

Region 12, NALC

May 12, 2020

NALC National Convention Cancelled

Good afternoon everybody. I was just notified by our Business Agent that the 2020 Hawaii NALC National Convention has been canceled. Any questions or
concerns please contact me at 610-461-8333. Stay safe everybody!

May 13, 2020


Brothers and Sisters  this is the latest email that I received from our business agent. I am posting this to everyone to let everyone know how important it is to
get involved. I have sent this information out in previous emails and postings and from the results we have to and need to do much better. I need my executive
board and shop stewards to reach out to all of our members, friends and family to reach out to congress. Please if you have not signed up for the APP do so. If
you are having problems getting the APP call me. If you are having problems getting registered call me. It does not take long to register and its even quicker to
send out the message. Please lets to our part to save our jobs. Everybody please be safe and take care of your family members.

Thanks Les

I know that most of you do not read my messages, but I am hoping that you read this one.  This past Monday I sent you notification that tomorrow evening May
14th at 7:00pm two the NALC best National Political Advisors and I are holding a Call to Action web meeting for the State of Pennsylvania.  Just so you know we
are holding this Web-Meeting because the USPS is dire need of financial assistance.  If the USPS does not receive the financial assistance needed, WE will all
be out of a job in October.

Also, if you don’t know the NALC has a “Take Action” plan.  That plan is connected to the NALC APP.  When you receive TAKE ACTION NOTIFICATIONS the
APP it takes you to a WEB SITE, which allows you to contact your Senators and Members of Congress to let them know we need their help.  And if you go to
the there is a big window on the first page of our web site that says TAKE ACTION.  This too allows you to TAKE ACTION and contact your Political
Representatives about our needs.  And guess what; it takes less time that it takes you to send someone a text!!!!

The last paragraph may seem to be terse or sarcastic, and you will get no apologies for my tone and this is why;  We have 48 NALC Branches in the State of
Pennsylvania.  ONLY EIGHT OF THOSE BRANCH PRESIDENTS HAVE TAKEN ACTION.  Making it worse Region 12 represents almost 20,000 letter carriers.
Less than 300 of those members have TAKEN ACTION.  My belief is that the main contributing factor to this inaction is; THAT IF THEIR BRANCH PRESIDENTS

I do not know how to emphasis how important it is for ALL of you to be Leaders during these treacherous times, my expectations for you are: lead by example
and STEP UP in the most difficult times.  I will always have your back.  I hope that you all wake up and smell the roses before its all over.  You are letting
yourself, your families, and you members down.  Your and future is in your hands.  Hopefully all 48 of you read this message and attend tomorrows Web-
Meeting so that you can hear the facts firsthand from our dedicated hard-working NALC Representatives from the NALC Legislative Department who will be on
the call with me.


National Association of Letter Carriers AFL-CIO

David J. Napadano, National Business Agent

Region 12, NALC

May 15, 2020

Hero's Delivery Web Site

Brothers and Sisters I got this message from Dave Napadano.  It is important to get all our friends and
family involved in protecting the Postal Service and our jobs.  Please continue to contact our
Congressional leaders using the app but we need everyone we can to get involved.  This is the site they
can use to do that.

Les Dillman

The following Web Site can be used by family members, friends or others who are not letter carriers to ask
their representatives on Capital Hill to provide the funding for the USPS during the COVID-19 crisis.



National Association of Letter Carriers AFL-CIO

David J. Napadano

National Business Agent, Region 12, NALC

May 20, 2020

Message From State President Paul Rozzi

Brothers and Sisters I received this message from our State Association President Paul Rozzi.  Please do all you can to encourage everyone to get our
message to Congress so the Postal Service gets the funds it needs to survive.  This is a real threat.

Thanks, Les

ALERT urge congress to include USPS in next round

Good morning all,
I hope this email finds you healthy and doing as well as can be expected under the current set of circumstances.  I wanted to thank those of you that started
contacting congress early and have continued to do so.  I reviewed the data and saw many of your names listed as having made those contacts.   I expected to
see most of those names listed.  I was however, dismayed at the names that were missing.  I do not understand why all letter carriers wouldn't be willing to do
their part, especially the leaders.  The demise of the Postal Service and our jobs hang in the balance.   The public has a stake in this but we can't expect them to
act unless we lead the way.  Likewise, as NALC leaders we shouldn't expect our members to act unless we lead the way.  Some 300 letter carriers attended the
Region 12 WEBeX meeting last week and there seems to be a bit of a surge in contacts made.   This is good news but we need more for this to work.  Please do
all you can to encourage contacts made through the NALC app and by any other means.  As you have been made aware encouraging coworkers to participate
in this process is not a Hatch Act violation.  The Postal Service is not at fault in any way for the current situation.  Covid-19 and it's affects have been
devastating to the economy and the USPS, but this crisis is being used to bring about its demise. We can win this if we take action.  Thank you all in advance.
Let's get this done.

Paul Rozzi

May 22. 2020

Have A Happy Memorial Day Weekend

On behalf of the Executive Board I would like to wish all of our members and their families a happy Memorial Day weekend.  These are weird times we are going
through right now and I know a lot of you have been waiting for it to end and we can all go back to normal.  Please realize we are not out of the woods yet and
be careful.  Especially if you plan on being anywhere or doing anything with groups of people.  Stay safe.


May 28, 2020

Scholarship Deadline Extended

The deadline for the Branch 725 Scholarship applications has been extended another 60 days until August 15th.  If you don't have everything you need please
just send in what you have with a note explaining what is missing and why.  We understand there are issues getting some of the items right now and that is why
we have decided to extend the deadline.

June 16, 2020

Gene Dolan - Funeral Information

We are sad to inform you that this past Friday Gene Dolan passsed away.  Gene was the Director of Retirees for this branch for 19 years.  His Funeral
arrangements are listed here in case anyone would like to pay their respects.

The Funeral arrangements are Friday, June 19th 6-9 PM at Stretch Funeral Home 236 E. Eagle Road, Havertown, PA 19083 then
Saturday June 20th 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM viewing with a mass at Annunciation BVM 401 Brookline Blvd., Havertown, PA 19083

June 23, 2020

July & August Meetings Cancelled

I have decided to cancel the July and August General Meetings. We will be moving forward with the September meeting which is Wednesday September 2. If
anybody has any questions with anything that is going on with the branch please feel free to call.  Please be safe and I hope everybody gets some time off to
spend with family members.

July 16, 2020

Updates From Napadano's Office

First off I want to say I hope everyone is doing well.  With the Prime Time Vacation period in full swing I know a lot of you are working a lot harder and longer
then normal.  The added concerns over the Covid-19 virus and now all the reports coming out about the new PMG's plans have added to those concerns.  
Below is what was sent to me today by the Business Agent's Office concerning those plans.  Our Covid-19 pages have all the updated information concerning
that as well.  I will continue to alert and educate you on what we know as soon as I get it.  Don't listen to the rumors.  Listen to the facts.  We are aware of all
those rumors but won't comment on them until we know those facts.  So, trust us for the best source of information.  Check our website or call the office when
you feel concerned.

July 22, 2020

More Updates From Napadano's Office

Here is some updated information that I received from our BA. Please read and share with your fellow Carriers.  We try and keep our members as informed as
possible. The intent of this message is to give some updates and guidance during this period. Just like you we have no understanding of the path management
is taking during one of the most trying times in Postal Service history.

Their insane management methods include delay of mail, failure to deliver entire routes,failure to deliver packages within the time dictated, complete disregard
to OTDL.  Managements response has been the only consistent in that they blame their POOM or the new PMG. Sadly, these methods of doing business are
being reported across all 15 NALC Regions in our country.

For those of us that have been around for awhile we have seen similar types of situations. We need to get back to the basics. This always overcomes those
who focus on working ineffective ways and invariably teaches them the right way to fix the problems.

President Rolando is working daily trying to find answers for managements current delivery mentality. While trying to find answers to our questions the USPS
is denying that know anything about new policies. An example is that: most of you received a Stand-Up Talk that outlined the USPS current financial losses
and the PMGs plans to cut services for savings. When the NALC presented this talk to USPS HQs Leaders they responded that: THEY NEVER SAW OR HEARD

With DENIAL being the USPS Leaders top answer to our current situation we - President Rolando and BA Dave Napadano ask us to do the following:

File the proper grievances for the violations that occur in your offices.

Keep track of ALL delayed mail. Keep those records in detail

Request daily CSDRS reports for each office.

Make sure you complete form 1571 IN DUPLICATE for mail curtailed on any route
that you are servicing.

Make daily request for copies of ALL 1571s.

Report any failures to provide Form 1571 and CSDRS to myself so I can contact
Region 12 Office immediately.

ROLANDO. We currently do not have enough information to prove the contractual and delivery failures. President Rolando will advance our issues to Capitol
Hill when appropriate. If the NALC needs this type of action I will notify you.

Lastly I want to Thank each and everyone of our letter carriers. I respect and understand  everything that you are going through and I am so proud of all of your
efforts during these crazy times. My hat goes off to everyone out there pounding the streets. Please continue doing what you do. Please be safe and if anybody
needs anything please do not  hesitate to call.

July 24, 2020

Congress's Letter To The Postmaster General

I just wanted to share this letter from Congress to the Postmaster General.

July 28, 2020

Hold Mail

You may have had this stand up talk today but wanted to post it in case you didn't.  I will pass on any information I can that comes across my desk.

August 3, 2020

Updated Information

This is the latest information I received from the BA. President Rolando and EVP Renfroe ask that letter carriers keep their opinions about our current problems
in house. At this time, they do not agree with the methods being used by our sister Unions to report the current state of affairs. We are not participating in their
current protests. If things develop that change our position I will contact you.

Keep in mind that carriers are being disciplined for spreading opinions via customer conversations.Im being asked to tell our members to refrain from
conversations that would speak against the USPS. Also, please do not contact political leaders. Our state President is doing his due diligence in advocating our
position to Capitol Hill.

As far as the SUTs and other postings that you have been subjected to, they were not issued by USPS Headquarters. They were developed by some Districts
who decided to create their own interpretation of a meeting they had with the PMG.

Mail being delayed is a USPS effort to find out where problems exist in processing and transportation. The Board of Governors currently agree with this study.
USPS officials are looking into significant delays and are requesting that the Districts explain why they choose to take their extreme measures. The  NALC has
developed a tracking sheet to  report SIGNIFICANT DELAY OF MAIL. SIGNIFICANT means: failed delivery of entire routes,delay of DPS, carrying DPS in a third
bundle. When these things happen in your office please contact me ASAP. Let me know how many routes are in your office, what was delayed/not delivered,
and why was it delayed.

August 11, 2020


We have decided to cancel the September General Meeting that was scheduled for September 2, 2020 and the Retirees Luncheon that was to be scheduled in
October 2020.  The limit to people allowed in group meetings is small right now so for the safety of our members we feel this is the best course of action.  If you
have any issues that you need addressed please call the Union Office.  Without these meetings that is the only way we can address your problems and needs.  
You are our eyes and ears out there.   Stay safe out there.

August 20, 2020

Messages From Dave Napadano's Office

With the USPS being front and center on our national news network many of our sister Unions are holding rallies, walks, and protest the new PMG and his
policies.  The NALC is taking a different stance and asks that we do not participate in these gatherings.  Questions about the NALC’s request can be answered
by calling the Region 12 Office.

It has come to my attention that some press representatives and politicians are asking some of you to speak about the current USPS situation.  Please be
advised that before you speak to a news reporter you must contact the Region 12 Office.  The NALC – as explained earlier – is dealing with the situation in a very
different manner than our sister Unions.  In addition, the reporters’ questions are many times structured to prompt answers that are not in our best interest.
Again, please contact the Region 12 Office before you engage in any activity that will be recorded or printed by any news network.

Thank you,


Updates From National

Here is a copy of the letter from President Rolando about the casing equipment grievance. Also the stand up talk on Face coverings. In the offices where they
are changing your equipment if they are violating the M39 and M41 we still must file grievances on a daily basis. If there are any questions please give us a call.

August 31, 2020

Updates From President Rolando

President Rolando issued updates on a variety of issues today.  Here they are.  As always if you have any questions or concerns please contact the Union

September 25, 2020

Updated Information

I will be cancelling the October General Meeting. We will be starting to hold shop steward meetings. With the shop steward meetings we can social distance in
the hall and limit the number of people. I will be in touch when and what time we will be having the meetings. Attached are two documents. One will give you
updated information on the current leave situation. The other is a letter from the BA about a new program that is coming out. We will be talking about this at our
shop steward meeting. Hopefully I will have more information at that time. That is it for now but I do want to thank everyone for everything that they are doing
and please continue to be safe out there. Any questions or concerns as always please give me a call.

September 25, 2020

Retirement Phishing Scams

There has recently been an increase in advertisements for retirement seminars for USPS employees on various sights.  Be careful.  A lot of these seminars are
designed to take control of your TSP and rip you off of your hard earned savings.  Only trust those seminars that are set up by the Union or the Postal Service
themselves.  If you have a fanancial advisor that you know then of course that is another way to go.  But, there have been too many people believing that these
other seminars are legit because they look so official in their ad presentations.  Be very careful with anyone you share your TSP information with.  You worked
too hard to enjoy your retirement.  Don't let someone take that away from you.

October 4, 2020

Important Information for the November 3, 2020 Presidential Election

I want to share with you this information we received from one of our State Representatives concerning the upcoming election.  It is important that everyone
knows where and how to vote.  This is a very important election and everyone needs to vote.

The November 3 general election is rapidly approaching. Below is important information regarding voting and mail-in/absentee ballots.

October 1 – Mail-in/Absentee Ballots are mailed continuously – Check your ballot status here:

October 19 – Last day to register to vote – Register to vote here:

October 27 – Last day to request a mail-in/absentee ballot – Request a ballot here:

November 3 – General Election – Polls are open from 7 A.M to 8 P.M – Find your polling place here:

Voting in Person (did not request mail/absentee ballot) – Registered voters may vote in person at their polling location on Election Day, Tuesday November 3,
2020 from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Click here to find your polling place:

Voting in Person (requested mail/absentee ballot and received) – Registered voters who request and receive a mail-in/absentee ballot may still vote in person if
they bring their ballot to the polls on Election Day. The Judge of Elections at the polling place will void your mail-in/absentee ballot and issue you a standard
ballot for voting.

Voting in Person (requested mail/absentee ballot and did not receive) – Registered voters who request a mail-in/absentee ballot but do not receive the ballot by
election day may vote in person at their polling place. The Judge of Elections at the polling place will issue you a provisional ballot. The provisional ballot will
be counted when the county verifies that your mail-in/absentee ballot was not returned.

Voting by Mail – Registered voters may request a mail-in/absentee ballot until October 27. Ballots are being mailed continuously and you can expect it in your
mailbox starting the first full week of October, at the earliest. Once received and voted, place your ballot inside the secrecy envelope provided, then place the
sealed secrecy envelope inside the return envelope, then sign the return envelope. Mail-in/Absentee ballots will have prepaid postage.  

Options to return your ballot:

Return your ballot via the United States Postal Service. USPS does not advise returning your ballot through the mail system after October 27, as your ballot
may not reach the county in time to be counted. The county will accept mailed ballots from USPS until November 6 at 5 P.M. Ballots that are not postmarked by
8 P.M on November 3 will not be counted if received after November 3.
Return your ballot via a drop box within the county in which you are registered to vote. You are only permitted to return your own ballot.
Montgomery County Drop Box info:
Lower Merion Drop Box - Ludington Library – 5 S. Bryn Mawr Ave., Bryn Mawr PA 19010 (see website above for hours)
Norristown Drop Box -  Airy St Parking Lot, Corner of DeKalb & Airy streets, Norristown, PA 19401
Delaware County Drop Box info:
Haverford Township Administration Building Drop Box – 1014 Darby Road, Havertown PA 19083
Radnor Township Administration Building Drop Box – 301 Iven Ave., Wayne PA 19087
Delaware County Courthouse Drop Box – 201 West Front St., Media PA 19063
All Delco polling locations will have drop boxes for ballots on election day
If you have any questions, please call my office at 610-789-3900, or email me at

Thank you,

Greg Vitali

State Representative
166th Legislative District

October 8, 2020

Columbus Day Weekend

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday weekend.  Any time off you get is well earned.  Enjoy it with your families.

October 14, 2020

Updated Information

I will be cancelling the October General Meeting. We will be starting to hold shop steward meetings. With the shop steward meetings we can social distance in
the hall and limit the number of people. I will be in touch when and what time we will be having the meetings. Attached are two documents. One will give you
updated information on the current leave situation. The other is a letter from the BA about a new program that is coming out. We will be talking about this at our
shop steward meeting. Hopefully I will have more information at that time. That is it for now but I do want to thank everyone for everything that they are doing
and please continue to be safe out there. Any questions or concerns as always please give me a call.

October 30, 2020

Election Update

Everyone please read the following that was sent to me by Brian Thompson. If you want to volunteer or can help out follow the link that is attached. If there are
any questions please give me a call.

November 2. 2020

Shop Steward Elections

November 6, 2020

Election Update From Region 12 Office

November 9, 2020

Veterans Day

On behalf of the entire Executive Board I want to thank all Veteran's for their service and wish everyone a happy Veterans Day.

November 16, 2020

Penalty Overtime Exclusion Period

This year, the December period begins Pay Period 25-20, Week 2 (November 28, 2020) and ends Pay Period 01-21, Week 1 (December 25, 2020).

November 17, 2020

NALC Health Plan Virtual Sessions

The NALC Health Benefit Plan will be hosting live virtual learning sessions until December 9,2020. This will include information about the 2021 benefits. This is
something completely new and is a great opportunity to reach more people and raise awareness about the plan. A link for the sessions can be found on
Nationals website, so please spread the word to all eligible members.

November 25, 2020

No General Meeting in December

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we will not have a general meeting in December.  The Union Office is open and answering all calls.  If you have any questions
please call us.   Until this pandemic is over, or the restrictions change, that is the only way we can give you the help you need.  The websites are the way we will
get our messages out to our members but for specific questions you will need to call the office.

Happy Thanksgiving

On behalf of the Executive Board I would like to wish all our members and their families a Happy and safe Thanksgiving.

December 17, 2020

January General Meeting Cancelled

Due to Covid-19 restrictions the January General meeting is cancelled.  This is something we are watching every month and will resume meetings and all other
branch activities once it is safe to do so.  Until then continue to call the office with any questions or for help with anything.  We will continue to conduct
business as best we can until this is all just a bad memory.

December 24, 2020

Happy Holidays

On behalf of the Executive Board I would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays.  

January 12, 2021

Tentative Agreement Ballots

The Tentative Agreement on the new contract cannot be finalized until it is ratified by the membership in accordance with the NALC Constitution.  The ballots
for that vote should be received by you in the next week or two.  I urge you all to return these ballots as quickly as possible so you meet the deadline to have it
counted.  If you do not receive your ballot please contact the Union office.  Once we do agree on a contract we can move on to other business like Local
Agreements etc.

January 15, 2021

Updates From Region 12 Office

Article 12 - Philadelphia District

You are being advised that the Eastern Area is implementing the withholding provisions of Article 12.5 (B)(2) for all full-time regular Level 10 and below
Maintenance Craft positions, all Level 07 and below full-time Clerk Craft positions, all Level 5 and below full-time Mail Handler Craft positions, and all City Letter
Carrier Craft Ql (CC1) positions within 50 miles of the Philadelphia Processing & Distribution Center. This action is necessary as a result of the Maintenance
Staffing Analysis.

If you have any questions on how this effects openings in your office please contact the Union Office and I will advise.  We still need to file grievances for open
routes not being posted for bid and CCA's not being converted when necessary.

Stand Up Talks Regarding Potential Unrest

January 21, 2021

Vaccine Availability Stand-up talk

January 26, 2021

February General Meeting

Due to the continued restrictions because of Covid-19 we are cancelling the February General Meeting.  We are watching this closely and as soon as those
restrictions ease we will resume the General Meetings as well as all other Branch activities.  As always until then please call the Union Office with any questions
or concerns.